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One Person at a Time....Gisberta

~Even though I have a lot of people in my family tree, I also have a lot of "holes" that need more research. Over the next few months, I am going to attempt to patch up those holes by doing research one person at a time- starting at the beginning of the list~

Today's Name: Gisberta

Before Research: 
Gisberta was born in 1630. She married Johann Roling (b. 1625) and they had at least 1 son: Theodor (b. 1669).

After Research:
I wasn't able to find TOO much about Gisberta, but I did discover that she had 7 children: 

1. Bernhard (b. 1653)
2. Heinrich (b. 1658)
3. Johann (b. 1660)
4. Thecia (b. 1662)
5. Anna (b. 1664)
6. Theodor (b. 1669)
7. Meinhard (b. 1672)

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Surname Saturday- Kime

Last week, I wrote about the surname Hyman. My 2nd great grandfather- James W. Hyman (1854-1926) married Mary Kime (1859-1917). Her parents were William Martin Kime (1819-1871) & Cynthia Ann Bell (1834-1901). Mary's great-grandfather- Johannes "John" Keim (1754-1815) was born in Germany.


U.S. and Canada, Passenger and Immigration Lists Index:

Keim: There are 996 results with this surname spelling: here are a few: 

Name                           Birth Year          Arrival Year/       Place

Anthony Keim                                                                 Indiana
Johannes Keim                                       1697                  Pennsylvania
Anna Margaretha Keim   abt 1701            1733                  Pennsylvania
Anne Catherine Keim                              1724; 1731         Louisiana
Michael Keim                                         1728                 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 

I did the same list but changed the spelling to Kime: there were 996 results, but only about 25 with this spelling:

Keim: There are 4,138 results for this spelling
Kime:  There are 2,182 results for this spelling

House of Names: 

Keim: Ancestors of the surname Keim emigrated to England following the Norman Conquest in 1066. They lived in Lincolnshire. Spelling variations: Kimes, Kymes, Kyme, Kime and others.

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Friday Funny

Happy Friday! Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!

TRUE...Very TRUE....

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52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks: Week 29: Marie Margaret Brinkman (1887-1936)

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!!    

Marie Margaret Brinkman- My 1st Cousin, 3x Removed

Born: 08 Dec 1887 in Dayton, Ohio

Parents: Louis Heinrich Brinkman (1866-1922) &
               Elizabeth Jeckering (1861-1957)


1. Louis Gerhard (1886-1980)
2. Harry John (1889-1977)
3. Lawrence John (1890-1970)
4. Anna Elizabeth (1892-1936)
5. Helen Rose (1893-1967)
6. Joseph Henry (1895-1990)
7. Clara (1897-1897)
8. Gerhard (1898-1898)
9. Urban Lawerence (1900-1982)
10. Cecilia Christine (1902-1990)

Residences and Occupations:

1900 (age 13): 07 Notre Dame Ave, Dayton, Ohio

1910 (age 23): 07 Notre Dame Ave, Dayton, Ohio; Music Teacher

1920 (age 33): 523 Carlisle Ave, Dayton, Ohio

1930 (age 43): 18 Salem Pike (?), Dayotn, Ohio


Marie married Samuel Anthony Trick on 14 Jun 1911 at the age of 23 in Dayton, Ohio.

Samuel: b. 20 Feb 1889 in Dayton, Ohio
               d. 16 Sep 1958 in Dayton, Ohio

They had 9 Children:

1. Angela Marie (1912-2003)
2. Edmund Louis (1915-1962)
3. Clarice (1916-2012)
4. Mary Virgila "Virgie" (1919-2007)
5. Anita Virginia (1923- ?)
6. Aloysius Henry (1925-2009)
7. Carmlita Therese (1928-1992)
8. Francis Jerome (1929-2005)
9. Jerome William "Jerry" (1932- ?)

They had at least 57 grandchildren!

