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First Post of 2021- Josephine Dabuliewicz Alexinas Jeckering

This morning, I'm listening to a YouTube video- Cozy Coffee Shop Ambience with Relaxing Jazz Music & Rain Sounds. 

Even though I've written about her before, I wanted to write about my great-grandmother this morning. I was thinking about her the other day. I always thinking about her on Jan 2 of every year. Most people don't memorize their great-grandparents birthdays, but hers is unique because she was born on Jan 2...and died on Jan 2. 

Josephine Mary Dabuliewicz was born in 1906 in Brooklyn, New York. She was the only child of Josef Dabuliewicz (1881-1977) & Stephania Ellert (1878-1913).

I found this picture on Ancestry.com, added by my cousin, Jill. 

The picture above, I found about 6 years ago and absolutely cherish it. It looks to have been taken the same day as the baby picture of Josephine- maybe a christening? 

Here, we can see Baby Josephine again (baby on the left), being held by her father, Josef. Her mother is behind Josef with her hand on his shoulder.

The other baby is Michael Anthony Ruski (1905-1957). Michael's parents- his father (holding him) was John James Ruski (b. 1885) and his wife Mary Ellert (1885-1971). Mary was Stephania's sister. Between the two sisters is their brother Joseph Ellert (1888-1966).  The elderly couple is the parents of Stephania, Mary and Joseph- Stanislaw Ellert (1849-1930) & Pauline Yocavich (1854-1937). 

On June 7, 1913 Stephania passes away. Originally, it was told that she died in the Great Dayton Flood but the dates don't match. I was told by a family member that she had strep. She was only 35 years old. 

Stephania is buried in Calvary Cemetery in Dayton, Ohio. (The spelling of her last name is different than other sources of the name).

I don't know all of the circumstances but by how other's in the family feel about Josef Dabuliewicz and what I believe is that after his wife died, he abandoned his seven-year-old daughter Josephine. 

By the 1920 U.S. Census, Josephine was living with the Alexinas family in Dayton. Josephine did end up taking the Alexinas name. Her adoptive parents were John J. Alexinas (1874-1955) & Mary Kushinski (1879-1973). They already had one son- George Francis Alexinas (1904-1952). George never married. 

Josef, Josephine's father, by 1920 was living in Bedford, Ohio- re-married to onorata Cieslak (1891-1977). Josef and Honorata had 6 children together- Mary (1914-1941), Helen (b. 1917), Walter Alexander (1918-1995), Stanley (b. 1921), Joseph John (1925-2012) and Adella Mary (b. 1930). They raised their children in Winchendon, Massachusetts. 

Josephine married my great-grandfather Gerard Jeckering (1900-1967) about 1924. 

Josephine married my great-grandfather Gerhard Jeckering (1900-1967) on July 29, 1924 at 8 o'clock in the morning.

How sweet is their wedding portrait?!

Gerhard was one of five children to Joseph Herman Jeckering (1870-1931) & Rose Horn (1872-1933). He was a tool maker, like many of his other family members.

 I am really fortunate to have this picture (above) of him at work. 


Around 1936/37, the couple purchased a home at 2334 Newport Ave in Dayton, Ohio. 

You can read more about the history of this house in another I wrote here.

Josephine and Gerhard raised 6 children together- Paul George (1924-1954), Richard Cletus (1926-2017), Rita Irene (1928-2015), Rosemary Emma (1930-2012), Joann Ethel (b. 1934) and Joseph John (b. 1939). 

Gerhard and Josephine were married roughly 41 years and lived in this home until Josephine passed away in 1965. She was only 59 years old and died of acute leukemia. Gerhard followed two years later in 1967. 

Josephine and Gerhard are buried in the Calvary Cemetery in Dayton, Ohio.

Monday, December 14, 2020

8th Anniversary of Sandy Hook Elem. School Schooting

 Today is the 8 year anniversary of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting- December 14, 2012.                                   


This post won't be about the actual events of that day, but rather, in memory of those who lost their lives that day (excluding the perpetrator).

