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52 Ancestors, Week 5- Ralph Frederick Walser (1939-1962)

~52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks~
~Week 5~

Hi Friends, 

With Halloween activities, a very sick toddler and a horrible infestation of head lice.... I've missed a couple of weeks, but I'm back! Everyone is healthy and 'clean' LOL :) 

This week, I'm writing about Ralph Frederick Walser, my 7th cousin, 2x removed.

Ralph was the son of Fred Edward Walser (1900-1983) & Grace May Isenhart (1905-1988).

Ralph Frederick Walser
Born: 28 Sep 1939 in Fairmount, Grant, Indiana
Died: 31 Mar 1962 in Penn, Grant, Indiana
age at death- 22

Ralph married 29 May 1960 in Grant County, Indiana-
Margaret Ividius Eakins
Born: 20 May 1942 in Indiana
Died: 31 Mar 1962 in Penn, Grant, Indiana
age at death- 19

Ralph and Margaret had 1 daughter: 

Theresa Kay Walser
Born: 22 Nov 1960 in Grant County, Indiana
Died: 31 Mar 1962 in Penn, Grant, Indiana 
age at death- 16 months old

What have you noticed about this family? They all died on Mar 31, 1962 in Penn, Grant, Indiana. 

Ralph, Margaret and their 16th month old daughter Theresa were in an auto accident- their car was hit by a 40-miles-an-hour freight train. The three were killed instantly. 

This is a news article from the Rushville Repulbican in Indiana:

Funeral news article from The Star Press in Muncie, Indiana:

Ralph, Margaret and Theresa share a gravestone where they're buried in Riverside Cemetery in Gas City, Grant, Indiana:

Sunday, October 14, 2018

52 Ancestors, Week 4- Tamar Kirk 1736-1779

~52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks~
~Week 4~

As you're researching your family history, it's always fun to come upon someone who has seen a piece of history. You imagine what their exact experiences were you would have been in that same circumstances...would you be as brave as they had been? 

When British settlers started colonizing New England, Indian attacks were frequent. We were, in fact, invading and taking their land. Why wouldn't they attack? I have a couple of other ancestors who have experienced an Indian attack first-hand... (I wrote about my 7th great-grandfather 4 years ago in my other 52 ancestors blog- you can read about him here.)

(Image taken from Google Images, Powhatan Wars)

The person I'm writing about today is not about my direct linage ancestor, but a cousin. Tamar Mendenhall ('nee Kirk) and her son Caleb Mendenhall.

Tamar Kirk
b. 02 Aug 1736 in East Nantmeal, Pennsylvania 
d. 1779 in Georgia

Tamar was the daughter of William Kirk and Mary Buckingham. She married Phineas Mendenhall (1742-1826) on 15 Jul 1762 in Pennsylvania. Phineas is my 2nd cousin, 9x removed. Tamar and Phineas had 5 children: Mary, Grace, Caleb, Joseph and Tamar.

Yesterday, I was researching more information on Caleb Mendenhall, Tamar's son and discovered an Indian tale that has been documented and published:

Friends and the Indians 1655-1917
by Rayner Wickersham Kelsey, PH.D
Page 73 & 74 from book "Friends and the Indians"
The Quaker Peace
Just prior to the Revolutionary War the Quaker frontier in Georgia began to waver somewhat on account of the Indian troubles and meetings were held irregularly. The climax of the trouble came when Tamar Kirk Mendenhall and the youngest song held in captivity for about two years. It is probable, however, in this case also that these Friends did not uphold the usual Quaker testimony of fearlessness and trust, as they had retreated from their homestead earlier in the year and had returned to gather the ripened grain when the tragedy occurred. It would seem from both of the above accounts that the safety of Friends lay in the consistent attitude of peace that set them apart in the eyes of the savages from all other "white settlers".

The above instances, of five persons killed and members of two families taken captive, all occurred in New England or the southern colonies where Friends had had no controlling voice in shaping the Indian policy. It is probable also that Friends suffered somewhat, at least in property, at the time of King Philip's War in New England. In New Jersey, on the other hand, there never occurred an Indian war, and in Pennsylvania when the Quaker Peace Policy was finally overthrown by the non-Friendly authorities, the preservation of the lives and property of Friends was remarkable. 