Marie and Samuel with their 1st child- Angela

Death and Burial: 

Marie died on 12 Feb 1936 at the age of 48 years old. I don't know how she died, although I'm very curious because she was so young.
Marie was buried on 15 Feb 1936 in Calvary Cemetery. Her grave is located in section 5, Lot 448, space 5.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Wednesday's Portrait- Gerhard & Josephine Jeckering

Today's Portrait: my great-grandparents- 
                                  Gerhard Cletus Jeckering (1900-1967) &
                                 Josephine Mary Dabuliewicz (1906-1965)

This picture was taking on their (50th?) wedding anniversary- such a beautiful picture! 

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Tuesday's Census: Mendenhall Family, 1940

Today's Census Record: 1940, Mendenhall Family

29 May 1940

Address: 129 E. Orchard Springs, Harrison, Montgomery, Ohio

I typed the address into Google to see what the house looked like today- this is what came up-- 128 E. Orchard Springs, Shiloh, Ohio- I'm not sure if this is the correct address/house or not, but here it is.... can't even see the house anyways because of the cluster of trees! 

Home- Owned- Valued at $4000

Members of the household:

Mendenhall, Earl D.----Head----46 years old---Ohio---Garage Mechanic- own business
"              ", Olive -----Wife----40 years old---Ohio---no occupatoin
"              ", Ruth E.---Daughter- 7 years old--Ohio---Student

Earl was my great grandfather

Monday, November 24, 2014

Mappy Monday: Mendenhall Cemetery

  My 5th great-grandfather- Richard Mendenhall (1794-1871) was a farmer who lived in Patterson, Darke, Ohio. He was buried in Mendenhall Cemetery.

Mendenhall Cemetery

Mendenhall Cemetery is located in Patterson, Darke, Ohio off of N. Star Fort Loramie Rd. I would love to visit this cemetery because there are LOTS of Mendenhall's buried here (hence the name...).

I have yet to visit this cemetery, but on, there is an extensive list of Mendenhall's buried in this Cemetery and I have all of them in my tree! :) ~~