 School personnel killed:

Rachel Marie D'Avino (29)- Behavioral Therapist 

Born: 17 Jul 1983 Waterbury, Connecticut

Buried: Mount Olivet Cemetery in Watertown, CT, Sect 11-A

Daawn Alyson Hochsprung (47)- Principal 

Born: Dawn Alyson Lafferty

28 Jun 1965 Danbury, CT

Buried: Union Mills Cemetery in Broadalbin, NY

Anne Marie Murphy (52)- Special Education Teacher

Born: Anne Marie McGowan

25 Jul 1960 in Mount Kisco, NY

Buried: Saint Joseph's Cemetery in Somers, NY

Lauren Gabrielle Rousseau (30)- Teacher

Born: 08 Jun 1982 in Danbury, CT.

Buried: Cremated

Mary Joy Sherlach (56)- School Psychologist 
Born: Mary Joy Greene
11 Feb 1956 in Endicott, NY
Buried: Cremated

Mary Joy was the daughter of Jack Ellis Greene (1923-2010) & 
Annetta Corgiat (1928-2004)

Victoria Leigh "Vicki" Soto (27)- Teacher

Born: 04 Nov 1985 in Bridgeport, CT

Buried: Union Cemetery in Stratford, CT

Students killed:

Charlotte Helen Bacon (6)

Born: 22 Feb 2006 Flemington, NJ

Buried: Newtown Village Cemetery 

    in Newtown, Connecticut 

Daniel Gerard Barden (7)

Born: 27 Sep 2005 in Pawling, NY

Buried: Saint Rose Cemetery in Newtown, CT

Olivia Rose Engel (6)

Born: 18 Jul 2006 in Danbury, CT

Buried: Saint Rose Cemetery in Newtown, CT

Josephine Grace Gay (7)

Born: 11 Dec 2005 in Columbia, Maryland

Buried: Saint Rose Cemetery in Newtown, CT

Dylan Christopher "Jack" Hockley (6)

Born: 08 Mar 2006 in Winchester, England

Buried: Cremated

Madeleine Feng "Maddie" Hsu (6)

Born: 10 Jul 2006 in Danbury, CT

Buried: Lakeview Cemetery in Bridgeport, CT

Catherine Violet Hubbard (6)

Born: 08 Jun 2006 in Danbury, CT

Buried: Saint Rose Cemetery in Newtown, CT

Chase Michael Anthony Kowalski (7)

Born: 31 Oct 2005 in Danbury, CT

Buried: Newtown Village Cemetery in Newtown, CT

Jesse McCord Lewis (6)

Born: 30 Jun 2006 in Danbury, CT

Buried: Zoar Cemetery in Newtown, CT

Ana Grace Marquez-Greene (6)

Born: 04 Apr 2006 in Hartford, CT

Buried: Newtown Village Cemetery in Newtown, CT

James Radley Mattioli (6)

Born: 22 Mar 2006 in Bridgeport, CT

Buried: Saint John Cemetery in Darien, CT

Grace Audrey McDonnell (7)

Born: 04 Nov 2005 in Bridgeport, CT

Buried: Cremated 

Emilie Alice Parker (6)

Born: 12 May 2006 in Ogden, Utah

Buried: Evergreen Memorial Park in Ogden, Utah

Jack Armistead Pinto (6)

Born: 06 May 2006 in Danbury, CT

Buried: Newtown Village Cemetery in Newtown, CT

Noah Samuel Pozner (6)

Born: 20 Nov 2006 in Danbury, CT

Buried: B'nai Israel Cemetery in Monroe, CT

Caroline Phoebe "Boo" Previdi (6)

Born: 07 Sep 2006 in Danbury, CT

Buried: Saint Rose Cemetery in Newtown, CT

Jessica Adrienne Rekos (6)

Born: 10 May 2006 in Danbury, CT

Buried: Saint Rose Cemetery in Newtown, CT

Avielle Rose Richman (6)

Born: 17 Oct 2006 in San Diego, California

Buried: Newtown Village Cemetery in Newtown, CT

Benjamin Andrew Wheeler (6)

Born: 12 Sep 2006 in Manhattan, NY

Buried: Newtown Village Cemetery in Newtown, CT.

Allison Noelle Wyatt (6)

Born: 03 Jul 2006 in Norwalk, CT

Buried: Newtown Village Cemetery in Newtown, CT.

A Class Photo: 

Friday, December 4, 2020

Chaminade High School, Class of 1932, Senior Group A

Welcome to Chaminade High School in Dayton, Ohio.

Chaminade High School
Photo Courtesy- School Yearbook, 1932, Page 3

Yearbook Year: 1932
You can view the full yearbook Here.

In this yearbook, the Senior class of 1932 are divided up into Groups- A, B, C, D.
This post is only about Group A.