This account is somewhat detailed, but one thing that I think was "wrong" was that this states that Tamar and her youngest son was taken...Caleb. From what I know, Caleb was not her youngest. Either way, it is an interesting account. I am slightly disappointed because I haven't been able to find a date to go with this incident. I want to say that they were only held captive for 2 years and then it states. Tamar died in 1779 at the age of 45, her son Caleb died in 1846 at the age of 76. It appears that Tamar died when Caleb was just 10 years old so it had to have been between these first ten years that they were taken. I do have two other children in my tree that Tamar and Phineas had- Joseph (b. 1772) and Tamar (b. 1774)...which if these children were true, then that leaves a 5 year window between 1774 and 1779 that they could have been taken.

Whoever is reading this, do you have anymore information on this abduction? Do you know if Tamar and Phineas had 2 more children after Caleb? Leave me a comment :) 

Friday, October 12, 2018

52 Ancestors, Week 3- Sir John de Mildenhall b. 1270

~52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks~
~Week 3~

Recently, I've started watching the show "The Tutors" on Netflix and am loving it! This got me to thinking of my past relatives who have worked with royalty. 

So, this week, I'm writing about Sir John de Mildenhall, my 23rd great-grandfather and his two sons. 
I know that John was born about 1270 in Wiltshire, England, but other vital statistics are unknown. He was the son of Ralph de Mildenhall (b. 1240) and he had at least 2 sons: 
1. Thomas de Mildenhall, b. 1300
2. Robert de Mildenhall, b. 1302

As far as his work with royalty, I do have some facts, all pertaining to his work with Edward III, King of England:
~ 1313- (age 43)- John and his brother Geoffrey accompanied the King to "For-eign parts beyond the sea".
~ 1326- (age 58)- Letters of protection and attorney were issued to magistrate John de Mildenhall to accompany the king. Sir John traveled as a farrier to King Edward III on his trips to France.
~ 1330- (age 60)- The king confirmed to John de Mildenhall, fifty-eight and a half acres of land in consideration of 19 shillings 6 pence per annum. 

Of John's two sons that I know of, his eldest son was Thomas de Mildenhall, my 22nd great-grandfather. Thomas was born about 1300 in England. but many facts about him are unknown, but Thomas had at least 3 sons: 
1. Edward De Mildenhall b. 1330
2. John Mildenhall b. 1340
3. Robert Mildenale b. 1342

~1339- (age 39)- Thomas received letters of protection to accompany Queen Philippa into France. Queen Philippa was Philippa of Hainault, wife of Edward III, King of England. 

John's second son was Robert de Mildenhall, b. about 1302 in England. Robert was my 23rd great-uncle and had quite an extensive life. I don't think he had a wife or any children.
~1328- (age 26)- Master of Michaelhouse (part of Cambridge University)
~1334- (age 32)- Chancellor of Cambridge University
~1338- (age 36)- Master of Peterhouse (part of Cambridge University)
~1341- (age 39)- Service to the King- Robert was the King's keeper of the Jewels, directed by the king to deliver two chests of ornaments to be taken to Calais for the service of the chapel on the ensuing Feast of Easter.
~1347- (age 45)- Service to the King- The King issued a warrant for the delivery of 200 bows and 400 quivers of arrows to Robert, Chaplain of the King, for the service of the French war.
~1351- age 49)- Service to the King- The King issued a warrant for 440 quivers of arrows for service of the tower. 

(I did a separate blog post on Robert last time I did 52 ancestors- you can read it 

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

52 Ancestors, Week 2- Jane Lathrop (1828-1905)

~52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks~
~Week 2~

Good Morning! This week I am writing about my 5th cousin, 6x removed, Jane Elizabeth Lathrop Stanford.

I decided to write about Jane because up until today, I didn’t know I was related to her. This weekend, my friend Krystle and I went on a tour of the Leland Stanford Mansion here in Sacramento, California. The mansion is located at 800 N St.; built in 1857. During the tour, we learned about Leland Stanford and his wife Jane Lathrop. I knew the surname Lathrop sounded very familiar and knew the name was in my tree so this morning, I researched it and found out that I already had Jane’s 3rd great grandfather in my tree!