1. Grace B. Belser (Mendenhall) (1881-1905)- 2nd Cousin, 3x Removed

2. Lola Mae Lines (Mendenhall) (1882-1940)- 2nd Cousin, 4x Removed

3. Aaron Mendenhall (1828-1894)- 4th great-grandfather

4. Allen Mendenhall (1846-1871)- 1st Cousin, 5x Removed

5. Antony Mendenhall (1847-1870)- 1st Cousin, 5x Removed

6. Benjamin Mendenhall (1848-1895)- 1st Cousin, 6x Removed

7. Catherine Mendenhall (Brown) (1858-1910)- wife of 1st Cousin, 5x Removed

8. Charles E. Mendenhall (1838-1882)- 1st Cousin, 6x Removed

9. Christena Mendenhall (Speelman) (1835-1920)- 4th great-grandmother

10. Elizabeth Mendenhall (1850-1855)- 1st Cousin, 5x Removed

11. James P. Mendenhall (1831-1853)- 1st Cousin, 6x Removed

12. John W. Mendenhall (1877-1894)- 3rd great grand uncle

13. Levi Mendenhall (1834-1861)- 1st Cousin, 6x Removed

14. Mary Elizabeth Mendenhall (Goslee) (1859-1917)- wife of 1st Cousin, 5x Removed

15. Olive Mendenhall (Pearson) (1799-1870)- 5th great grand aunt

16. Richard Mendenhall (1794-1871)- 5th great grandfather

17. Richard Mendenhall (1828-1852)- 1st Cousin, 6x Removed

18. Robert Mendenhall (1822-1875)- 4th great grand uncle

19. Robert E. Mendenhall (1857-1917)- 1st Cousin, 5x Removed

20. Sarah Mendenhall (Pearson) (1795-1866)- 5th great grandmother

21. Sarah Mendenhall (1830-1856)- 4th great grand aunt

22. Sarah A. Mendenhall (1829-1849)- 1st Cousin, 6x Removed

23. Sarah J. Mendenhall (1849-1869)- 1st Cousin, 6x Removed

24. Serepta Mendenhall (York) (1844-1872)- Wife of 1st Cousin, 6x Removed

25. Thomas Mendenhall (1796-1865)- 5th great grand uncle

26. Thomas A. Mendenhall (1853-1910)- 1st Cousin, 5x Removed

27. Thomas E. Mendenhall (1837-1851)- 1st Cousin, 6x Removed

28. Wayne Mendenhall (1886-1888)- 2nd Cousin, 4x Removed

29. William Rosecrans Mendenhall (1863-1899)- 1st Cousin, 5x Removed 

30. Deidamia Richardson (Mendenhall) (1818-1873)- 4th great grand aunt

31. Jane Mendenhall (1865-1937)- 1st Cousin, 5x Removed

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Saturday Night Genealogy Fun Challenge- Timeline

Time for another Genea-Musing's Saturday Night Genealogy Fun!

Tonight's challenge: Make a Timeline for an Ancestor

I did two just because I had fun making one--- I just typed mine into a word document from the information I had in my tree.

Here's the first one of my paternal grandfather:

Here's the second one of my maternal great grandfather:

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Surname Saturday: Hyman

Today's Name: Hyman

My great-grandmother was Myrtle May Hyman (1884-1953). Her parents were James W. Hyman (1854-1926) & Mary Kime (1859-1917).

Her grandfather- Daniel Andrew Hyman (1810-1860) was born in Germany and came to America.


Hyman Name Meaning:
Jewish (American): Americanized variant of Heiman.
English: Variant of Hayman- Americanized spelling of Heimann.

Historical Documents with Hyman:

68,799 Birth, Marriage and Deaths
10,799 Military Records
15,212 Immigration Records
79,157 Census and Voter Lists
81,910 Member Trees

(All U.S. and Canada, Passenger and Immigration Lists Index, 1500s-1900s):
There are 3,618 results for Hyman and it looks like a good amount of them are spelled the same way! Here are a few:

Name                           Birth Year            Arrival Year and Place

Jacob Hyman                                                                    America
Moses Hyman                                                                  America
Robinson Hyman                                                              Indiana
Margaret                                                  1739                 America
Wm. (William) Hyman                             1762                 Boston, Massachusetts
Henry Hyman                abt 1782               1812                New York, New York

Find a Grave:

There are 4,979 Results- in a wide range of states-- Which is actually very surprising to me!

Friday, November 21, 2014

One Person at a Time...Georgina

~Even though I have a lot of people in my family tree, I also have a lot of "holes" that need more research. Over the next few months, I am going to attempt to patch up those holes by doing research one person at a time- starting at the beginning of the list~

Today's Name: Georgina

Before Research: 
Georgina was born in 1874. She married William Minall (1872-1950) and they had 4 children: James, Seaward, Alfred, and Lily

After Research: 
Georgina Smith was born in 1874 in Farrington, Somerset, England and died in Jul 1905 in Clutton, Somerset, England. Her parents were James Smith (1848-1917) & Mary Ann Rogers (1844-1910). She had 3 siblings: 
1. Lily Anna Smith (1870-?)
2. John Smith (1872-1873)
3. Seward Smith (1878-1924)

Georgina married William Minall (1872-1950) in 1891 in Barton, Somerset, England and they had 5 children: 

1. James Minall (1891-1969)
2. Seaward William Minall (1894-1969)
3. Alfred Minall (1895-1938)
4. Lily Minall (1898- ?)
5. Ivan Henry Minall (1900-1974)

Friday Funny

Happy Friday!!!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks: Week 28: Charles Mendenhall (1875-1916)

Charles Mendenhall - My 12th Cousin, 6x Removed

Born: 05 Sep 1875 in Weymouth, Dorset, England

Baptized: 14 Jul 1886 in Melcombe Regis, Dorset, England

Parents: George Mendenhall (1851-1906) & 
               Georgina Chick (1846-1914)


1. Alice Mendenhall (1873-1934)
2. Albert George Mendenhall (1877-1951)
3. Ernest William Mendenhall (1880-1881)
4. Alfred William Mendenhall (1882-1892)
5. James Frederick Mendenhall (1855-1958)

Residences & Occupations:

1881 (age 6): West St. 2 Old Workhouse; Scholar
1891 (age 16): Duchoad Falmouth Harbour- Vessel named Jane; Crew member 
1911 (age 36): Back of No 11 Govenors Lane; Widower; Coal Carrier


Charles fought in WWI. He was a private in the Duke Cornwall's Light Infantry in the British Army- Regiment # 31738. He was awarded the British War Medal and the Victory Medal.  


