Saturday, October 3, 2015

Fun with Find a Grave: Breakfast at Tiffany's

Today's Character name: Characters from Breakfast at Tiffany's!

Breakfast at Tiffany's is a novella by Truman Capote, published in 1958. It was adapted into a film in 1961 starring Audrey Hepburn. 

Truman Capote
B: 30 Sep 1924
D: 25 Aug 1984-- buried in Westwood Memorial Park 
                                       in Los Angeles, California

How many Truman Capote's are there on Find a Grave? Only 1~

Main Characters: 

~Holly Golightly- played by Audrey Hepburn (real name below)

Audrey Kathleen Ruston
B: 05 May 1929
D: 20 Jan 1993-- buried (buried as Audrey Hepburn) in Tolochenaz Cemetery 
                                                                                    in Tolochenaz, Switzerland

How many Holly Golightly's are there on Find a Grave? 1!

Holly Gayle Golightly
B: 02 Dec 1973
D: 27 Sep 2001--buried in Red Oak Cemetery 
                                     in Red Oak, Texas

How many Audrey Hepburn's are there on Find a Grave? 2!

~Paul Varjack (or "Fred" as Holly called him)- played by George Peppard (full name below)

George William Peppard Jr. 
B: 01 Oct 1928 
D: 08 May 1994-- buried in Northview Cemetery 
                                       in Dearborn, Wayne, Michigan

How many Paul Varjack's are there in Find a Grave? None

How many George Peppard's are there in Find a Grave? 20!

~Mr. Yunioshi- played by Mickey Rooney (real name below)

Joseph Yule Jr. 
B: 23 Sep 1920 
D: 06 Apr 2014-- buried (buried as Mickey Rooney) in Hollywood Forever Cemetery
                                                                                  in Hollywood, Los Angeles, Ca

How many Joseph Yule's are there in Find a Grave? 8!

How many Mickey Rooney's are there in Find a Grave? Just the one! :) 

Friday, October 2, 2015

A Million Mendenhall's: #56 & #57

Mendenhall #56: Ada Blanche Mendenhall (1872-?)
                  Ada Blanche James

Birth: 06 Oct 1872 in Randolph, Indiana
Death: Unknown

Relation to Me: My 4th Cousin, 5x Removed

Parents: Nathan J. Mendenhall (1843-1915) &
         Anna Savilla Denton (1852-?)

1. Charles Augustus (1869-1941)
2. William James (1874-?)
3. Edward Judge (1878-1940)
4. Theodore F. (1880-?)
5. Mary Ruth (1886-?)
6. Omar Nathan (1889-?)

Marriage: 14 Oct 1899 in Farmland, Randolph, Indiana
Ada married Jesse Wesley James (b. 1876). It is unknown if they had children.

Residence(s) & Occupation(s):

~1880 (11 Jun) (age 7): West River, Randolph, Indiana
Daughter; Occupation- House Help; Living with Parents and Siblings.

~1900 (18 Jun) (age 27): Muncie, Delaware, Indiana
Wife; Living at 1006 W. 10th Street- Rented. Living with Husband (Laborer) & 2 Brothers.


Mendenhall #57: Ada E. Mendenhall (1861-?)
                  Ada E. Price

Birth: 1861 in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Death: Unknown

Relation to Me: My 3rd Cousin, 6x Removed.

Parents: John C. Mendenhall (1827-?) &
          Catherine "Kate" Parrish (1844-?)

1.William Evans (b 1866)

Marriage: 25 Jan 1877 in Multnomah County, Oregon
Ada married Carlton Price (b. 1854).

Ada and Carlton had at least 1 daughter:
1. Mabell Price Mendenhall (1880-?)

Residence(s) & Occupation(s):

~1880 (02 Jun) (age 19): Portland, Multnomah, Oregon
Daughter; Divorced; At Home; Living with Parents, Brother and Daughter.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

A Million Mendenhall's : #54 & #55

Mendenhall #54: Ada B. Mendenhall (1886-1933)
                  Ada B. Whited

Birth: 29 Jun 1886 in Darke County, Ohio
Death: 1933 in Greenville, Darke, Ohio
Burial: Brock Cemetery 
         in Greenville ,Darke, Ohio

Relation to Me: My 2nd Cousin, 4x Removed

Parents: Robert E. Mendenhall (1857-1917) &
         Catherine Brown (1858-1910)

1. Noah (1879-1880)
2. George (1881-1885)
3. Lola Mae (1882-1940)
4. Ellen (1883-?)
5. Henry Kerr (1888-1917)
6. Jane B. "Jennie" (1890-1973)
7. Robert L. (1892-1976)
8. Susan "Susie" (1894-1951)
9. Ethel (1896-?)
10. Catherine "Kate" (1898-?)
11. John W. (1900-?)