Jane Elizabeth Lathrop was born on 28 Aug 1828 in Albany, New York to Dyer Lathrop (1788-1855) and Jane Ann Shields (1803-1882). She married Leland Stanford (1824-1893) on 30 Sep 1850 and they didn’t have their first (and only child) until she was 39 years old. Leland Jr. was born on 18 May 1868. He died at the age of 15 while on a trip to Europe with his parents after catching Typhoid Fever. His parents were devastated and used the money they were going to use to educate him to build something in his memory- Stanford University. According to the Leland Stanford Mansion tour, Jane funded and operated the university (even student’s tuitions) up until her death.

Leland Stanford and Jane on their wedding day- don't they look happy! LOL :) 
 Leland, Jane and Leland Jr. (age 15)

leland Jr. 

Jane died at the age of 76 on Feb 28, 1905. Jane’s death is a mysterious one and is considered a murder case since she was poisoned from Strychnine. Earlier that year, she suspected she was poisoned a different time because her drink tasted odd…she made herself vomit and had the drink analyzed and it had in fact been poisoned with the same ingredient that would later end her life.

Sunday, September 23, 2018

52 Ancestors, Round 2- Week 1- Bertha Elizabeth Mendenhall

Hi there! I’ve decided to do another round of “52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks”! The first set I did back in 2014- you can view those blog posts Here.

52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks, Round 2
Week 1- Bertha Elizabeth Mendenhall 1884-1980, my 7th Cousin, 4x Removed

Recently, I received a message on from a distant cousin requesting more information from my tree (my tree is set “private”). He wanted more information on Bertha Elizabeth Mendenhall (1884-1980). I sent him everything I had and then a while later, he informed me that he found several newspaper articles on Bertha and her husband Edward Lindley about a murder court case. I was surprised and decided to dig into this to see what had happened.

Bertha Elizabeth Mendenhall was the daughter of Allen Harvey Mendenhall (1856-1951) and Esther Jane Irish (1854-1933). She was an only child, born on 16 Dec 1884 in Howard County, Indiana. On 09 Nov 1907, in Greentown, Indiana, she married Edward Samuel Lindley, a school teacher. Edward, born on 30 Jan 1882 in Indiana, was the son of John William Lindley (1858-1919) and Prudence Petty (1862-1946).
Bertha and Edward had a fairly large family together, having 8 children together between 1909 and 1925- Ruby, Allen, John, Samuel, George, Joseph, Mary and Sarah.

The incident my distant cousin mentioned occurred on May 28, 1955 in Ocala, Missouri. Bertha was 70 years old and her husband Edward was 73. Here is a description from a Marion County website:

Deputy Robert Wooten
Killed in the line of duty – May 28, 1955
Deputy Curtis Youngblood
Killed in the line of duty – May 28, 1955
On the afternoon of May 28, 1955 Deputies Wooten and Youngblood went to the home of Edward and Bertha Lindley at 615 Elizabeth Street (now NE 19th street) to investigate allegations that the Lindley’s had been stealing kerosene from a neighbor. As they approached the house Bertha approached them carrying a shotgun, as Deputy Wooten took the shot gun from Bertha Edward fired a rifle from the house killing Deputy Wooten instantly. Before Deputy Youngblood could react Edward fired again killing Youngblood. Calls from neighbors flooded into the Sheriffs office. Every available officer in the county responded. As officers arrived Edward Lindley continued firing on them. Assistant Ocala Police Chief M.O. Tuck had taken cover behind a tree; Edward fired and struck M.O. Tuck. He was taken to the hospital where he died a short time later. Another Sheriff’s Deputy; W. G. Ergle was wounded in the shoot out. Eventually tear gas was put into the house, and the Lindleys surrendered.
The investigation revealed that Bertha Lindley never fired a shot. She was taken back to Indiana by family and died of natural causes in the 1980s Edward Lindley never stood trial for the murders of the three officers. He was found mentally incompetent and died at the State Mental hospital.
Deputy Robert Wooten was 56 years old and was survived by his wife Agnes Williams Wooten, three sons Robert L. Wooten, Thomas J. Wooten, and Irvin Eugene Wooten, one daughter, Mrs. Edward Green.
Deputy Curtis Youngblood was 39 years old and was survived by his wife Jonnie Long Youngblood and one daughter Deborah.

Another blogger depicted the incident quite well—you can read it Here.

