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Julienne High School Yearbook, Class of 1938 Pt 1

I've written several posts about Chaminade High School in Dayton, Ohio, but this is the first post about it's sister school- Julienne High School. (The two are merged into one today)

Yearbook, 1938

Julienne high School was a catholic high school that existed between 1927-1973. In 1973, Chaminade high school and Julienne merged into one- Chaminade Julienne Catholic High School. The 1938 yearbook was the earliest book I could find available online.

Class of 1938: (Part One): 

Mary Lou Anderton
~Generosity rules her head--sympathetic--sunlight in her hair--gracious to all--eager to please--high principled--friendly--genial.~

Mary Louise "Mary Lou" Anderton was born on 15 Jun 1919 in Dayton, Ohio to Harry & Mildred (Makley) Anderton. In 1940, Mary Lou was living with her family still- parents, 5 sisters, grandfather and a servant. She was working as a typist.

In October, 1942, she enlisted in the Women's Army Corps and was a member of the 3rd Air Division of the 8th Army Air Force. During this time, she met her husband Jerry Callahan and they married 12 Oct 1946.

Mary Lou and Jerry had 9 children together- Carol, Christine, James, William, Peter, Stephen, Louise, Mary, and Constance. Mary Lou passed away on 16 Apr 2013 at the age of 93 and is buried beside her husband in Calvary Cemetery in Brockton, Massachusetts.

Margaret Mary Anstedt
~A friendly classmate, winning smile--serious--a little timid and unaffected--blushing type~

Margaret Mary Anstedt was born on 14 Dec 1919 in Dayton, Ohio to Charles & Angie (Wadleigh) Anstedt. In 1940, she was living with her parents, doing secretarial work. 
On 14 Aug 1946, she married George J. Busher Jr. In the 1950 census, Margaret is listed as married, but living with her mother. She's working as a stenographer for a publishing company. 
Margaret had two children: Deborah and John C.
Margaret died on 09 Feb 2004 at the age of 84. She is buried in Calvary Cemetery in Dayton, Ohio.

Marjorie Asplan
~"Margie"--A letter girl--independent--studious--frank--even-tempered--disposed to conversatism in her friendships~

Margie was a tough search. I did find that she was born Margaret Mary Asplan...her social security claim has her name as Marjorie Mary Asplan and her grave reads Margaret M. Honestly, I think if this is the same person, she was probably born Margaret Mary Asplan, but went by Marjorie, or Margie, as a sort of nickname because of how popular the first two names Margaret Mary were at the time. 

Margie was born on 07 Jan 1920 in Hamilton, Ohio to Mathias F. and Clara J. (Streuter) Asplan. In 1930 & 1940 she was living with her parents and brother Ralph at 651 St. Nicholas Ave in Dayton- the house is still there- was built in 1910. In 1940, Margie was a stenographer.

651 Saint Nicholas Ave, Dayton, Ohio
Photo Courtesy of Google Maps

Margie married Carl Kenneth. Wead in 1945. In 1950, the couple were living at 272 N. Miami Street in West Milton, Ohio with their son Ralph K. (age 3 at the time). Carl was a manager at a restaurant and Margie was a home-keeper. Margie and Carl would go on to have one more son- James F. Margie died in Dec 1983 at the age of 62. She is buried beside her husband in the Valley View Memorial Gardens in Xenia, Ohio.

Miriam Ball
"Anne"--in the "Happy Day"--soft-voiced--reserved--serene--bored with school-girl trivialities--reticent--friendly when one gets to know her--imperturbable~ 

Miriam Catherine Ball was born on 12 Mar 1920 in Dayton, Ohio to George Smith & Ida Catherine (Engleman) Ball. 

She married William DeNise Knee on 13 Jun 1941 in Kettering and they had 7 children.
Mary Kay, Denise, William, David, Christine, Richard and Laura. In 1950, Miriam and William were living at 2112 Cherry Drive in Dayton with their first two children- Mary K and Denise. William was working as a proprietor for a county candy manufacturing company.

Miriam died on 17 Mar 1989 at the age of 69. She is buried in Calvary Cemetery in Dayton, Ohio.

