Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Wednesday's Portrait: R. Mendenhall Hardware Store

Today's Portrait:  R. Mendenhall's Hardware Store** 

**I got this picture from my mom and I'm not entirely sure if I have it "tagged" with the right person or not. I believe this store belonged to Marion Richard Mendenhall (1873-1948)- my 2nd great grandfather. 

In the 1900 U.S. Census Record, Marion or "Mac" owend a Hardware store in Allen, Darke, Ohio-- that's where this doesn't make sense. No census records show that he ever went by his middle name, Richard-- and Mac's store was in Allen Township, not West Newton. 

The time that this picture would have been taken does match the census record- this looks about the early 1900s.

~~If anyone knows about this picture, please leave a comment or send me a message @ with the Subject : 


Thanks! :) 

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Tuesday's Census: Dabuliewicz Family

The Dabuliewicz Family: 

~Josef Dabuliewicz (my 2nd great grandfather):

22 April 1930

Address: Mill Glen Road, Winchendon, Worcester, Massachusetts 
            Home is Owned- Valued at 2,000.

Members in Household:

Dabuliewicz, Josef H.---Head----47---Sauder in Chair Factory

"             ", Honorata-Wife-----38---None

"             ", Mary----Daughter-15---None

"             ", Ellen----Daughter-13---None

"             ", Walter--Son------11---None

"             ", Stanely-Son-------9---None

"             ", Joseph Jr. Son-----5---None

"             ", Adele----Daughter-1/12-None

~Josephine Dabuliewicz (my great grandmother): 
(Was adopted by the Alexinas Family after her mother died in 1913)

02 January 1920

Address: 616 Hart St., Dayton, Ohio
            Renting Home

Alexinas, John---Head----46---Laborer

"        ", Mary---Wife----40---Cigar Maker in Cigar Factory

"        ", George--Son----15---Press Feeder- Commerical Ptg.

"        ", Josephine-Step-Daug--14--None

By 1930 U.S. Census, Josephine was married to Gerhard C. Jeckering.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Mappy Monday: Lorraine, France

My 3rd Great-Grandmother was Margaret Frances Pierron (1851-1923). She was born and died in Darke County, Ohio. Her parents were Nicholas Joseph Pierron (1819-1896) & Ann Marguerite Grilliot (1821-1902). They came to America from Lorraine, France.

Lorraine, France

Lorraine is a region in France that has always been the dividing line between French speaking lands and German speaking lands. In the 9th century, it wasn't part of France at all. 

The population (2013) was 2.351 million.

Places to see: 

~Nancy: Place Stanislas, one of the finest squares in France.

~Meuse-Argonne American cemetery- the largest American military cemetery in Europe- over 14,000 graves from WWI.

~Verdvn: Memorial and museum devoted to the battle that lasted almost a year- taking 300,000 French lives.

~Amneville- Zoological park- 40 acres of zoo

~Malbrouk- right on the boarder with Germany- a castle that owes it's name to the duke of Marlborough- 1705.


~Metz- Cathedral St. Etienne, gothic cathedral with fine stained glass.

~Domremy la Pucelle- birthplace of Joan of Arc

Sunday, December 14, 2014

A Tribute to Jane Anita Smith (Archer) (1925-2014)

This month, we lost our grandmother Smith so I wanted to write a blog post in memory of her- separate from 52 Ancestors. 

Jane Anita Smith (Archer)

B. 06 Apr 1925 in Los Angeles, California
D. 07 Dec 2014 in Prescott, Arizona

Jane was an only child. Her parents were Elmer E. Archer (1894-1968) & Florence M. Longphre (1891-1982). She grew up in San Diego, California. 


1943: San Diego High School
1947: Earned degree and teaching certificate from San Diego State College


Jane married Dr. Walter Morse Smith (1920-1985) on 19 Jun 1948 at the age of 23 in San Diego, California. 

The two had 3 sons together and raised them in their home in San Diego.


From The Daily Courier- Prescott, Arizona Newspaper- 10 Dec 2014

Jane Anita (Archer) Smith, 89, who was born  to Elmer E. Archer and Florence (Longphre) Archer on April 6, 1925, in Los Angeles, California, passed away on Dec. 7, 2014 in Prescott, Arizona.

The Archer family moved to San Diego, where Jane grew up and graduated from San Diego High School in 1943. She earned her degree and teachers certificate from San Diego State College in 1947. She met Walter M. Smith in San Diego and the two were married on June 19, 1948. For the next 37 years, the couple lived and worked in San Diego, where they raised their three sons.

In 1990, Jane moved to Prescott, where she became very active in her church community, volunteering many hours as a Eucharistic minister at Sacred Heart Parish and with the St. Vincent de Paul Society of Prescott. 