Bertha died on June 16, 1980 in Greentown, Indiana at 95 years old. Her husband died on December 10, 1971 in a mental institution at the age of 89. They are buried together in Greenlawn cemetery in Greentown, Indiana. 

Saturday, August 18, 2018

Update on Anita M. Seaver (52 Ancestors, Week 50)

On May 8, 2015, I wrote a blog post about my grand aunt as part of my 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks project. You can view this blog post Here.

Originally, I thought that Anita only had 2 children- 2 daughters, Tina and Monte. This is what I was told by my mother and then from what I read in newspapers. However, this summer, I found a different newspaper article states that Anita had 2 other children whom I’d never even heard of.

Here’s the article:  (I have highlighted the area of the 2 other children discovered)

Nevada State Journal- Reno, NV, 14 Apr 1957


Three Others injured; Little Girl in Critical Condition

Two person were killed and an eight-year-old girl critically injured early yesterday morning in a head-on collision near the northern approach to Lakeview Hill about four miles north of Carson City on Highway 395.
Dead are Mrs. Anita Mae Montgomery, 34, of Steamboat, who was driving a northbound auto, and Ronald Frank Malespin, 22, of Carson City, driver of the Southbound car.

State Highway patrol officers said Malespin’s car was in the wrong lane at the time of the impact. Others riding with Mrs. Montgomery were her husband, Clifford M., a Reno machinery company employee, and their two children, Tina, 8, and Montie Marie, 2.
Officers said the mishap occurred at about 2:00 a.m. and that both cars were mangled almost beyond identification.

Child Badly Hurt

The 8-year-old Montgomery girl was reported in critical condition at Carson Tahoe hospital following emergency surgery. Her sister suffered only minor cuts and bruises. The father sustained head injuries.
Reno Township Coroner William Beemer, who investigated the deaths, said the accident occurred just north of the Washoe county line. He said Mrs. Montgomery was killed instantly and that Malespin died en route to the hospital.

No Skid Marks

Investigating officers theorized the accident could have possibly been caused by a blowout on Malespin’s station wagon, but no skid marks were found in either traffic lane.

Cutting torches were used on the Montgomery auto before her body could be removed from the wreckage.

Cooperating in the investigation were the Nevada Highway patrol, Carson City Police and Washoe and Ormsby county sheriff’s office.

Funeral services for Mrs. Montgomery are pending at the Capital City Mortuary. She was born in Atlanta, Ind., June 5, 1922. Survivors include her mother, Mrs. Myron French, of Carson City and two children by a previous marriage, Patricia and Robert Quist of Rock Island, Illinois. Mrs. Montgomery had lived in Steamboat for several months.

Services for Malespin also are pending at the mortuary. He is survived by his widow, Myra, of Carson City.

The deaths were the 25th and 26th reported on Nevada highway this year.


After researching these two names, I discovered Anita’s son, Robert had 3 children. I found one of his grand-daughter’s on Facebook and was able to connect with her mother, Robert’s middle daughter. (I am leaving out names out of respect for living relatives and their privacy). I was actually able to talk to her on the phone, which most people I contact online, it’s very short and only through email or messenger.

After talking to my cousin, I discovered that Anita married Eugene Robert Quist and the two of them had 3 children-

1. Patricia (b. 1942)
2. Robert Eugene (1944-2015)
3. Tina Elizabeth (1948-1957) (passed away in the same accident as her mother)

When Anita remarried Clifford Montgomery (b. 1922), she and Clifford had a daughter, Monte Marie Montgomery (b. 1955). Anita abandoned Patricia and Robert, left them with their father Eugene and took her two youngest daughters and moved to Nevada. I suppose on a different level, it was a good thing that she left Robert and Patricia because they could have been killed in the accident that killed their mother and sister.

Before this, I also didn’t know whatever happened to Monte, Anita’s youngest daughter. She survived the car accident, at the age of 2, along with her father. I think my cousin said she lives in Washington (I can’t quite remember). Robert and Monte would write letters to each other and they stay connected with one another, which I think is just wonderful.

Friday, August 17, 2018

Chaminade High School, Class of 1944

Chaminade-Julienne Catholic High School in Dayton, Ohio is a significant figure in my family's ancestry because so many of my cousins attended the school. (Read my other blog posts on this school Here). 