Mildred Bauer
~Member of the Glee Club--Harmony is the keynote of her personality--quiet type~

Mildred Mae Bauer was born on 29 Nov 1920 in Ohio, daughter of Henry & Dorothea Helene (Truebenbach) Bauer. She had at least 5 siblings: Harold Henry, Ruth Mary, Dorothy Esther, Vincent Leonard, and Vernon Francis. 
Mildred married Robert Charles Roth in 1942. At the time, she was working at St. Ann's Hospital. Together, the couple had at least 6 children: Richard, Thomas, Mark, Christopher, Jane and William C.
In 1950, Mildred and Robert were living at 322 Shoop Ave in Dayton with their two eldest children- Richard and Jane. Robert was working as grocery clerk.

322 Shoop Ave, Dayton, Ohio
Photo Courtesy of Google Maps

Mildred died in April 1986 at the age of 65. She is buried beside her husband in Calvary Cemetery in Dayton, Ohio.

Jean Begley
~Decisive--friendly--studious--generous--sympathetic--has many friends in the realm of books--member of Current Evens Club~

Jean Kathryn Begley was born on 23 Dec 1920 in Dayton, Ohio to John & Marie Margaret (Lauterbach) Begley. In 1940, Jean was working as a file clerk and living with her mother and sister Mary. In 1942, Jean married Edward Kirst. By 1950, Jean is divorced, living at 1837 Parshing Blvd in Dayton, working as a stenographer, living with her five year old daughter Judy (Judith Kay) and her sister Marguerite.  
Jean remarried Robert Roth, date unknown. Her daughter Judy took his name On 23 Aug 2013, Jean passed away at the age of 92. She is buried in Calvary Cemetery in Dayton, Ohio.

Betty Beigel
~Twinkling smile--happy--good-natured--American Beauty blush in her cheeks--studious--unaffected--gentle--amiable~ 

Bernadetta Norma "Betty" Beigel was born on 13 Jul 1920 in Dayton, Ohio to Henry Louis & Rosa Louise (Butz) Beigel. In 1930, she was living with her mother and 8 siblings at 36 June Street in Dayton, a 5 bedroom home built in 1890. 

36 June Street, Dayton, Ohio

In May 1939, she married Elwood Eugene Sesslar. In 1940, she and her husband were living with his parents and his 3 siblings on Valley Street. By 1950, Betty and her husband are living on Lanty Road in Beaver Creek, Ohio with their 4 children: Elwood Jr., Norma, Charles and Jim. Elwood was working as a sheet metaler for an electrical contractor. 
It looks like Betty and Elwood divorced in Dec 1969...although something looks off about the divorce record--- in 1969, they would have been married 30 years with 5 children...the divorce record shows that they were married 5 years with one I'm not sure if this is a strange coincidence that these two people have the same names as our Betty and Eugene or if the years were a typo. 
Betty died on 31 Jan 2013 at the age of 92. I couldn't find any record of a burial place.

Betty Benkert
~Easy in manner--reserved--athletic--precise--modest in regard to her own ability~

Elizabeth Betty Ann Benkert was born on 08 Nov 1920 in Dayton, Ohio to Clarence Robert & Estelle Catherine (Hastell) Benkert. She had 2 younger brothers- Robert and Thomas.

Betty and her younger brother Tom

Betty with her two brothers Robert and Thomas

Betty married James D. Huden and they had 4 children together. 

Betty passed away on 15 Sep 2014 in Kettering, Ohio at the age of 93 and is buried in Calvary Cemetery in Dayton.

Patricia Benton
~"Pat"--impulsive--distinctive--has a friendly smile when obstacles have been lifted--favorite pastime, piano.

Patricia Louise Benton was born on 25 Nov 1920 in Dayton, Ohio to Dwight Omer & Annie Mae (Burnside) Benton. She married Julles Wayne Beuret on 21 Oct 1940 in Auburn, Indiana and they 3 children- 2 sons and one daughter, Mary Louise Beuret, who died the same day she was born. She is buried with her parents.
Patricia died on 28 Nov 2006 at the age of 86. She, her husband and their daughter are buried together in Catholic Cemetery in Auburn, Indiana. 

