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A Million Mendenhall's: #44 & #45

Mendenhall #44: Abraham Lincoln Mendenhall (1862-1946)

Birth: 10 Oct 1862 in Winscottie, Dallas, Iowa
Death: 07 Aug 1946 in Gridley, Butte, California

Relation to Me: My 4th Cousin, 4x Removed

Parents: James Kelley Mendenhall (1832-1886) &
         Martha Smith (1829-1886)

1.Hannah E. (b. 1860)
2. Lacy Jane (b. 1866)
3. William B. (b. 1870)

Marriage: 13 Apr 1884 in Burr Oak, Jewell, Kansas
Abraham married Sarah Jane Trueblood (1865-1951), they had 6 children:
1. Cora Blanche (1885-1965)
2. Bertha Lewis (1887-1895)
3. Earl C. (1892-1894)
4. Margaret Irma (1895-1938)
5. Laura Elda (1899-1900)
6. Greta Virginia (1909-1996)

Residence(s) & Occupation(s):

~1880 (07 Jun) (age 17): White Mound, Jewell, Kansas
Works on Farm; Living with Parents and Siblings.

~1910 (age 48): Long Beach, Los Angeles, California
Retail grocery dealer; Living at 625 Lime Street with wife and 2 daughters.

~1919 (age 57): Long Beach, Los Angeles, California
Grocery Store Owner

~1920 (16 Jan) (age 57): Long Beach, Los Angeles, Ca
Grocery Store Owner; Living with Wife and Youngest daughter, Greta.

~1930 (11 Apr) (age 67): Long Beach, Los Angeles, Ca
Grocery Store Owner; Living at 639 Olive Ave with Wife and Daughter.


Mendenhall #45: Absolom Mendenhall (1806-1884)

Birth: 1806 in Jamestown, Greene, Ohio
Death: 01 Mar 1884 in Richmond, Wayne, Indiana

Relation to Me: My 2nd Cousin, 8x Removed

Parents: Martin Mendenhall (1767-1834) &
         Abigail Mills (1767-1843)

1. John (1787-1829)
2. Stephen (1789-1843)
3. Sarah (1791-1832)
4. Joseph (1793-1845)
5. Zachariah (1793-1862)
6. William (1794-1873)
7. Alice (1796-1857)
8. Timothy (1802-?)
9. Ann (1804-1861)
10. Nancy (1804-?)
12. Rachel (1806-?)

Marriage: Date Unknown
Absolom married Alice (ULN) (b. 1804) and they had 2 daughters: 
1. Elizabeth (1835-1899) 
2. Sarah J. (1838-1898)

Residence(s) & Occupation(s):

~1830 (age 24): Fountain City, Indiana
4 total people in household, No Slaves

~1840 (age 34): Liberty, Clinton, Ohio
7 total people in household, No Slaves

~1850 (12 Oct) (age 44): Liberty, Clinton, Ohio
Farmer; Living with Wife, 2 daughters and 2 boarders

~1860 (16 Jul) (age 54): Wayne, Wayne, Indiana
Farmer; Living with Wife, 2 daughters and 2 boarders

~1870 (04 Aug) (age 64): Wayne, Wayne, Indiana
Farmer; Living with Wife, 2 daughters and 2 boarders

~1880 (15 Jun) (age 74): Wayne, Wayne, Indiana
Retired Farmer; Widowed; Living with 2 daughters and niece.

~1884 (01 Mar) (age 78) (Death): Richmond, Wayne, Indiana
Indiana Death Record- Whitewater Monthly Meeting- Quaker records

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Fun with Find a Grave: Tom Sawyer

Today's Character Name: Thomas "Tom" Sawyer

Illustration by True Williams (1876)- Photo Courtesy of Wickipedia

~Tom Sawyer is a fictional character created by author Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens) in his 1876 novel- Adventures of Tom Sawyer. Twain also featured Tom in Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (1884), Tom Sawyer Abroad (1894) and Tom Sawyer, Detective (1896). 

Samuel Langhorne Clemens (Pen name: Mark Twain)
B: 30 Nov 1835
D: 21 Apr 1910-- Buried in Woodlawn Cemetery
                          in Elmira, Chemung, New york

There have been many movie adaptations of Tom Saywer in the past. 