Group A:

Teacher: Rev. Francis G. May

1. Robert Adelberger "Bob"                518 Buckeye St. (Miamisburg, Oh)

Robert George Adelberger
born: 02 Apr 1914 Miamisburg, Ohio
died: 02 Oct 1974 in Ocala, Florida, age 60
Son of Henry William Bennett Adelberger (1892-1979) & 
            Clara Estella Libecap (1895-1919) 

Robert's home in 1932- 518 Buckeye St.
was built in 1927.

I actually found a video of a house tour on Youtube- If the video below doesn't work, you can click on this link Here

Robert enlisted in the Air Corps as an Aviation Cadet on 25 April 1941 in Kentucky. He married Helen E. Wyatt (1925-1971) and they had at least one son- John. Robert died at the age of 60 in 1974. He is buried beside his wife in the Forest Lawn Memorial Gardens Cemetery in Ocala, Florida.  

Robert & Helen

2. Thomas Ballman  "Tom"                        2206 E. Third St.

Rev. Thomas J. Ballman
born: 16 Jul 1914 Ohio
died: Mar 2009 Centerville, Ohio, age 95
Son of Harry N. Ballman (1885-1960) & 
            Coda Mae Kimmell (1886-1971)
Thomas' home in 1932 was at 2206 E. Third Street. The house is no longer there. Instead, there is a Alco-Aides Club Meeting Place.

In 1940, Thomas was a 25 year old student at Mount Saint Mary's Seminary in Norwood, Ohio. I can't find any record of a marriage or burial for Thomas.

Mount Saint Mary's Seminary
5440 Moeller Ave
Norwood, Ohio

3.Jerome Bir "Jerry"                            R.R. No. 5 New Troy Pike

Jerome Mays Bir
born: 27 Feb 1914 Ohio
died: 02 Oct 1996 Dayton, Ohio, age 82
Son of Andrew Albert Bir (1889-1931) & 
            Mary Julia HIckey (1889-1946)
Jerome's home in 1932 was on a rural road that had no specific house address, so no way to look it up. 
On 19 Oct 1935, Jerome married Mary Kauflin (1915-1980). They had at least one son together- Jerome Albert (1936-1992). The couple divorced in Mar 1967 due to "Extreme Cruelty". 
Jerome died at the age of 82 in 1996. He is buried in Calvary Cemetery in Dayton, Ohio: 

Calvary Cemetery
Sec 8, Lot 228, Space 9

4. George Burkhardt                         246 Virginia Ave

George Louis Burkhardt
born: 04 Sep 1914 Dayton, Ohio
died: 19 Nov 1994, Longmont, Colorado, age 80
Son of Clarence Frank Burkhardt (1887-1972) & 
            Florence Becker (1893-1962)
George's home in 1932 was at 246 Virginia Ave in Dayton, Ohio. I tried Googling this address- looks like it's still there but the picture was very unclear.
In 1940, George was still living at home with his parents and siblings, working as a Library Assistant at the Public Library. 
Later, George married Dorothy Jane Spatz (1922-2008) and they had 3 children. 
George died at the age of 80 in 1994. He is buried next to his wife in the Mountain View Cemetery in Longmont, Colorado:

5. Richard Cull "Dick"                           936 Ferndale Ave

Richard William Cull Jr.
born: 12 Sep 1914 Cleveland, Ohio
died: 24 Apr 1992 Duvall, Florida, age 77 (Cancer)
Son of Richard Charles William Cull (1884-1947) &
            Elizabeth C. Burns (1888-1982)
Richard's home in 1932 was at 936 Ferndale Ave. This house has since been torn down and a home was built in 1970. 

6. William Deger "Bill"                              173 Anna St.

William Bruce Deger
born: 06 Jan 1914 Michigan
died: 08 Oct 1999 Flint, Michigan, age 85
Son of Edward John Deger (1889-1963) &
            Laura Ecker (1880-1948)
William's home in 1932 was at 173 Anna St. in Dayton, Ohio, which was built in 1922-

In the 1940 census, William was still living at home with his parents and siblings, working as an automotive checker. 
He married Estella May Breckenridge (1921-2002). 

William died at the age of 85 in 1999 and is buried in the Smith Hill Cemetery in Michigan. 