Recently, the Chaminade-Julienne Alumni Facebook page posted a video of of members of the Ohio State University alumni band playing the Eagle fight song. In the video was a graduate from Chaminade in 1944, the same year as my grandfather, great-uncle and a 2nd cousin. (Chaminade and Julienne were two separate schools, a boys school and a girls school; today, they have combined to make one school). What really caught my attention about this video was the graduate from 1944, since this was the same year as my grandfather, Paul George Jeckering (1925-1954). Since he passed away when my father was only 4 years old, he nor I never knew him. Paul died young, at the age of 28 years old. He was a very artistic person and I've always wondered what he would have done with his life if he hadn't died so young. With this thought and thinking about the man in the video, who was still alive, I wondered how many of Paul's classmates are still alive today. Hence, my recent project: 

Chaminade Catholic High School Yearbook, 1944

(You can view the yearbook Here)

Class of 1944:

1. Joseph Valentine Boeckman Jr.
    b. 05 Dec 1926     Dayton, Ohio
    d. 07 Mar 2005     Dayton, Ohio     (78 Years old)

2, Clarence Eugene Brocke
    b. 19 Jul 1926     Ohio

3. Charles W. Brown
    (Couldn't find anything)

4. Lawrence Frank Buedel
    b. 04 Sep 1926     Dayton, Ohio
    d. 09 May 2011    Miamisburg, Ohio    (84 Years old)

5. Eugene Henry Burger
    b. 06 Feb 1926     Delphos, Ohio
    d. 26 Mar 1991     Dayton, Ohio      (65 Years old)

6. Vincent J. Cashman 
                17 Jun 1926         Dayton, Ohio    
                10 Dec 2012        Kettering, Ohio      (86 Years old)

7. Robert G. Coleman 
                Found a Robert Gerhurdt Coleman
                                18 Dec 1927        Lucas, Ohio
                                16 Jan 2004         Macon, Georgia       (76 Years old)

8. Henry James Condron Jr. 
                08 Feb 1926        Florida

                06 Apr 1998         Kettering, Ohio                 (72 Years old)

9. Harold Eugene Albers
                07 May 1926       Ohio
                17 Dec 2011        Kettering, Ohio                 (85 Years old)

10. Clarence Edward Alexander Jr.
                04 Sep 1926        Ohio
                21 Aug 2006        Kettering, Ohio                 (79 Years old)

11. Thomas J. Amann
                Dec 1926              Dayton, Ohio
                19 Jan 2017         Centerville, Ohio              (90 Years old)

12. Albert James Angerer
                05 Apr 1926         Dayton, Ohio

                02 Jun 1978         Oakwood, Ohio               (52 Years old)

13. Harry Ignazio Annarino
                22 Feb 1926        Ohio
                28 Feb 2008        Dayton, Ohio     (82 Years old)

14. Kenneth Jamison Arkenberg
                08 Feb 1926        Ohio
                09 Sep 2010        Dayton, Ohio     (84 Years old)

15. James F. Beirise- 2nd Cousin, 2x Removed
                01 Feb 1927        Dayton, Ohio
                07 Aug 2012        Dayton, Ohio     (85 Years old)

16. William Forrest Blanford

                10 Jul 1926           Ohio

17. Stephen John Emerick Jr.
                1926                       Ohio

18. Stanley Edward Evans
                24 Jul 1927           Ohio
                06 Jul 2000           Fresno, California           (72 Years old)

19. Brother Donald L. Fahrig
                02 Apr 1926         Dayton, Ohio
                22 Nov 2009        Dayton, Ohio                   (83 Years old)

20. George A. Faulkner
                21 Oct 1925         Ohio

                28 May 1956       Kettering, Ohio                (30 Years old)

21. Sam Folino
                03 Jul 1926           Dayton, Ohio 
                12 Dec 2005        Dayton, Ohio                (79 Years old)

22. John Thomas Fowler
                03 Apr 1926         Ohio
                17 Jan 1984         Dayton, Ohio                (58 Years old)

23. Carl Joseph Franke
                15 Jul 1926           Dayton, Ohio

                12 Apr 1998         Manhattan, Kansas         (72 Years old)

24. Robert Lewis Conner
                20 Jul 1926           Dayton, Ohio
                24 Oct 1998         Dayton, Ohio                     (72 Years old)
25. Robert E. Cooper Jr.