Marriage: 20 Oct 1904 in Darke, Ohio
Ada married John Whited Jr. (1886-1952)- son of John Newton Whited & Emily Lyons. 

Ada and John had 5 sons: 
1. Infant (1905-1905)
2. Willard W. (1907-1985)
3. Cletus Elmer (1909-1955)
4. Robert J. (1911-1986)
5. James Louis (1921-2008)

Residence(s) & Occupation(s):

~1900 (11 Jun) (age 13): Patterson, Darke, Ohio
Daughter; Living with Parents and Siblings

~1910 (21 Apr) (age 23): Wabash, Darke, Ohio
Wife; Living with Husband (Farmer) and 2 Sons

~1920 (06 Jan) (age 33): Piqua, Miami, Ohio
Wife; Living at 821 Clark Ave with Husband (Fireman @ Walnut Mill) & 3 Sons.

~1930 (03 Apr) (age 43): Piqua, Miami, Ohio
Wife; Living at 821 Clark Ave with Husband (Fireman @ Walnut Mill) & 4 Sons.


Mendenhall #55: Ada Blanchard Mendenhall (1867-1947)
                  Ada Blanchard Doyle

Birth: 15 Sep 1867 in Unionport, Randolph, Indiana
Death: 06 Mar 1947 in Muncie, Delaware, Indiana
Burial: Beech Grove Cemetery
        in Muncie, Indiana

Relation to Me: My 4th Cousin, 5x Removed.

Parents: John Mendenhall (1845-1920) &
          Delilah Doty (1851-?)

1. Orla G. (1879-1898)

Marriage: 24 Jan 1889 in Delaware, Indiana
Ada married Thomas Francis Doyle (1858-1937)--son of Michael Doyle & Bridgett O'Brien.

Ada and Thomas had 8 Children:
1. Infant (1891-1891)
2. Ralph Orla (1892-1977)
3. Ruth Madonna (1893-1984)
4. William (1896-1975)
5. John M. (1900-1981)
6. Carl A. (1902-1981)
7. Ina (1905-1977)
8. Donald (1908-1990)

Residence(s) & Occupation(s):

~1880 (15 Jun) (age 12): White River, Randolph, Indiana
Daughter, Living with Parents and Siblings

~1900 (15 Jun) (age 32): Center, Delaware, Indiana
Wife; Living at 1110 Kinley Ave with Husband (Farmer), 4 Children and father.

~1910 (16 Apr) (age 42): Muncie, Delaware, Indiana
Wife; Living at 1110 Kinely Ave with Husband (Tinner in Shop) & 7 Children.

~1920 (13 Jan) (age 52): Munie, Delaware, Indiana
Married, but not living with Husband; Living at 1106 Kerby Ave with Father and her daughter.

~1930 (12 Apr) (age 62): Muncie, Delaware, Indiana
Widowed; Living at 1110 Kirby Ave with Children.

~1940 (09 Apr) (age 72): Muncie, Delaware, Indiana
Mother; Widowed; Living at 1403 E. First Street with Sons and Lodgers. 

Monday, September 28, 2015

EJ Mendenhall Update

On May 26, 2014, I wrote a blog post- my 3rd week of 52 Ancestors- on EJ Mendenhall- my 6th Cousin, 5x Removed. You can read it Here.

After researching EJ, I was excited to discover that he died and was buried in Prescott, Arizona. This was cool because, even though I live in Fort Collins, Colorado now, I grew up in Prescott. 

This last week, my family and I vacation to Arizona, our first time there in two years. While we were there, we stayed in Prescott, but visited many places- Jerome, Grand Canyon, Florence, Phoenix, and of course- the cemetery where EJ was buried- Arizona Pioneers' Home Cemetery. 

I was so excited to visit EJ's resting place, but after finding it, I was disappointed to find that he had no gravemarker. I took a couple of pictures: 

There were two separate place of burial- on the side of the mountain were the older ones where EJ was buried (a lot with no gravestones, no flowers, ground VERY unkempt) and then one that was for newer burials (VERY nice looking). I understand that EJ was probably very poor when he died and both his death certificate and the Pioneers' Home said he had no family- so that's probably why he had no gravestone, but just the fact that the grounds are so poorly maintained...makes me sad.

This is the view from the top of the cemetery- very pretty :) 

EJ Mendenhall- Row K, Grave 11

This is my son in the middle of the cemetery- browsing while my husband and I were looking for EJ's gravesite.

This is where he was buried- a bunch of rocks are in the spot of a gravestone. 

In Memory of Robert C. "Bob" Jeckering

This past Wednesday, my 1st Cousin, 2x Removed passed away- 

Robert Cletus "Bob" Jeckering (1934-2015)

I first discovered Robert when I was researching my dad and grandfather's high school- Chaminade Catholic High School in Dayton, Ohio. On the school's website, you can browse through the past yearbooks so I looked up all the names in my family that I could find and Robert was one of them. I blogged about it back in August 2014: 
you can read that blog post Here.