7. John Donovan "Jack"                        21 Bell St.

John Michael Donovan
born: 08 May 1914 Dayton, Ohio
died: 13 Jun 1952 Dayton, Ohio, age 38
Son of William H. Donovan (1880-1932) & Julia A. Daly (1880-1963)
In 1932, John's home was at 21 Bell St., which was built in 1910. The house on Google looks pretty run-down- almost abandoned. It also looks like it was at one time converted into a tri-plex.

21 Bell St. is pictured to the right. 
On 12 Jul 1941, John married Mary Catherine Eisenhoauer (1917-1998) and they had 5 children. 

8. Edward Fleming "Ed"                        No Address Listed

Edward Francis Fleming Jr. 
born: 11 Sep 1912 Ohio
died: 08 Jun 1957 Dayton, Ohio, age 44
Son of Edward Francis Fleming Sr. (1877-1949) & 
            Mabel E. Jones (1881-1980)
In 1940, Edward was living with his parents and working as a salesman. On 18 Sep 1954, he married Betty Jean Offenbacher (1927-2017). I'm not sure if they ever had children. 

9. Oscar Focke                                   246 Schenck Ave

Oscar Frederick Focke Jr. 
born: 05 Jan 1913 Dayton, Ohio
died: 27 Jan 1989 Kettering, Ohio, age 76
Son of Oscar Frederick Focke Sr. (1885-1958) & 
            Gertrude L. Griffin (1887-1974)
Oscar's home in 1932 was 246 Schenck Ave in Dayton. The house is no longer there.
On 11 Jun 1938, he married Mary Eleanor Miller (1915-2010) and in 1940, he was married and working as a purchasing agent.

10. Arthur Folino "Art"                        34 Frank St.

Arthur S. Folino
born: 15 Sep 1913 Ohio
died: 07 Jul 2000 Dayton, Ohio, age 86
Son of Louis Folino (1890-1962) & Theresa Bonadio (b. 1892)
In 1941, he married Gulietta E. "Jill" Hartke (1916-1963) and they had 2 children. 
On 15 Jan 1942, he enlisted into the air force and was released on 02 Mar 1952.

Arthur's home in 1932 was at 34 Frank St. (pictured right). 

11. Paul Gebhart                                 118 Maryland St.

Paul Edward Gebhart
born: 06 Oct 1913 Dayton, Ohio
died: 26 Jan 1962 Dayton, Ohio age 48
Son of Edgar Franklin Gebhart (1886-1968) & 
               Ella Catherine McGrath (1880-1973)
Paul's home in 1932 on Maryland St. is no longer there.
He married 2x: Mabel B. Bragg (1915-1988) & Mollie Branch (1900-1958)

12. William Gerhardstein "Pedro"                215 Beechwood Ave

William Lawrence Gerhardstein 
born: 02 Oct 1914 Ohio
died: 03 Nov 1989 Dayton, Ohio, age 89
Son of Henry John Gerhardstein (1884-1945) & 
            Cecelia Frieda Kerber (1884-1969)
William married on 16 May 1940 to Rose Anne Elaine Leik (1920-2010) and they had 5 children.

13. Richard Kappler "Dick"                        1066 Grand Ave

Richard Stomps Kappeler
born: 04 Sep 1914 Ohio
died: 01 Feb 1982 Dayton, Ohio, age 67
Son of John Kappeler (1885-1966) & Lucille Stomps (1891-1933)
Richard's home in 1932 was 1066 Grand Ave, which is no longer there. Instead, there's a beautiful green park.
Richard married Miriam Elsman and they had at least 2 sons.

14. Stanley Kavalauskas "Kavy"                    549 Deeds Ave

Stanley Kavalauskas
born: 1914 Michigan
died: Unknown
Son of Joseph S. Kavalauskas (1878-1943) &
            Agatha J. (1885-1967)

Stanley's home in 1932 was at 549 Deeds Ave, which was built in 1913 (pictured right).

I couldn't find anything else on Stanley in his adult life.

15. Robert Klohe "Bob"                            1904 Wyoming St.

Charles Robert Klohe 
born: 10 Mar 1914 Ohio
died: 27 Aug 1997 Dayton, Ohio, age 83
Son of William J. Klohe (1889-1958) & Charlotte Janette Leon (1892-1988).
Robert's home in 1932 was on Wyoming Street, which was built in 1915 (Pictured below). 

Robert married Edna Kronenberger (1915-2011) and they had at least one son: David Michael (1947-2015).