In 1930, John Cromwell directed Tom Sawyer where Jackie Coogan portrayed Tom.

John Leslie Coogan (Jackie Coogan)
B: 26 Oct 1914
D: 01 Mar 1984-- Buried in Holy Cross Cemetery 
                          in Culver City, Los Angeles, California

Here's a picture of him when he was a child: 

Later, Jackie Coogan would play Uncle Fester in the Addams Family!

In 1973, MGM did a musical featuring John Orson Whitaker Jr. (Johnny) as Tom Sawyer. 

John Orson Whitaker Jr. (Johnny)
B: 13 Dec 1959 
D: Still Alive

So, how many Thomas "Tom" Sawyers are there on Find a Grave?? 
Thomas Sawyer- 447!
Tom Sawyer- 77!

I wasn't sure which name to pick to research, so I went with someone who would be able Tom's age in the book-- Tom Sawyer in the book would have been born about 1864 because he was 12 years old in the 1876 book, so I chose the only Tom/Thomas sawyer I could find who was born in 1864~

Thomas Williamson Sawyer
B: 24 Jun 1864
D: 21 Jan 1940-- Buried in Hamilton Beeman Cemetery 
                          in Retreat, Navarro, Texas

Thomas Williamson Sawyer was born on 24 Jun 1864 in MacOupin, Illinois. Thomas married Phebie Ellen Bentley (1872-1944) (daughter of Elisha Bentley & Caroline Sawyer) on 11 Nov 1890 and they had 8 Children together! 

U.S. Census Records: 

1910 (28 Apr) (age 45): Justice Precinct 6, Navarro, Texas
Thomas was a farmer living with his wife and 5 children.

1920 (06 Jan) (age 53): Corsicana, Navarro, Texas
Thomas was living on South Seventeenth Street- home was owned. He was a laborer at a refinery and lived with his wife and 5 children.

1930 (07 Apr) (age 64): Corsicana, Navarro, Texas
Thomas was living at 1512 South 15th St.- home was owned and valued at $600. He was a retail grocery merchant, lived with his wife and 3 children. 

Thomas died of Uremia at the age of 75 years old.

A Million Mendenhall's: #42 & #43

Mendenhall #42: Abraham Mendenhall (1766-1833)

Birth:28 Mar 1766 in Mill Creek, New Castle, Delaware
Death: 17 May 1833 in Wilmington, Clinton, Ohio

Relation to Me: My 2nd Cousin, 9x Removed

          Mary Woodward (1735-1813

1. No Siblings

Marriage: 14 Jan 1798 in Old Swedes, Wilmington, Delaware
Abraham married Elizabeth Wells (1778-1863)--daughter of Harrison Wells & Hannah VanLeer.

Abraham and Elizabeth had 11 Children:
1. Alina (1798-1856)
2. Eliza (1801-1835)
3. Harrison (1803-1855)
4. Thomas Lovell (1806-1888)
5. James (1808-1853)
6. George Pierce (1810-1835)
7. Madison (1813-1835)
8. William (1815-1906)
9. John (1817-1817)
10. Eli (1819-1882)
11. Hannah Wells (1822-1852)

Residence(s) & Occupation(s):

~1800 (age 34): Mill Creek Hundred, New Castle, Delaware
5 Total Members in Household- No Slaves

~1810 (age 44): Mill Creek Hundred, New Castle, Delaware
10 Members in Household- No Slaves

~1820 (age 54): Mill Creek Hundred, New Castle, Delaware
11 Free White Persons, 1 FREE Colored Person- 12 Total- No Slaves

~1830 (age 64): Mill Creek Hundred, New Castle, Delaware
8 total people- No Slaves


Mendenhall #43: Abraham Mendenhall (1844-1844)

Birth: 22 Apr 1844 in Nauvoo, Hancock, Illinois
Death: 27 Aug 1844 in Nauvoo, Hancock, Illinois
        4 Months old
Buried: Old Nauvoo Burial Grounds
        in Nauvoo, Hancock, Illinois