26. Donald C. Doyle
                11 Nov 1926        Ohio
                01 Apr 1988         Kettering, Ohio                 (61 Years old)

27. William Benjamin Drayer Jr.
                03 Mar 1926        Dayton, Ohio

                29 Mar 1999        Johnson City, Tennessee              (73 Years old)

28. Joseph Charles Dulsky
                15 Aug 1926        Dayton, Ohio
                21 Aug 1988        Sorrento, Florida              (62 Years old)

29. Donald W. Dwyer
                1926                       Ohio

30. Frank P. Elardo
                25 Jul 1926           Ohio

                29 Jun 2013         Phoenix, Arizona              (87 Years old)

31. Robert T. Harnett
                Abt. 1926 (Couldn’t find anything)                           

32. Thomas E. Herrman Jr.
                24 Oct 1926         Dayton, Ohio
                30 May 1967       Omaha, Nebraska            (40 Years old)

33. James E. Hayne
                Found a James Edward Heyne
                05 May 1926
                26 Jul 1997           Mansfield, Ohio            (71 Years old)

34. Richard Paul Hickey
                05 Jul 1926           Ohio

                13 Jul 2006           Kettering, Ohio             (80 years old)

35. Raymond Charles Hieber
                01 Oct 1926         Missouri
                29 Nov 2007        Bellbrook, Ohio                 (81 Years old)

36. John E. Hillard
                Found 2- COULD BE THE SAME PERSON….
                John E. Hilliard                                                 John Edward Hilliard
                27 Nov 1926                                                     11 Nov 1926        Ohio
                15 Oct 1999         Dayton, Ohio                       21 Oct 1999         Dayton, Ohio
37. William J. Hoben
                19 May 1927       Ohio

                02 Dec 2009        Dayton, Ohio                     (82 Years old)

38. Harry John Gallvian Jr.
                15 Nov 1927        Dayton, Ohio
                15 Apr 1991         Dayton, Ohio                     (64 Years old)

39. Robert E. Gast
                04 Feb 1926        Dayton, Ohio
                13 Mar 1998        Dayton, Ohio                     (72 Years old)

40. Raymond E. Geis
                08 Jan 1925         Dayton, Ohio
                30 Oct 1989         Vandalia, Ohio                   (64 Years old)

41. Angelo Gigliotti
                01 Nov 1925        Ohio

                03 Jan 2002         Dayton, Ohio                     (77 Years old)

42. Vernon M. Glasner
     (Couldn’t find anything)

43. John Joseph Goeke
                30 Mar 1926        Dayton, Ohio
                07 Feb 2014        Dayton, Ohio                     (87 Years old)

44. Thomas W. Hanfelder
                23 Feb 1926        Dayton, Ohio

                17 Jan 2000         Dayton, Ohio                     (73 Years old)

45. Harold R. Kauth
                27 Mar 1926        Dayton, Ohio
                21 Jan 2000         Bedford, Texas                 (74 Years old)

46. John Thomas Kelly
                22 Nov 1926        Ohio
                06 Feb 2015        Kettering, Ohio                 (88 Years old)

47. James Edward Kessel
                28 Sep 1926        Ohio
                12 Aug 2015        Kettering, Ohio                 (88 Years old)

48. Walter Francis Keville
                11 Sep 1927        Dayton, Ohio

                26 Nov 1986        San Diego, California       (59 Years old)

49. Charles Richard Kindler
                15 Aug 1926        Ohio
                25 Jul 1955           Celina, Ohio                        (28 Years old)

50. Eugene W. Kirchmer
                25 Jan 1926         Dayton, Ohio
                26 Dec 2016        Dayton, Ohio                     (90 Years old)

51. Gregory E. Kosterman
      (Couldnt' find anything)

52. Albert Frederick Hochwalt
                25 Feb 1926        Dayton, Ohio
                20 Oct 2005         Dayton, Ohio                     (79 Years old)

53. John Roderick Hochwalt
                25 Feb 1926        Dayton, Ohio
                30 Dec 1994        Dayton, Ohio                     (68 Years old)

54. Elmer Joseph Hohm
                14 Feb 1926        Ohio
                26 May 2015       Ohio                                      (89 Years old)