Robert died at the age of 83 in 1997 and he is buried in Calvary Cemetery in Dayton, Ohio. 


16. Bernard Kramer "Benny"                        1108 Xenia Ave 

Bernard John Kramer
born: 21 Aug 1914 Dayton, Ohio
died: May 1982 Piqua, Ohio, age 68
Son of Joseph P. Kramer (1882-1967) & 
            Florentina M. Guess (1882-1945)
Bernard's home in 1932 was 1108 Xenia Ave, which was built in 1905. Pictured below: 
Bernard married Gladys Marguerite Heaton (1918-1982) and he worked as a grocery store clerk. 
Bernard died at the age of 68 in 1982 and was buried in the Forest Hill Cemetery in Plot G-11. 

17. Robert Kurtz "Bob"                            1301 Pursell Ave

Robert Ralph Kurtz
born: 19 May 1914 Dayton, Ohio
died: 29 Nov 2001 Dayton, Ohio, age 87
Son of George Joseph Kurtz (1887-1954) & 
            Margaret A. Kraft (1890-1947)


Robert's home in 1932 was at 1301 Pursell Ave, which was 
built in 1923 (Pictured Below). 
Robert married Mary Jane Serrer (1913-1987) and they had 3 Children. In 1940, he was working as a construction electrician.

Robert died in 2001 at the age of 87. He is buried in Calvary Cemetery in Dayton, Ohio- Plot 39x167x6.

18. Paul Leibold                                     227 McDonough St.

Rev. Paul Francis Leibold
born: 22 Dec 1914 Ohio
died: 01 Jun 1972 Ohio, age 57
Son of Francis A. Leibold (1879-1939) & Philomena Elizabeth Kirchner (1882-1946)
Paul's home in 1932 was on McDonough St., which is no longer there.

In 1940, Paul was a student at Mount Saint Mary's Seminary. (Pictured Right)

Paul seemed to have a very successful and well-known profession as an archbishop.


Former Archbishop of Cincinnati, Monsignor Paul Francis Leibold, was born in Dayton, Ohio, to Frank Leibold and Philomena Kirchner. He was a member of Holy Trinity Parish in Dayton, where he served as an altar boy and attended school. After graduating from Chaminade High School, he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Dayton in 1936. He continued his studies at St. Gregory and at Mount St. Mary's of the West Seminaries in Cincinnati, and was ordained to the Priesthood on May 18, 1940.

While serving as Pastor of St. Louis Parish in Cincinnati, Father Leibold worked in the Archdiocese Chancery. He served as Assistant Chancellor and then Chancellor under Archbishop Alter until 1966. Aged 43, Leibold was appointed Auxiliary for the Metropolitan See of Cincinnati by Pope Pius XII, receiving his Episcopal Consecration with the Titular See of Trebenna on June 17, 1958, from Archbishop Karl Joseph Alter assisted by Bishops Clarence George Issenmann and John Joseph Krol.

Following the retirement of Monsignor Henry Joseph Grimmelsman, Leibold was named his Successor, as the Second Bishop of the Diocese of Evansville, Indiana, on April 4, 1966.

On July 23, 1969, Leibold was appointed Archbishop of the Metropolitan See of Cincinnati by Pope Paul VI, following the retirement of the named Archbishop Alter.

He passed away less than three years later at 57 years of age, after suffering suddenly from several massive strokes in the evening after presiding his last ceremony, that of speaker at Xavier University's graduation.

So respected and beloved was Archbishop Leibold that his funeral was broadcast across southern Ohio. There were 700 priests in the pews, and 44 priests concelebrated his funeral, including the Pope's Apostolic Delegate to the United States, and four Cardinals. The pallbearers at his funeral were the young men he had ordained to the Priesthood just a few weeks earlier.

19. Clarence Leik                                     132 E. Norman Ave 

Clarence Milton Leik Jr. 
born: 26 Jan 1913 Chicago, Illinois 
died: 23 Nov 1992 Georgia, age 79
Son of Clarence Milton Leik Sr. (1880-1941) & 
            Clara Borten (1886-1949)

Clarence's home in 1932 was at 132 E. Norman, which was built in 1920 (pictured right). 
Clarence married Mildred May Stomer (1915-2000) and had at least two children. 

In 1992, Clarence died at the age of 79 and is buried in the Laurel Hill Cemetery in Thomasville, Georgia. 