Relation to Me: My 4th Cousin, 7x Removed

Parents: William Mendenhall (1815-1906) &
          Sarah Lovell (1818-1899)

1. Mary Frances (1839-1897)
2. Thomas Lovell (1841-1926)
3. Richard Lovell (1845-1921)
4. John (1847-1920)
5. Elizabeth Wells (1850-1918)
6. Sarah Lovell (1853-1900)
7. William Amasa (1856-1889)
8. Hannah Matilda (1858-1931)

Marriage: None- Died Young

Residence(s) & Occupation(s):

~1844 (22 Apr): Nauvoo, Hancock, Illinois
Membership of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latterday Saints

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Fun with Find a Grave: Sherlock Holmes

I really love this blog idea so far-- I'm really having fun with it. If you, the reader, thinks of a character name that YOU would love to see me research, please comment it and I'll fit it in!! :) 

Today's Character Name: Sherlock Holmes

~Sherlock Holmes is a fictional character created by author and physician Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. I can't imagine anyone not knowing who Sherlock Holmes is...but in case you don't, you can read about the character Here.

Sherlock Holmes was first a series of 4 novels starting in 1887 and then was developed into 56 short stories by Doyle. 

Sir Arthur Ignatius Conan Doyle or just Conan Doyle:
B: 22 May 1859
D: 07 Jul 1930-- Buried in All Saints Churchyard
                         in Minstead, New Forest District, Hampshire, England

Since then, there have been many adaptations of the character in a variety of movies and television. 
In 1943, Roy William Neill directed Sherlock Holmes in Washington. Basil Rathbone played Sherlock.

Basil Rathbone:
B: 13 Jun 1892 
D: 21 Jul 1967-- Buried in Ferncliff Cemetery and Mausoleum
                         in Hartsdale, Westchester, New York

 (Same as Judy Garland!)

In 1954, Red Skelton portrayed Holmes in a TV episode titled Sherlock Holmes Satire. 

Red Skelton:
B: 18 Jul 1913
D: 17 Sep 1997--Buried in Forest Lawn Memorial Park 
                         in Glendale, Los Angeles, California

 (same as L. Frank Baum!)

So how many Sherlock Holmes are there on Find a Grave? 10!
This number surprised me because I was expecting 0. Since I didn't really have anything to go on, I just randomly chose one of these Sherlock's to research:

Sherlock Holmes
B: 13 Oct 1937
D: 27 Feb 2012-- Buried in Farrs Chapel Cemetery 
                          Jamestown, Newton, Texas

Sherlock was born on 13 Oct 1937 in Jasper, Jasper, Texas to John Thomas Holmes (1891-1973) & Lois Dickerson (1901-1980). He was in the Air Force and led a career as a maintenance supervisor with Bayer Chemical. 

In the 1940 US census, Sherlock was 2, he was living with his parents (father was a teacher) and 2 sisters- Johnie Maxine & Lillian Narris. Their home was rented- $10/Mo.

Sherlock married Rita Jean Ozment (1938-2013), daughter of Perry Elvin Ozment & Leola Christine Hall, and they had 4 children. 

A Million Mendenhall's: #40 & #41

Mendenhall #40: Abner Mendenhall Jr. (1807-1850)

Birth: 28 Aug 1807 in Greenwood, Columbia, Pennsylvania
Death: 22 Dec 1850 in California

Relation to Me: My 4th Cousin, 8x Removed
          Lydia Carleton (1772-1854)

1.Joshua Baily (1794-1872)
2. Thomas Carleton (1796-1883)
3. Mary (1798-1869)
4. Eli (1801-1887)
5. Mark Carleton (1803-1844)
6. Martha (1805-1891)
7. Lydia Carleton (1809-1894)
8. James (1811-1905)
9. Samuel (1816-1895)

Marriage: 01 Mar 1836 in Greenwood, Columbia, PA
Abner Jr. married Martha Jane Manville (1816-1893)-- daughter of Murray Manville & Hannah Jane Wigdon.