Rosemary Boehmer
~Treasurer of the Current Events Club--member of the orchestra--would like to be a drummer with Benny Goodman--slightly indifferent--sure of herself--her beaming smile is not the least of  her charm~ 

Rosemary Boehmer was born on 10 Sep 1920 in Dayton, Ohio to Anthony Frank & Anna Caroline (Fiely) Boehmer. In 1940, she is still living with her parents and sister on Wilfred Ave in Dayton, working as a comptometer operator at a dairy. In 1940, Rosemary married Charles W Wenjt but by 1950, she is divorced, living with her widowed mother and daughter Saundra Weng, working as a secretary for a lumber company. 

One ancestry tree shows that Rosemary married Jude Donald Kreiner on 07 Apr 1979 and had 3 more children, but I couldn't find any paper evidence of this.

Rosemary died on 09 Sep 1997 at the age of 76, her burial is unknown.

Dorothy Bonner
~Businesslike--efficient--dependable--always wearing a cherry smile~

Dorothy was born on 09 Nov 1919 in Ohio to Jacob & Mary (Sponnenberger) Bonner. She married Buddy Joseph Zent (1917-1975); they didn't have any children. Dorothy died on 25 Feb 2009 at the age of 89. She is buried in Calvary Cemetery in Dayton, Ohio. 

Mary Borchers
~"Mary Jo"--a letter girl--athletic--friendly--never lets responsibilities worry her--difficult assignments dispatched with nonchalance--devoted to studies~

Mary Josephine Borchers was born on 15 Aug 1920 in Dayton, Ohio to Bernard John & Eleanor Anna (Schenk) Borchers. 

Mary married Leo James Fitzharris on 14 Aug 1943 at Corpus Christi Church in Dayton, Ohio.

Mary died on 21 Apr 2006 at the age of 85. She is buried with her family in Calvary Cemetery in Dayton, Ohio.

Johanna Brauckmann
~"Jo"--letter girl--athletic--tall-Teutonic type--the faculty's comfort--pleasant manner--enthusiastically interested in art--companionable~

Johanna Theresa Brauckmann was born on 12 Aug 1920 in Dayton, Ohio to Wilhelm Heinrich & Johanna (Ertmer) Brauckmann. In 1948, Johanna married Frederick John Laughna and they had 8 children. 
Johanna died on 23 May 2009 at the age of 88. She is buried beside her husband at Saint Joseph Cemetery in Palm Bay, Florida. 

Vera Breig
~Serious--little timid--studious--persevering~ 

Vera Catherine was born on 02 Dec 1919 in Ohio to John C. and Emma Breig. In 1930, she was living with her parents and 8 sisters- Norma, Agnes, Grace, Glenna, Anna Mae, Mary Ellen, Joan, and Patricia. Vera was a teacher for 48 years in Ohio, Indiana and Missouri. She never married and she died on 04 Nov 2008 at the age of 88. Her body was cremated.

Rita Brinkman
~Quiet disposition--studious--friendly--shy--makes true friendships and keeps them--striving for a goal and attaining it~

Rita Margaret Brinkman was born on 10 Jul 1920 in Dayton, Ohio to Leo Bernard & Catherine (Prestel) Brinkman. She had 7 siblings, including Helen Bernadette Brinkman who is in my family tree on my father's side.

Rita married Louis Adolph Chmiel on 07 Dec 1940 in Dayton and they had 10 children. Rita died on 09 Apr 1988 at the age of 67. She is buried in Calvary Cemetery in Dayton.

Virginia Browne
~Unobtrusive--blessed with dark wavy hair--has fascinating eyes--self-sufficient--poised--complacent--amicable~ 

Unfortunately, there are too many Virginia Brown's at this time period to be fully confident of researching this Virginia Browne.

Betty Jo Brun
~Member of the Glee Club--disposed to conservatism in her friendships--loyal--loving~

Betty Jo Brun was born about 1921 in Ohio to Gregory & Elizabeth Brun. In 1940, Betty was living with her parents and 2 sisters on Cliff Street, working as a saleslady for a retail store. In 1950, Betty is still living at home, working as a secretary for a national bank. The family lives at 1475 Euclid in Dayton. I'm sad to report that I couldn't find anything else about marriage, children or death.

1475 Euclid, Dayton, Ohio
Built in 1919

Mary Bruns
~Friendly--wishes to be a nurse--efficient--persevering--conscientious--aspiring to the best that life offers~

Mary Elizabeth Bruns was born on 20 Feb 1920 in Ohio. In 1947, she married Michael V. Maley

17 May 1947- Wedding Reception for Gabriella 
Mary and her husband Michael are on either side of the bride.

Mary died on 28 Jun 2004 at the age of 84 and is buried beside her husband at Calvary Cemetery in Dayton, Ohio.

