Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Wednesday's Portrait: Erk M. Cottrell (1892-1918)

Today's Portrait:

Erk M. Cottrell   (not a spelling mistake)
b. 24 Mar 1892 North Star, Darke, Ohio
d. 09 Oct 1918 France (WWI)

I love these pictures but at the same time, the one on the right totally creeps me out! He goes from super happy, chubby baby to "I'm gonna murder you in your sleep!" ...just sayin' :)

How I'm related to Erk:

Carrie Jeckering Smith (Me)
My Parents
Harold Earl Mendenhall & Helen Ruth Seaver
Earl Dwight Mendenhall & Edna Grace Niles
Marion Richard Mendenhall & Louella Munn
Richard Mendenhall & Margaret F. Pierron
Richard was my 3rd great grandfather. He and Margaret had a daughter- Mary Lydia Mendenhall.
Mary married James Asher Cottrell and their son was:
Erk Cottrell ---1st cousin, 3x removed

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Sharing Memories- Week 4: 3rd Grade

52 Weeks of Sharing Memories
A Challenge seen on:
                                     The Olive Tree Genealogy
                                       Link: Here

Today's prompt is: Playing Hooky in Grade 2 and 3...

I didn't play hooky in these grades...I find it odd that a kid would! I was always a goodie-two-shoes though LOL 

SO, I'll still write about these grades, but it won't consist of playing hooky... 

The 3rd grade was memorable because I only went to school maybe half of the entire year. My teacher was Mrs. Kier (If I remember right)...and I had my first leg lengthening device on that year. 

Here's what it looked like: 

Photo Courtesy of Google

The above picture is just similar to the one that I wore- mine was only on the right leg, connecting to the femur and just below the knee.

I remember going to school in a very large wheel chair and the battery pack from the device would go off in class. The nurse or principal would have to call my mom to bring me a new one. I remember one time, we didn't have an extra battery and we had to go all the way to Scottsdale to get a new one from my doctor- it was about a two hour drive.

I was also home-schooled that year by a woman named Mrs. Soto. She would come to the house every morning. Sometimes I would just bawl because I was so tired and didn't want to participate...It was often hard to sleep with that huge contraption on my leg.

Although it was painful, I got a lot of attention with that device on. I remember walking around the outdoor swap meet and this actor (a guy from an Indiana Jones movie- my parents knew who he was)- he actually followed us through the park until he got the courage to say hello and ask what was wrong with my leg. People are always very curious about it...even now- years later. I tell them I had it done twice on my leg and once on my arm and they are just fascinated by it. It's amusing.

Colorized Old Pictures

This is a cool article that I saw on Facebook, found on Boredom

53 Colorized Photos from the Past

Here are a few of my favorites if you don't want to scroll through the entire article:

Pablo Picasso

Times Square, 1947

Helen Keller meeting comedian Charlie Chaplin, 1918

Girls delivering ice, 1918

Madison Square Park, New York City, 1900

Monday, September 29, 2014

One Person at a Time....Eleanor

~Even though I have a lot of people in my family tree, I also have a lot of "holes" that need more research. Over the next few months, I am going to attempt to patch up those holes by doing research one person at a time- starting at the beginning of the list~

Today's Name: Eleanor

I had 3 women named Eleanor in my tree that needed to be researched:

#1: Eleanor
Before Research:
Eleanor was born in 1712 in Scotland. She married George Bartram (b. 1708 in Scotland) and they had at least 1 son: George (1734-1777). George married Ann Bartram (1741-1824)- my 2nd cousin, 10x removed.

After Research:
I didn't find much about Eleanor, just that she died on 03 Sep 1775 in Darby, Pennsylvania. 

#2: Eleanor
Before Research:
Eleanor married Moses Owens and they had at least 1 son: John Robert (1826-1893). He married Anna Eliza Mendenhall (1830-1910)- my 3rd cousin, 6x removed. 

After Research:
I couldn't find much about this Eleanor either. She was born about 1789 in North Carolina and she had 2 children: 
John Robert (1826-1893) 
Rachel (b. 1829)

#3: Elenor
Before Research:
Elenor had a daughter- Mary Virginia Shane (b. 1864). Mary married Henry Luther Mendenhall (1862-1937)- my 2nd cousin, 7x removed.

After Research:
Eleanor Swope was born on 17 Apr 1842 in Fall, Indiana and died on 06 Feb 1923 in San Francisco, California. Her parents were John Swope (1818-1876) & Mary Ann Stewart (1825-1881). I don't know if she had any siblings.

Eleanor married George Washington Shane (1837-1899) on 02 Apr 1862. They had 2 daughters- 
Mary Virginia Shane (b. 1863)
Martha A. Shane (1867-1880)

Mappy Monday- Springfield (High Point) North Carolina

My 8th great grandfather was Mordecai Mendenhall (1713-1803). He was born in Concord, Pennsylvania but died in Springfield, North Carolina.  

I originally thought that this was a town in Guilford County, but it turns out, that it's in High Point- zip code- 27263. After doing some research, it doesn't appear that there is much in this area.

There is the Springfield Friends Meeting House Cemetery where Mordecai is buried. On, it shows that there are 78 Mendenhall's buried in this cemetery. 

The cemetery is located at 555 E. Springfield Rd., High Point, North Carolina, 27263.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Surname Saturday- Luitgirt

My 8th great grandmother- Jane Luitgirt (1640-1680), who married Hendrick Daniel Hendrickson (1636-1677), was born in Utrecht, Netherlands. I don't have any information of her parents or siblings.


~All U.S. and Canada, Passenger and Immigration Lists Index, 1500s-1900s:
The only one on this list was an Arnold Luetgert- arrived in Illinois in 1883.

~U.S. Naturalization Record Indexes, 1791-1992:
The only one on this list was a Carla Von Dey [Carla Luetgart]- born 08 Oct 1917- age 48 in California- naturalization on 20 May 1966. 
(I don't know why her name is misspelled and in parenthesis)

~All Baltimore, Passenger Lists, 1820-1948 and 1954-1957 results:
Marie Littgardt- arrived Jun 1902- b. 1887- female- from Bremen, Germany

~All New York, Passenger Lists, 1820-1957 results: 
There were 25 names on this list- all with spelling variations: here are a few:
Walter Kord-Litgert- arrived 18 Jun 1924- born 1884- from Bremerhaven- white ethnicity/nationality
Walter Kord-Litgert- arrived 29 Aug 1924- born 1884- from Bremerhaven- white ethnicity
Arnold Kord Luetgert- arrived 21 Apr 1939- born 1888- from Hamburg, Germany- German
Petrus LItghert- arrived 20 Dec 1938- born 1880- from Le Havre, France- Dutch
Eduard Luetgert- arrived 31 Oct 1927- born 1870- from Hamburg, Germany- German

~All California, Passenger and Crew Lists, 1882-1959 results: 
Henry F. Luetgert- arrived 07 Mar 1941- born 1884- Male- From Honolulu, Hawaii
Lilliam M. Luetgert- arrived 07 Mar 1941- born 1887- Female- From Honolulu, Hawaii

Nothing came up on all of these websites for this surname:

Could you recognize old technology?

I came upon this quiz while on Facebook this morning and instantly thought of my ancestors who would have used these items! I maybe used 2...(if that!)

Do you recognize these Obsolete Technologies?

Take the quiz and let me know how you did! I got 13/15! :)