Saturday, November 8, 2014

Saturday Night Genealogy Fun- Ancestors with Facial Hair

I always enjoy Randy's (from Saturday Night Genealogy Fun challenges- Tonight's mission is: Ancestors with Facial Hair.

1) This week we're going to look for men's facial hair in our photograph collection.

2) Find one or more photographs of men in your ancestral families that have facial hair-- a mustache and/or beard.

3) Show the photograph if you have it and tell us a bit about the person shown. If you don't have a digital photograph, please describe the man and his facial hair the best you can.

Here's Mine:

#1: Gerhard Jeckering (1829-1898)- My 3rd great grandfather- immigrant from Germany- Grocery Store owner- Father of 7 children.

#2: John Park Munn (1841-1908)- My 3rd Great Grandfather- Civil War Soldier- Farmer- Father of 8 Children. 

#3: Joseph Herman Jeckering (1870-1931)- My 2nd Great Grandfather- Grocery Clerk and then Tool maker- Father of 7 Children- Died after getting hit by a car.

#4: Benjamin Franklin Mendenhall (1840-1919)- My 3rd Cousin, 6x Removed- Civil War Soldier- Farmer - Married twice- Father of 9 children.

#5: Louis Heinrich Brinkman (1866-1922)- (The only one in the picture with a mustache)- The Husband of my 2nd Great Grand Aunt- Elizabeth Jeckering- Grocery Merchant/Laborer- Father of 11 Children.

#6: Elihu Emery Mendenhall (1817-1906)- My 4th Cousin, 7x Removed- Farmer- Married Twice- Father of 7 children.

#7:  Frank Williams Mendenhall (1853- 1903)- My 3rd Cousin, 6x Removed- Farmer- Married twice- Father of 8 children.

#8: Gerhard Bernhard "George" Jeckering/Jackering- My 3rd Cousin, 5x Removed- Immigrant from Germany- Farmer- Married twice- Father of 13 Children.

 #9: Johann "John Henry" Jeckering (1851-1915)- My 1st Cousin, 4x Removed- Immigrant from Germany- Occupation- Landlord (1900)- Married, Never had children.


  1. What a wonderful collection of photos, Carrie! You have good-looking relatives!