20. Lewis Lerch "Lew"                                254 Steele Ave

Arthur Lewis Lerch
born: 30 Aug 1915 Kentucky
died: 14 Nov 1989 Dayton, Ohio, age 74
Son of Arthur William Lerch (1884-1938) & 
              Laura H. Uebellhor (1878-1943)
Lewis' home in 1932 was on Steele Ave and is no longer there.
In 1934, Lewis married Glenna Marie (1913-1980) and they had 5 children. 

21. George Mahart "Red"                            63 Park Dr.

George Joseph Mahart
born: 05 Aug 1914 Ohio
died: 03 Jul 1988 Dayton, Ohio, age 73
Son of Joseph A. Mahart (1888-1963) & Margaret Minister (1893-1978)
George's home in 1932 was at 63 Park Dr, but I couldn't find it on Google Maps for some reason.
In 1940, George was working at the University of Dayton, he was married and had at least one child.

22. Verne Malloy "Gus"                                233 Irving Ave 

Verne Henry Malloy
born: 26 Jan 1915 Dayton, Ohio
died: 27 Jan 2000 Highland, California, age 85
Son of Henry John Malloy (1890-1970) & Grace Edna Bulpin (1891-1966)

Verne's home in 1932 was at 233 Irving Ave, which is now part of the University of Dayton Student Housing area. I couldn't, however, find a date when the house was built: 

Verne's brother Edward was in the class before him (1931). 

Verne enlisted into the Air Corps as an Aviation Cadet on 17 Mar 1941 and then married in 1945 to Margaret Zobrascok (1920-1994). 

Verne died in 2000 at the age of 85 years old. He is buried in the Montecito Memorial Park in Colton, California. He is buried with his wife Margaret.

23. Thomas Moorman "Tom"                            627 Kenwood Ave 

Dr. Thomas Albert Moorman
born: 14 Nov 1914 Ohio
died: 09 Dec 1999 Denison, Texas, age 85
Son of Albert John Moorman (1883-1925) & 
            Eva Witchger (1890-1985)

Thomas' home in 1932 was at 627 Kenwood Ave, which was built in 1919 (pictured right). Thomas married Catherine Johnson (1915-1970) in 1941 and they had 3 children. They divorced in 1985. 

24. Raymond Osterday "Ray"                            1143 Cincinnati St.

Raymond Edward Osterday
born: 09 Apr 1914 Dayton, Ohio
died: 15 May 1989 Dayton, Ohio, age 75 
Son of Elmer Peter Moorman (1886-1932) &
            Edith Bendig (1885-1967)
Ray's home in 1932 on Cincinnati Street is no longer there. He married Margaret Helene Segerer (1915-2011) and they had 3 children. He served many years employed as a postal worker. 

25. Richard Osterday "Dick"                            40 E. Bruce St.

Richard Andrew Osterday
born: 12 Oct 1913 Dayton, Ohio
died: 03 Apr 1989 Centerville, Ohio, age 75
Son of Andrew Albert Osterday (1882-1968) & Mary King (1869-1962)
(Ray & Richard Osterday were 1st cousins)

Richard married Jeanette Philomena Dillman (1916-2010) and they had 6 children. 

26. William Prinz "Bill"                                43 George St.

William August Prinz
born: 15 Sep 1914 Ohio
died: 27 Jul 1995 Ohio, age 81
Son of Frederick Harry Prinz (1885-1956) & 
            Elizabeth Issabella Wilker (1887-1968)

William lived at 43 George St. in 1932. It was built in 1874 and certainly looks that way on Google. (pictured below) It looks completely abandoned.

I looked up when it last sold- 1991- 29 years ago- I can imagine it's just abandoned and the current owners haven't done anything with it. 

William married Eileen M. (1914-1999) and they had at least 2 children. 


27. Robert Reiling "Bob"                                615 Grafton Ave 

Robert Clement Reiling 
born: 24 Feb 1914 Dayton, Ohio
died: 09 May 1995 Indiana, age 81
Son of Charles Herman Reiling (1883-1949) & Edith Rosa Redelberger (1882-1951)

Robert's home in 1932 was at 615 Grafton Ave, which was built in 1915. It's a very large house- a spacious 8 bedrooms!

In 1935, Robert married Marguerite Krumholz (1915-1996) and they had at least 1 daughter. In 1940, he was working as a salesman.

End of Group A- Check back later for more of this yearbook!