In the 1911 Census, he is stated as a widower, but I don't know of any wife or children.

Death and Burial: 

Charles died on the battlefield during WWI in Thiepval, France on 04 Sep 1916 at the age of 40. He is buried in the Thiepval Memorial.

The Thiepval Memorial 

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Wednesday's Portrait

Today's Portrait: 

My mom and her parents: 
Harold Earl Mendenhall (1916-1989) and Helen Ruth Seaver (1923-1981)

How adorable is this picture?! 

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Tuesday's Census: Hendricks Family, 1940

Today's Census Record: 1940, Hendricks Family

04 Apr 1940

Address: 66 S. Terry St., Dayton, Ohio

This is how the house looks today!
Photo Courtesy of Google Maps

Household Rents for $25/month

Members of the Household:

Hendricks, Isaac---Head--57 years old--b. Indiana, Laborer
-----------, Myrtle--Wife--56 years old--b. Indiana, Housewife
-----------, Catherine-Daughter-27 years old-b. Indiana, Folder for Box Factory
-----------, Melvin----Son- 18 years old-b. Indiana, Laborer
-----------, Dorothy---Daughter- 13 years old-b. Indiana,
                (my grandmother)

Monday, November 17, 2014

Mappy Monday: Patterson Township, Ohio

My 5th great grandfather was Richard Mendenhall (1794-1871). He was born in Guilford County, North Carolina but sometime before 1850, he moved to Patterson, Darke County, Ohio. In both the 1850 and 1860 U.S. Census Records, he is living in Patterson as a farmer.

Patterson Township, Darke, Ohio

Patterson Township was established in 1841, which could be why my ancestor moved there- it was a new town with land and opportunity.

I haven't been able to find much about this town- It seems very small and mainly just farm land (still)- not much to see- although, I will more than likely still visit when I go to Ohio (one of these days).  

Sunday, November 16, 2014

How Big is your Family Tree?

I've read a couple of articles this morning about how many ancestors one person could actually have. Crista Cowan, from blog, postred an article like this in 2012: Family History All Done? What's Your Number?

Crista concluded that out of 10 generations, she had only found 365 out of 1,023 people, meaning she's only really found 36% of her tree. I wanted to see what my number was.

Here's what mine looks like (I went farther back):

I went all the way back to my 30th great grandparent(s). At this point, if I were to do the math, I've completed less than 1%, which is horribly depressing (LOL), but that is a LOT of numbers...

Let's go with a smaller number, like Crista did:

Here, I went with a smaller number than before, but still bigger than Christa had. So, I have a total number of 8191 possible people to find and I have found 354 people, which equals 4%-- better than 0% :) 

If I do the same percentage as her, then I have 22% completed... I like this percentage better LOL 

I also love the way Crista worded it: "I can only prove out 36% of the people responsible for my existence in the last 300 years. That means that 64% of my ancestry for that same time period is completely unknown to me". This is very well said--- that means, I (Carrie) can only prove out 22% of the people responsible for my existence in the last 300 years! It seems so minuscule compared to how much information I feel I have research and gathered!

Describe Your Family

When I first started researching my family history over 6 years ago, when I thought of the people I was discovering, I thought of names on a page and dates. I didn't really think about the person. I didn't think about their lives. Instead of thinking about a persons name, birth and death date, how long did that person live? What did they experience? 

How would you describe your family?