55. Richard Cletus Jeckering-- (My Great-Uncle)
                22 Sep 1926        Dayton, Ohio

                14 Apr 2017         Kettering, Ohio                 (90 Years old)

56. Robert J. Kappeler
      (Couldn't find anything)

57. Richard Leo Karl
                10 Jul 1926           Dayton, Ohio
                20 Jul 2011           West Milton, Ohio           (85 Years old)

58. James A. Kauflin
                14 May 1926       Dayton, Ohio

                24 May 2013       Virginia                                 (87 Years old)

59. Donald J. Meyer
                20 Apr 1926         Dayton, Ohio
                04 Jul 1982           Kettering, Ohio              (56 Years old)

60. Frank J. Meyer

61. Edwin James Miller
                24 Jan 1926         Dayton, Ohio
                02 May 2001       Bradenton, Florida          (75 Years old)

62. Earl Joseph Moorman
                19 Sep 1926        Dayton, Ohio

                25 Jul 1989           Dayton, Ohio                 (62 Years old)

63. Adrian John Morgan
                12 Nov 1926        Cincinnati, Ohio
                29 May 1983       Dayton, Ohio                     (56 Years old)

64. Robert Joseph O’Donnell
                10 Aug 1925        Anderson, Indiana
                06 Aug 2011        Denver, Colorado            (85 Years old)
65. Fred Lewis Ohmer
                08 Mar 1927        Dayton, Ohio

                29 Jan 2014         Dayton, Ohio                     (86 Years old)

66. Jerome F. Koshnen
                Abt 1926 (Couldn't find anything)

67. Edward L. Kunk
                02 Apr 1926         Dayton, Ohio
                08 Nov 2016        Saint Henry, Ohio             (90 Years old)

68. Joseph Aloysius Kuntz Jr.
                17 Oct 1925         Dayton, Ohio
                27 Nov 1944        France                                  (19 Years old)

69. James Blanchard Leist
                02 Apr 1926         Ohio

                12 May 1997       Ohio                                      (71 Years old)

70. Theodore R. Lienesch
                Abt 1927              Ohio

71. Angelo V. Manzo
                04 Nov 1926        Italy
                22 Jan 2012         Kettering, Ohio                 (85 Years old)

72. Edward L. Marrinan Jr.  
                03 Aug 1926        Ohio

                25 Mar 1981        Kettering, Ohio                 (54 Years old)

73. Robert C. Roeckner
                23 May 1959       Dayton, Ohio

74. Richard Joseph Roll
                20 Jun 1926         Dayton, Ohio
                13 Jan 1913         Ohio                                      (70 Years old)

75. Robert Donald Ruther
                01 Jul 1927           Ohio

76. Joseph Donato Savino
                27 May 1926       Dayton, Ohio

                09 Mar 2016        Georgia                                 (89 Years old)

77. Paul Frederick Schaaf
                24 Jul 1927           Dayton, Ohio
                16 Sep 2007        Carthagena, Ohio             (80 Years old)

78. Louis Thomas Schnable
                10 Mar 1926        Ohio
                16 Apr 2011         Yountville, Kentucky       (85 Years old)

79. Dennis F. Schock
                18 Jul 1926           Dayton, Ohio

                12 May 2006       Schuylkill Haven, PA        (79 Years old)

80. Philip J. Ostendorf
                11 Nov 1926        Ohio

81. Henry John Osterfeld
                27 Feb 1926        Ohio
                29 Oct 2012         Dayton, Ohio                     (88 Years old)

82. John F. Pain
                Abt 1926              Ohio
                Found a John Francis Pain
                                15 Nov 1926
                                06 Oct 2008         Albany, KY           (81 Years old)

83. Alonso T. Parker
      (Couldn't find anything)

84. James Charles Pfeiffer
                16 Oct 1925         Dayton, Ohio
                29 Feb 1988        Dayton, Ohio                     (82 Years old)

85. James Edward Reising
                17 Mar 1926        Dayton, Ohio
                11 Mar 1980        Birmingham, Alabama    (54 Years old)

86. Thomas Joseph Roddy
                03 Feb 1926        Milwaukee, Wisconsin

                03 Feb 2002        Seminole, Florida             (76 Years old)

87. John E. Sweeney
                28 Jul 1926           Ohio
                02 Feb 1974        Dayton, Ohio                     (47 Years old)