Abner and Martha had 4 Children:
1. Eliza (1837-1867)
2. William Ellis (1837-1847)
3. Ellis Abner (1840-1919)
4. Chester (1843-1844)

Residence(s) & Occupation(s):

~1850 (14 Sep) (age 43): Calaversas, Calaveras, California
Miner- Living with 3 other men- James Mendenhall, Harvey Robinson & Norman Underwood.

Abner died at the age of 43 on 22 Dec 1850 in California. I couldn't find anything else about Abner, but the sounds of it- he left his family in PA to find Gold in the West during the Gold Rush and died because of it.


Mendenhall #41: Abner Lewis Mendenhall (1813-1813)

Birth: 27 Aug 1813 in Concord, Chester, Pennsylvania
Death: Dec 1813 in Concord, Chester, Pennsylvania

Relation to Me: My 3rd Cousin, 9x Removed

Parents: William Mendenhall (1765-1843) &
          Cecilia (Cicely) Lewis (1771-1839)

1. Jane C. (1792-1793)
2. Margaret (1795-1848)
3. Elizabeth (1796-1849)
4. William White (1799-1869)
5. Hannah L. (1802-1866)
6. Mary L. (1807-1884)
7. Phoebe (1808-1858)
8. Robert L. (1811-1889)
9. Anna (1816-1834)

Marriage: Never married- Died Young.

Today in My Family History- Week 35 (a few days late)

Monday, August 24, 2015

A Very Happy Birthday to: 

~My 1st Cousin- a "Living Potchik"-- 29 Years Old

Happy Anniversary to:

~My 1st Cousin and his Wife

Tuesday, August 25, 2015-August 28, 2015


Friday, August 28, 2015

In Loving Memory- May they Rest in Peace:

~Helen Ruth Seaver (1923-1981)--57 Years Old
My Grandmother
She DIED on August 28, 1981.

~Maria Elisabeth Kluneman (1830-1912)-- 82 Years Old
My 3rd Great Grandmother
She was BORN on August 28, 1830.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Happy Anniversary to:

~Joseph Henry Brinkman & Marie Dorothy Rose
My 1st Cousin, 3x Removed and his Wife.
They were married 29 August 1922 in St. Henry, Mercer, Ohio.

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Fun with Find a Grave: Dorothy Gale

Fun with Find a Grave!

I love Movies and I love Genealogy so I thought- why not put them together? 

Today's Character Name: Dorothy Gale
~Dorothy Gale is the protagonist in the Wizard of Oz.

The Wizard of Oz was first a novel written by Lyman Frank Baum (L. Frank Baum) in 1900 and named it The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.

L. Frank Baum:
B. 15 May 1856
D. 06 May 1919-- Buried in Forest Lawn Memorial Park
                          Glendale, Los Angeles, California

In 1939, The wizard of Oz became a movie where 16 year old Judy Garland played Dorothy:

Judy Garland:
B. 10 Jun 1922
D. 22 Jun 1969--Buried in Ferncliff Cemetery & Mausoleum
                         Hartsdale, Westchester, New York

So how many Dorothy Gale's are there on Find a Grave??  71! 
(This is searching maiden and married names of "Gale")

In the story, Dorothy was from Kansas, so I thought it would be fun to search if any of these "Dorothy Gale's" were buried in Kansas- there was only 1!

Dorothy J. Gale McKinsey
B. 30 Jul 1936
D. 30 Mar 1971-- Buried in Sutton Cemetery 
                          Baldwin City, Douglas, Kansas

Dorothy was born Dorothy Jean Gale on 30 Jul 1936 in Douglas County, Kansas to Charles H. Gale & Ruth Marquardt. She had at least one sister- Charlene. Dorothy married "unknown" McKinsey on 21 Dec 1954 and they had 2 daughters. McKinsey was the son of Charles Estel McKinsey & Martha Heffley. 

I found only one census record for Dorothy- since she was born in 1936:

11 Apr 1940: Willow Springs, Douglas, Kansas
Daughter; Home was Rented for $12/Mo.; She lived with her Parents (Father was a farmer), her sister Charlene and her Grandfather. 

Dorothy died at the age of 34 on 30 Mar 1971 of cancer (type- unknown).