The Jeckering Family: 

I'm a 5th generation Jeckering born in America. My 3rd great grandfather- Gerhard J Jeckering was born in 1829 in Hesepe, Germany. He came to America a carpenter, married Maria Elisabeth Kluneman and he opened a grocery store- "Jeckering Groceries, Flour & Feed". His store was below his families apartment on East Third Street in Dayton, Ohio. He went by the name George instead of Gerhard, I can only assume to adapt to his new American home. He and Elisabeth (as she went by) had 7 children- all in the apartment above the store. All 7 children survived childhood, which is surprising. The children helped with the store, even the girls. His sons took over the store when George retired. 
George died at a young age- 69. I'm not sure of how he died yet- I still need to obtain a death certificate. During his funeral, there was a woman who yelled out in anguish and fell to the floor. She died of a heart attack there in the church. 

Many of George's children grew up to work in the grocery business, but many of them took a start with tool making thanks to his grandson- Louis Gerhard Brinkman (1886-1980)- (George's daughter- Elizabeth's son)- Louis started Brinkman Tool & Die which gave many people jobs, including men in the Jeckering family. 

My 2nd great grandfather- Joseph Herman Jeckering was George and Elisabeth's 6th child. He was born in 1870 in Dayton- to first of my ancestral line to be born in America. He helped his father in the Jeckering Grocery store and later owned it. I don't know when this store closed. He also ended up buying his sister and her husband's grocery store- J.A. Heider Groceries & Meat- because her husband passed away. Joseph lost the store during the depression. Joseph then went to work as a clerk for Brinkman Tool & Die.

Joseph married Rose A. Horn (1872-1933) in 1899 at the age of 29. They had 7 children together, but only 4 lived into adulthood. 

Joseph seemed to live a difficult life. He lost 2 grocery businesses and while he was helping build/or repair a roof of a church, he fell and punctured a lung. From census records, I can gather that Joseph and his wife Rose separated for some time, but never actually divorced. It was probably the hard times of the depression and all of the bad luck the family had occurred. When Joseph was only 60 years old, he was hit by a car while walking home from work. His injuries were too severe- the accident had punctured his good lung and he died a couple of hours later. 

Joseph's first child was my great grandfather- Gerhard Cletus Jeckering. He was born in 1900 in Dayton, Ohio. Gerhard was a tool maker in many different areas. He married Josephine Dabuliewicz/Alexinas (1906-1965) at the age of 24. They had 8 children, but only 6 survived into adulthood. Gerhard outlived 3 of his children. Like his fathers before him, Gerhard died young, he was only 67 when he died of a heart attack. 

Gerhard's first son, my grandfather, was Paul George Jeckering. He was one of his children who died before him. Paul was born in 1925 in Dayton. He seemed to have many talents and didn't really seem to have a lazy bone in his body- I wish I could have known him. During high school, Paul was in band and he took classes at Dayton Art Institute. There, he sculpted a life-size sculpture of Father Chaminade that he donated to the high school he graduated from- Chaminade Catholic High School. From what I've learned, the statue is still at the school. Paul also enlisted in the military while he was still in high school. In 1944, he graduated from Chaminade. 

Paul was in the service until 1946. During his time in the military, he went to the Philippines and Japan. He wrote letters to his Aunt Mart. His letters were sweet and full of love for his family, but his grammar, spelling and handwriting was atrocious! -- very hard to read. Paul was a cook and even told his family about a time when he was baking a cake for the soldiers and a bomb went off near his tent-- could have killed him, but it didn't.  

In 1947, Paul married Dorothy Jean Hendricks. In 1949, Paul found out that he had Lupus, but that didn't stop him from living. Paul worked at the National Cash Register and as a baker. He and Dorothy had 4 children between 1948 and 1954- the last one was born after his death in 1954. Paul died in January and his 4th child, Paul was born in April. 

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Saturday Night Genealogy Fun- Collecting

It's Saturday! Time for another Saturday Night Genealogy Fun challenge from Genea-Musings! 

Tonight's challenge is: What Did You Collect as a Youth?