Jane was preceded in death by her husband of 37 years, Walter Morse Smith, M.D. She is survived by her children, Walter M. Smith Jr. and wife Carol E. (Pedersen) Smith of San Diego, California, Paul B. Smith and wife Leslie K. (Cheever) Smith of Prescott, Arizona, and David A. Smith and wife Sylvia S. (DeHoff) Smith of Fresno, California; eight grandchildren, Brian Smith, Kevin (Rachel) Smith, Sarah (Tim) Synder, Jeremy (Dana) Smith, Michael (Diana) Smith, Steven Smith, Jeffery Smith, and James (Carrie) Smith; and nine great-grandchildren, Wyatt, Harper and Carson Snyder, Ryan and Kori Smith, Sofia, Madeline, and Jacob Smith and Jack Smith. 

A funeral mass will be held at 11 a.m. Dec. 12, 2014, at Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Prescott. Father Fred LeClaire, CMF and Deacon Michael Johnsen will preside. In lieu of flowers, the family suggests that a donation to the St. Vincent de Paul Society of Prescott would be appreciated.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Surname Saturday: Klefing

Today's Surname: Klefing

My 6th great grand aunt- Euphemia Jeckering (1711-1764) married Johann Klefing (1706-1750). They both were born, rasied and died in Germany. 

While researching this name, I'm interested to find if this name made it to the United States!!

New York Passenger Lists: There were 3 names on this list- the name spelling varied: 

Name              Arrival Date        Birth Year      Departure        Ethnicity

Johanna Klefing  14 Oct 1935      1908           Bremen, Ger.      German

Julio Klefeng      03 Jan 1884      1863           Hamburg, Ger.    German

Heini Kelfeng     25 Jul 1891       1868           Hamburg, Ger.     German

Find a Grave:

I researched both the spellings that were on

Klefing: No Results

Klefeng: No Results

I thought there would at least be a couple!!!

I wasn't able to find much with this surname, unfortunately...

Thursday, December 11, 2014

52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks: Week 31: President Harry S. Truman (1884-1972)

Harry S. Truman- my 6th Cousin, 4x Removed

B. 08 May 1884 in Lamar, Barton, Missouri

Parents: John Anderson Truman (1851-1914) &
             Martha Ellen "Mattie" Young (1853-1949)

1. Infant (Daughter) (1882-1882)
2. John Vivian (1886-1965)
3. Mary Jane (1889-1978)

Residences and Occupations:

1900 (age 16): Independence, Jackson, Missouri- at school
1910 (age 25): Independence, Jackson, Missouri- Farm Hand
1920 (age 35): 219 N. Delaware St., Independence, Missouri
                         Farmer, Married
1930 (age 45): 219 N. Delaware St., Independence, Missouri
                         County Judge- County Court; Married
1940 (age 55): 219 N. Delaware St., Independence, Missouri
                         Senator? (census was hard to read)- Married


 Harry married Elizabeth Virginia "Bess" Wallace on 28 Jun 1919.
 Elizabeth: b. 13 Feb 1885 in Independence, Missouri
                 d. 18 Oct 1982 in Independence, Missouri
 Parents: David Willock Wallace (1860-1903) & 
              Madge Gates (b. 1862)

 1. Mary Margaret Truman (1924-2008)


Harry was listed in a military record- 1919-1920: 
 Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri
 1st Lieutenant, Second Field Artillery, Battery F


Harry became President of the United States on 12 Apr 1945 at the age of 60. He was the 33rd President of the United States. In his first months of presidency, he dropped the atomic bomb on Japan, ending World War II. His presidency ended on 28 Apr 1953 at the age of 68. 


Harry was listed on two passenger lists: 
1. 28 Apr 1953- traveling from Hong Kong to Honolulu, Hawaii
2. 03 May 1953- traveling from Honolulu, Hawaii to San Francisco, California. 


Harry died on 26 Dec 1972 at the age of 88 years old. He is buried at the Harry S. Truman Library and Museum in Independence, Jackson, Missouri. 

How I'm related to Harry S. Truman:

Carrie Jeckering Smith (Me)
My parents
Harold Earl Mendenhall 1916-1989
Earl Dwight Mendenhall 1894-1972
Marion Richard Mendenhall 1873-1948
Richard Mendenhall 1852-1924
Aaron Mendenhall 1828-1894
Richard Mendenhall 1794-1871
Joseph Mendenhall 1770-1833
Richard Mendenhall 1737-1773
Mordecai Mendenhall 1713-1803
John Mendenhall Jr 1688-1765
Sarah Mendenhall 1723-1815 - sister of my 8th great grandfather- Mordecai

Sarah had a daughter-
Nancy Ann Langley ?-1820
Robert Duvall Tyler 1751-1815
Ann Drusilla Tyler 1780-1875
Mary Jane Holmes 1821-1879
John Anderson Truman 1851-1914
Harry Truman