Bob graduated from Chaminade in 1952 at the age of 18. He married and they had 6 children. 

Bobs funeral was held this last Saturday, September 26 with a burial at Calvary Cemetery- among many other family members of mine. 


Obiturary from Newcomer Funeral Home

In Memory of 

Robert C. "Bob" Jeckering


Robert C. Jeckering, age 81, of Dayton, passed away on Wednesday, Septermber 23, 2015.

Bob worked at White Villa for 41 years. He was a 4th degree Knight of Columbus.

Bob was preceded in death by his daughter, Brenda Jeckering.

He is survived by his loving wife of 60 years, Shirley Jeckering; children, Terry (Charlie Kucharski), Paul (Lynda) Jeckering, Barbara Jeckering and Dan (Misty) Jeckering; grandchildren, Catherine, Stephen, Quinn, Olivia, and Zach; brother, Tom (Ginny) Jeckering; and sister, Marilyn Monnin.

The family will receive friends on Friday, September 25, 2015 from 6-8pm at Newcomer Funeral Home North Chapel (4104 Needmore Rd, Dayton, OH 45424). A Mass of Christian burial will be held on Saturday, September 26, 2015 at 10am at St. Henry's Catholic Church (6696 N. Springboro Pike, Dayton, OH 45449). Burial will take place at Calvary Cemetery. 

In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to the Cure Alzheimer's Fund (http://app/

Today in My Family History- Week 39

Week of September 21- 27

A Very Happy Birthday to: 

~My Grand Uncle- a "Living Jeckering"-- September 22-- 89 Years Old

In Loving Memory of: 

~Robert Eugene Mendenhall (1919-1993)-- 74 Years Old
My Grand Uncle
He Died on September 21, 1993.

~Clara M. Jeckering (1863-1957)-- 93 Years Old
My 2nd Great Grand Aunt
She was BORN on September 22, 1863.
--- Read more about her Here

~Clarinda Jane Robinson (1835-1909)-- 74 Years Old
My 3rd Great Grandmother
She DIED on September 25, 1909.

~Agnes Cecila Brinkman (1914-2011)-- 96 Years Old
My 2nd Cousin, 2x Removed
She was BORN on September 25, 1914.

~Elizabeth Jeckering (1861-1957)-- 95 Years Old
My 2nd Great Grand Aunt
She was BORN on September 26, 1861.
---Read more about her Here

Friday, September 18, 2015

A Million Mendenhall's: #52 & #53

Mendenhall #52: Achsah Mendenhall (1817-1870)
                  Achsah Stout

Birth: 13 Jan 1817 in Guilford County, North Carolina
Death: 1870 in North Carolina

Relation to Me: My 2nd Cousin, 7x Removed

Parents: Seth Mendenhall (1771-1834) &
          Clarissa Weeks (1765-1834)

1.William (1798-1829)
2. Ruddick (1800-1842)
3. Nancy (1802-?)
4. Asahel (1805-1854)
5. Jabez H. (1805-1854)
6. Mary (1808-1872)
7. Sally (1811-1817)
8. Olive (1814-1895)

Marriage: 24 Feb 1843 in Davidson County, North Carolina
Achsah married John Stout (b. 1812)-- son of Jacob Stout & Sarah Long. 

Achsah and John had at least 1 son: 
1. Isaac Newton Stout (1845-1906)

Residence(s) & Occupation(s):

~1817 (13 Jan) (Birth): Springfield, Guilford, NC
Springfield Monthly Meeting- Quaker Meeting Records- Birth

~1843 (24 Feb) (age 26): Davidson County, North Carolina
Marriage Bond

~1850 (age 33): Northern Division, Davidson, NC
Living with Son and Helton Family


Mendenhall #53: Achsah Mendenhall (1827-1850)

Birth: 16 Jun 1827 in Springfield, NC
Death: after 1850 in North Carolina

Relation to Me: My 3rd Cousin, 6x Removed

Parents: Ruddick Mendenhall (1800-1842) &
         Elizabeth Pidgeon (1796-?)

1.Charles Henry (1820-1878)
2. Jabez Milton (1823-1868)
3. Seth (1825-1826)
4. Semira (1833-1834)
5. Ellen (1834-?)
6. Alpheus Leonidus (1836-1910)

Marriage: No known marriage.

Residence(s) & Occupation(s):

~1827 (16 Jun) (Birth): Springfield, North Carolina
Springfield Monthly Meeting- Quaker Meeting Records- Birth

~1850 (23 Jul) (age 23): Guilford County, North Carolina
 Living with Mother and Siblings.