The challenge is: 
1) Most of us collect dead ancestors and relatives now- what did you collect when you were a child or a teenager?

I've had several collections-- when I was really young, I loved to collect stickers- I had a large binder that I kept them in. I started collecting them from doctor's offices and then from the roller skating rink. 
When I was a teenager, I started collecting coins and Lurlene McDaniel books. I don't have any of the books anymore-- they were destroyed while being stored in a closet.
I also started collecting movie trading cards- I had over 500 of them at one point- but the only ones I still have is my all-time favorite "kid" movie- The Goonies. 

Now, it's all about Genealogy for me! :)

Surname Saturday- Bostick

Mary Bostick was my 2nd great grandmother. She was born in Aug 1849 in Indiana. I don't know much about this Bostick line, only that her parents were Miles Bostick (b. 1812) and Margaret Francerider (1827-1906)- I don't know anything past that. 


(U.S. and Canada, Passenger and Immigration Lists Index):
There are 144 results with spelling variations- 21 with the same spelling. 

(All U.S. Naturalization Records Indexes): 
There are 48 Bosticks, also with spelling variations.

House of names: 

 Bostick seems to be English-  dates back from the ancient Anglo-Saxon culture of Britain. It comes from a family who lived in Cheshire- derived from the township of Bostock- a parish of Davenham. 

Spelling Variations: Bostock, Bowstock, Boast, Bostake, Bostick and more. 

The Internet Surname Database states other spelling variations: Bastock, Bistick, and Bostock. 
The first recorded was "Botestoch" in the famous Domesday Book of 1086. 


Bostick is a surname that refers to: 
~Adam Bostick, American baseball player
~Devon Bostick, Canadian actor
~Sion Record Bostick, veteran of the Texas Revolution
~Thomas P. Bostick, current Chief of Engineers for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
~Winston H. Bostick, American physicist 

Find a Grave:

Surprisingly, there are 3,989 results for the name Bostick in the search engine. 

Thursday, November 13, 2014

52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks: Week 27: Charity Grubb Beeson (1715-1809)

Charity Grubb Beeson - my 8th great grandmother

b. 1715 in Concord, Pennsylvania 

Parents: Rev Richard Beeson (1684-1777) & Charity Grubb (1687-1761)

Charity's grandfather- Edward Beeson (b. 1660) was born in Stoke, Lancashire, England. Her other grandfather on her mother's side- John Grubb (b. 1652) was born in Climsland, England. 


1. John Beeson (1707-1747)
2. Margaret Beeson (1708-1780)
3. Richard Beeson (1711-1748)
4. Phebe Beeson (1711-1805)
5. Benjamin Beeson (1712-1794)
6. Edward Beeson (1719-1746)
7. William Beeson (1721-1760)
8. Stephen Beeson (1723-1815)
9. Rachel Beeson (1724-1775)
10. Susannah Beeson (1724-1819)
11. Isaac Beeson (1729-1802)
12. Jacob Beeson (1741- 1818)
13. Henry Beeson (1743-1819)


Charity married Mordecai Mendenhall (1713-1803) on 21 Mar 1735 in Chester County, Pennsylvania at the New Garden Monthly Meeting. 

Charity and Mordecai had 10 Children:

1. Richard Mendenhall (1737-1773)
2. John Mendenhall (1739-1825)
3. Thomas Mendenhall (1741-1783)
4. Moses Mendenhall (1743-1835)
5. Stephen Mendenhall (1744-1822)
6. Mordecai Mendenhall Jr. (1746-1818)
7. Maris Mendenhall (1749-1750)
8. Aaron Mendenhall (1751-1793)
9. Charity E. Mendenhall (1754-1836)
10. Isaac M. Mendenhall (1756-1833

Here is a letter from Charity to her sister Phebe Grubb Hadley dated 28 May 1758: 