Anna Buerschen
~Letter girl--athletic--friendly--capricious--frank--observant--has a throaty voice--loyal to her friends--excellent memory--playful~

Anna Rose Buerschen was born on 27 Jun 1920 in Montgomery County, Ohio to John and Louise Buerscher. In 1940, she was living with her parents and brother on Adams Street, working as a saleswoman. 
Anna married Richard Joseph Leibold sometime before 1950. In 1950, Anna was living with her husband Richard and their 3 children: Mary A., Richard Jr., and Virginia. Richard was working as a shipping clerk in a Rubber Parts Factory. Anna and Richard went on to have more children with a total of 6- Mary Ann, Richard Jr., Virginia, John, William and Carol. 
Anna died on 26 Nov 2008 at the age of 88. She is buried in Calvary Cemetery in Dayton.

Virginia Carter
~Secretary in "Wonder Box"--received silver music medal in 1936--always accommodating and friendly, although domineering at times--her boon companion is a cherry smile~ 

Virginia Louise Carter was born in 1920 in Dayton, Ohio to Earl Chester & Edna Cecelia (Edwards) Carter. Virginia married Robert Leo Walter on 28 Nov 1942. In 1950, Virginia is living with her husband, two children (Stephen & Sandra) and her mother. Her husband works as a funeral director at a funeral home.
Virginia died in Dec 1965 at the age of 44 in Columbus, Ohio. She died so young, I couldn't find a cause of death. She is buried in the Saint Joseph Cemetery in Lockbourne, Ohio.

Charlotte Caserta
~Friendly--determined--courteous--rather high-spirited--makes friends easily--eyes show sunlight and shadow--independent--gracious to all~

Charlotte Virginia Caserta was born on 14 Sep 1920 in Montgomery County, Ohio to Charles Pasquale & Marie (Scialdone) Caserto. Charlotte married Albert Humphrey Richards in 1942. They went on to have at least 3 sons: Charles, Stephen and Jeffrey. In 1950, Charlotte was living with her husband and two sons (Stephen and Jeffrey) at 218 S. Magnolia Ave in Los Angeles, California. Her husband was working as a maintenance machinist in a pipe & caring company. The home is no longer there. 
Charlotte died on 13 Aug 2010 at the age of 89 and her ashes were cremated. 

Helen Chimiel
~Letter girl--athletic--sensitive--blushing type--fun-loving--brings cheer to all who know her--takes delight in all forms of sport--unaffected~ 

This has got to be the hardest woman to look up thus far... there were ONLY 3 things to come up for her name and age--- a Helen Chimel was born in 1920 in Fairhaven, Massachusetts, a Jean Helen Chimel was born on 02 May 1920 in Marathon, Wisconsin and then there is a Helene Ben Chimol born and died in France- obviously not her. :)

Martha Jane Cochran
~Twinkling eyes--tall--calm--dignified--businesslike--capable--dependable--genuine~ 

Martha Jane Cochran was born about 1921 to John Lynn & Marie Anna (Schnell) Cochran. In 1940, she was living with her father, a widowed sales engineer and 5 siblings. Martha was working as a clerk at a stationary shop. 
It doesn't look like Martha ever married or had children. She died in July 2013 at the age of 91.

Helen Condron
~Amiable--temperamental--generous--friendly--sympathetic--a dislike for mathematic and for science--vivacious--staunch--true~ 

Helen Angela Condron was born on 02 Jan 1920 in Akron, Ohio to Henry J. & Elizabeth M. (Walsh) Condron. In 1940, Helen was living with her parents and 3 siblings, not working. Helen married Tristan Jack Keating in 1947. I couldn't find any evidence of children in the marriage.
Helen died on 13 Apr 1991 at the age of 71. She is buried in Calvary Cemetery in Dayton. 

Grace Ann Danis
~Devoted to study--her success is born of hard labor--talkative--human question box--seems to know everyone's pet interest~ 

Grace Ann Danis was born on 02 Jan 1920 in Ohio to Benjamin George & Grace Esther (Bunce) Danis. It looks like she married to a man with the surname Sackbauer, couldn't find any information on him or children. Grace died on 03 Dec 2005 in Saint Louis, Missouri at the age of 85.