88. Wallace W. Sweeterman
                22 Oct 1925         Ohio

89. Francis William Henry Tangeman
                23 Mar 1926        Dayton, Ohio
                08 Apr 1968         Annapolis, Maryland      (42 Years old)- Suicide by car exhaust fumes

90. Leonard Clarence Trick
                17 Dec 1926        Dayton, Ohio

                22 Jan 2004         Dayton, Ohio                     (77 Years old)

91. Joseph Charles Vickers
                10 Mar 1926        Dayton, Ohio
                20 Oct 1996         Dayton, Ohio                     (70 Years old)

92. Joseph Pierre Wack
                11 Jul 1927           Dayton, Ohio
                03 Apr 1999         Cleveland, Ohio              (71 Years old)

93. Norbert Julius Walz Jr.
                11 Nov 1926        Dayton, Ohio

                19 Jan 1988         Houston, Texas                 (62 Years old)

94. Elmer George Schulte
                16 Sep 1926        Dayton, Ohio
                07 Sep 2011        Dayton, Ohio                     (84 Years old)

95. Thomas Lucian Shillito
                24 Aug 1925        Dayton, Ohio
                16 Aug 1999        Dayton, Ohio                     (73 Years old)

96. Thomas J. Spitzig
                Abt 1926              Ohio

97. Clement F. Spraley Jr.

                Abt 1926              Ohio

98. Robert P. Spreng
                25 Jun 1925         Dayton, Ohio
                29 Sep 1995        Dayton, Ohio                     (70 Years old)

99. Charles William Stonebarger Jr.
                10 Sep 1926        Ohio

100. William Francis Suttmiller
                11 May 1925       Ohio

                03 Dec 1985        Dayton, Ohio                     (60 Years old)

101. Edward Joseph Wildenhaus
                18 Apr 1926         Dayton, Ohio
                23 Nov 2006        Strongsville, Ohio             (80 Years old)

102. Paul Leo Wilkens
                31 Dec 1926        Ohio
                01 Oct 2011         Dayton, Ohio                     (84 Years old)

103. Richard Hageman
                07 Aug 1926        Dayton, Ohio
                09 Jan 1957         Englewood, NJ                  (30 Years old)- Car Accident 
                                                                                     (TV Star on Our Miss Brooks)

104. William R. Masters Jr.
                21 Sep 1926        Dayton, Ohio

                28 May 2007       El Monte, California        (80 Years old)

105. Richard Kay Knuge
                03 Apr 1926         Dayton, Ohio
                06 Aug 2005        Ohio                                      (79 Years old)

106. Francis James Schneble
                20 Jul 1924           Dayton, Ohio
                04 Apr 2008         Dayton, Ohio                     (83 Years old)

107. Howard Eugene Helpling
                12 Apr 1925         Dayton, Ohio
                28 Oct 2008         Dayton, Ohio                     (83 Years old)

108. Paul George Jeckering- Grandfather
                19 May 1925       Dayton, Ohio

                11 Jan 1954         Dayton, Ohio                     (28 Years old)- Lupus

109. John Nicholas Weaver
                06 Dec 1926        Dayton, Ohio
                28 Nov 2015        Dayton, Ohio                     (88 Years old)

110. Charles Henry Wehner
                19 Mar 1926        Ohio
                24 Jun 2013         Seville, Florida                   (87 Years old)

111. Joseph Edward Wehner
                31 Aug 1925        Dayton, Ohio
                18 Oct 2002         Dayton, Ohio                     (77 Years old)

112. Richard Edward Wehner
                02 Jan 1926         Dayton, Ohio

                12 Jan 2018         Kettering, Ohio                 (92 Years old)

113. William Hugh Weis
                23 Apr 1926         Dayton, Ohio
                13 Apr 1977         Dayton, Ohio                     (50 Years old)

114. Edward Charles Wenning
                05 Apr 1926         Dayton, Ohio
                22 Sep 1997        Kettering, Ohio                 (71 Years old)

115. Carl Patrick Wheelersburg
                04 Apr 1926         Ironton, Ohio
                13 Mar 2013        McDermott, Ohio            (86 Years old)

In total, 21 out of the 115 are either Living or Unknown