Loving Sister,
This is to let thee know that we have received three letters from ye and three presents therein I sent the[e] no letters; I had not freedom Last winter was a year, I had a long time of sickness which brought me very loe in body, and mind and now I am troubled with short breath so that I think I am going home softly. I thought it would Trouble Thee more to let thee know my condition Then send no letters.
I goes to meetings sometimes; we have a meeting every other fifth day at our house, my husband grose weakly; the Lord who Lited our cnadles hath not put them out. Our children Remember their loves to you all. I have sente two presents to the[e] as a toacon of Love and youenity. We donte know that thear heath bene any mischif done in the government as yet by the Indins, but odn't know how soon theear may be for some in doubtfull thear my be before the trouble some times be over. I desire thee to remember our kind Loves to all oure neare Relations and friends. We understand that our brother John Grubb is desesed, but we have no Cartunty of it. I desire thee to let me know what is become of Peter Grubb's widow. Remember my Love to brother Henry Grubb in particular. So we had no more at present but Remembering our kind Loves to thee and thy family the 28th of ye fifth month, 1758.

Letter from Phebe Grubb Hadley to her sister, Charity, dated 09 Sep 1758:

Ye 9th of ye 9th mo; 1758; West Bradford, Chester County
Loving Brother and Sister;
I received your letter this day, dated ye 5th Month 1758, in which I had great satisfaction to hear of you, Except that impediment and stopage in my sister's breath and my brother's weakness for which I am ready to sympathise with, still hoping that LIght, the Grace of God, may be your instructor Until it may Please Him to Call us Unto Himself Which is my Desire Both for you and myself, it Gives me Great Satisfaction to hear of your Keeping to meeting knowing by Experience the Benefit of Waiting Upon the Lord to help in this time of trouble. I have at this time no Child at home But I Acknowledge for myself on the Behalf of my children the Love My cousins has Remembered to us. The present you have sent to me I ackowledge and hope to keep as a Sure token of friendship. My desire is that you may still kept form the Merciless hand of the Enemy (Indians) and Above the fear of them by trusting in the god of all strength. 
We have frequently heard of their doing Mischief in the Province. According to Your desire I shall Let our Relations Know the Contents of your Letter as soon as Possible; the time being so short I have not as yet had no Opportunity But I shall be Carefull. Brother John Grubb is Certainly Deceased this Life he DIed with the Gravel and Was decently buried at Chichester in Friends Burial Ground, the Corps Accompanied by Brothers Emanuel, Samuel, Nathaniel and myself. With a great Company of Others.
Brother John has set his two oldest Negroes free and the Rest to be set free at twenty give years of age. Sister Hannah Grubb lives at Wilmington and among her Children. I saw her lately. She lives Exceedingly well full and plenty. My Children and family is at Present in health as Usual and their families. My son Nathaniel and Issac is out at Work at the mason trade. Joseph is at John Wall's. John Wall, my son in law has a daughter about nine months old and Calls her name Charity. Our Brothers is all in Good health except our living and Beloved brother Samuel; he is at this time in Kingwood in Hunterton County in West Jersey or Was there lately to be Cured of a Cancer in his Uper lip which is very painfull. Brother Richard, I have heard lately of Joseph Gregg and his family they are all in Reasonable Good health. I have heard nothing to the contray from thy cousins by the River. So I conclude still Remembering that Love and Unity Which ought to subsist among Brethern and Sisters in the fellowship of truth. Please to Remember my Love to My Children and Grand children by my Late husband and to William Cox and his Wife Rachel Wright, With all Other Enquiring friend. DO not Neglect Writing to me as often as Possible and the circumstance of Your Affairs and Condition if you please, Concerning these Troublesome times.

This from your sister Phebe Hadly. 

This is the first I've heard of any Quakers (if "Brother John" was a Quaker) of having slaves- they mention freeing negroes- I can only assume that they were slaves. It's also very interesting because Charity writes about having troubles with Indians-- and 15 years later, her eldest son- my 7th great grandfather- will be killed by Indians with James Boone's (Daniel Boone's Son) party in Virginia. 

Charity died on 20 sep 1809 at the age of 94 years old. She was buried in Springfield Friends Meeting House Cemetery in Springfield, Guilford County, North Carolina.