Joan Davis
~Clear-cut features that wear a friendly smile for all--generous--thoughtful--member of the basketball team~

Because Joan's name is so common, it was difficult to research her without knowing more information. I did find a Joan M. Davis in the 1930 U.S. Census- she who was born about 1920 in Ohio, daughter of Martin F. & Hannah C. Davis. They lived at 825 Mount Clair Ave in Dayton., At the time, she had 5 siblings.
This Joan was named Joan Honor Davis- born 20 Jan 1920 in Dayton. Joan married Heathman Tifft Allen and they had at least one son named John Heathman Allen. Joan died on 05 Jul 1996 in Dayton at the age of 76. She is buried next to her husband in the Woodland Cemetery and Arboretum in Dayton.

Anna Echter
~A dash of color--a twinkling smile--a cheerful disposition--sincere--captivating at times--with a scale-mounting giggle--friendly~

Anna Katherine Echter was born on 25 Feb 1920 in Munich, Germany to Michael & Anna (Bosl) Echter. She married Walter Joseph Trangenstein in 1947 and they had 3 children: Jim, Kathy and Barbara.
Anna died on 09 Feb 2005 at the age of 84. She is buried beside her husband at Calvary Cemetery in Dayton.

Mary Rita Finley
"Finnigan"--her four-feet eleven and-a-half inches are full of life--loves to tease her friends--talkative--merry--obliging--first violinist in the orchestra--none too credulous~

Mary RIta Finley was born on 26 May 1920 in Ohio to John & Mary Canny FInley. In 1940, Mary was living with her parents, a cousin and a lodger. She was working as a secretary for an electric motor manufacturing company. By 1950, Mary was married, living with her husband Robert E. Sherry, 2 children (Brian and Maureen), her mother and a lodger.
Mary died on 08 Mar 2004 at the age of 83. She is buried in Calvary Cemetery in Dayton.

Margaret Fox
~Athletic type--eager where natural interest draws~

Margaret Marie Fox was born on 31 May 1920 in Dayton, Ohio to Bernard J. & Stella (Bidwell) Fox. By 1950, she was married to Fredrick K. Kelley. Thye lived on Sharman Street in Geneva, Ohio, living with their two sons- Frederick Jr. & Thomas J. Her husband was a a driver & General Man for a wholesale grocery store. Margaret and Frederick wen ton to have 5 more children, total of 7- Barbara, Fredrick, Marsha, Thomas, Kitty, James and Evelyn. 
Margaret died on 06 Nov 2007 at the age of 87. She is buried beside her husband in Calvary Cemetery in Dayton.

Charlotte Franks
~Imperturbable--industrious--brilliant--devoted to study--enthusiastic--serious--dependable--member of the Current Events Club~

Charlotte Teresa Franks was born on 20 Apr 1920 in Dayton, Ohio to George Aloysius & Anna Mae (Pabst) Franks. In 1950, Charlotte was a teacher working for a private school on Park Road in Van Buren, Ohio. Charlotte never married and became a nun, going by Sister Charlotte Teresa. She died on 22 May 2010 in Cincinnati, Ohio at the age of 90. She is buried in the Sisters of Notre Dame Cemetery in Reading, Ohio.

Julia Glaser
~Humorous--aspiring to be a nurse--well liked by all, is Julia!~

Julia T. Glaser was born on 08 Aug 1920 in Dayton, Ohio to Leo Blase & Anna (Hickey) Glaser. On 04 Nov 1950, Julia married Cletus Joseph Reichert and they had 6 children- Arlene, Francis, Lawrence, Madonna, Nancy, Mary E., and Rita.
Julia died on 30 Dec 2007 at the age of 87. She is buried in Calvary Cemetery in Dayton.

Rachel Graziano
~A letter girl--basketball forward for four years--dependable--soft-voiced--pleasant mannered--made her vocal debut in Senior Play~

Rachel Antoinette Graziano was born on 11 Jul 1920 in Dayton, Ohio to Frank Ciro & Rose Rosa Marie (Caserta) Graziano. On 01 Jun 1939, Rachel married Robert Faye Stackhouse and they had 2 sons.
Rachel died on 17 Oct 2013 at the age of 93 and was cremated.