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Oldest Living People in the United States (110+), Part 7

 #63- Genevieve Marszalek

Female, born 27 Feb 1914 in Bristol, Rhode Island, 110 years old

Genevieve at her 110th birthday party at the Bristol House of Pizza
Photo courtesy of

While researching Genevieve, I found this adorable video of her 110th birthday in February! Despite some obvious walking difficulties and some hearing issues, she seems to be in fairly good health and very happy! I hope you enjoy the video as much as I did!

Genevieve Marszalek was born Genevieve Pangano on 28 Feb 1914 in Bristol, Rhode Island. Her parents were Pasquale and Frances Pangano. The only information I could find on Pasquale is a WWII draft registration card from 1942- born 16 Jun 1881 in Italy, living in Kings County, NY. I'm not sure if this is the same person...

Genevieve had four sisters, two of whom I could find names for- Sylvia (1917-2020) and Patricia, who is still alive at age 91.

On 15 Feb 1943, Genevieve married Joseph Marszalek, they had one son, Bobby who was born in 1945 but he was killed in 1968 in Germany (military).

This is the only information I could find on Genevieve- no census records or marriage record could be found.

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Oldest Living People in the United States (110+), Part 6

 #64- Dollie Berry

Female, born 07 Mar 1914 in Virginia, 110 years old, currently living in Brooklyn, New York

Dollie Berry
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Dollie Berry was born Dolly M. Booten. Her parents were Burnett Henry Booton (1875-1930) and Sallie Shanks (1880-1967). 

Dollie was born in Virginia, like much of her ancestors before her, but she and her family moved to New York when she was 13 (abt 1927) and she's lived there ever since. 

Dollie had at least 7 siblings: 

1. Frank A. Booten (1897-1969)
2. Mary Booten (1900-1967)
3. Burnett Booten Jr. (1905-1971)
4. Phoebe A. Booten (1905-1945)
5. Viola Booten (1908-2007)
6. Laura Annie Elizabeth Booten (1912-2020)
7. Ruth Ellen Booten (1916-1999)

In 1920, she and her parents were living in Salem, Virginia. At the time, shew as living with her parents, 4 sisters and brother. Her father couldn't read or write...her mother could write but couldn't read. I feel like this was probably pretty typical for the black community in the 1920s.

On 06 Jun 1936 in Manhattan, Dollie married Arthur Lee Berry, the son of James and Jane Berry, both of South Carolina. He was born on 16 Oct 1940 in Savannah, Georgia and died on 06 Oct 1959 in Manhattan. 

Dollie and Arthur had two children: 
1. Warren Berry, born 1938 in New York
2. Joan Berry, born 1939 in New York

In the 1940 census, Dollie was living with her husband and two children in New York City on West 113th Street and in the 1950 census, Arthur is working as a post office clerk.

I read in one article about Dollie that she dabbled in fashion design as a younger person in New York. 

Friday, April 19, 2024

Oldest Living People in the United States (110+), Part 4 & 5

 #66- Frances Hahn-- Female, born 23 Mar 1914 in Illinois- 110 years old

Unfortunately, I couldn't find any information on Frances-- Google had no news reports, which is odd and the name is so common, it's too common for

#65- Julia Siragusa

Female, born 11 Mar 1914 in Morovis, Puerto Rico- currently lives in Florida- 110 years old

Julia Siragusa
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Julia Siragusa was born in Puerto Rico in 1914. Unlike my previous supercenterian's I've researched, Julia has very little on the internet about her. I did find a 1950 U.S. census record for a Julia Siragusa, maiden name Faec, born about 1916 in Puerto Rico, living in New York City, married to Augustin Siragusa and their five year old daughter Sylvia, but I'm not sure if this is the same Julia as there is a Julia Siragusa who died in New York City on 09 Feb 1965. 

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Oldest Living People in the United States (110+), Part 3

#67- Vincent Dransfield

Male, born  28 Mar 1914 in New Jersey-  110 years old

Photo Courtesy of Google

Vincent W. "Vince" Dransfield was born Vincent W. Delisio in Paterson, New Jersey to William Delisio and Dorothy Dransfield. He later changed his name to match his mother. Vincent also had a sister- Dorothy Delisio (1915-1988).

Vincent Family Tree

      Vincent D'Alesio     -       Filomena Crinchise        Joseph Dransfield    -    Dianna Hossack   
            (b. 1863- Italy)            (b. 1863- Italy)                (b. 1860- England)       (b. 1859- Scotland) 
                                      |                                                                                |
                             William Delisio                     -                       Dorothy Dransfield
                                                            Vincent Dransfield 
                                                                (b. 1914- NJ)

After the 8th grade, Vincent supported his family by getting a job at a dairy farm delivering milk. He did this for 5 years before moving onto other work. He always drank a lot of milk, and still does, which he contributes to his long life.

In 1938, Vincent married Ann Kulick. She was born on 02 May 1915 in Little Falls and died in March 1992. Her parents were Mark Kulick (1880-1956) and Christina Dzama (1880-1938). 

A year later, Vincent joined the Singac Volunteer Fire Company #3 in Little Falls, New Jersey and spent more than 80 years as a volunteer. He was even the department fire chief in the 60s. 

In the 1940 U.S. census record, Vincent was living with Ann and his mother Dorothy. He was working as a foreman at a rubber mill. 

In the 1950 U.S. census record, Vincent was still working as a foreman at a rubber mill, but he was now living in Little Falls with his wife Ann and his 4 year old daughter Beverly Ann, born about 1946 in New Jersey.

Vincent, despite being 110, still lives independently in the home he has lived in since 1945 and he still drives! When he passes, he will be laid to rest in the Laurel Grove Memorial Park Cemetery in Totowa, New Jersey beside his wife.

Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Oldest Living People in the United States (110+), Part 2

 #68- Odessa Bowie

Female, born 29 Mar 1914 in Franklin, Texas- 110 years old

Odessa on her 110th birthday- March 29, 2024
Photo Courtesy of Google

Odessa Bowie was born Odessa Gray on 29 Mar  1914 in Franklin, Texas. Her parents were James A. Gray Jr. (1886-1965) and Ora A. Glass (1888-1959); she had at least 4 siblings: 

1. Jimmie Esther Gray (1909-2007)

2. Alfred C. Gray (b. 1913)

3. Ulysses Samuel Gray  (1913-2009)

4. Willie Ora Gray (1915-1919)

Sometime between 1940 and 1950, Odessa married Houston Charley Bowie, who was born on 10 Dec 1912 in Bremond, Texas.

In the 1950 U.S. Census Record, Odessa and Houston lived in Dallas Texas in an apartment at 1810 Wall (Apartment A), which, by using Google, doesn't look like it exists anymore. At this time, Houston was working as a salesman for a life insurance company and Odessa was a gown checker at a linen laundry service. Houston's father also lived with them.

Three years later, Houston Sherwin Bowie, their only son, was born on October 19 in Dallas.

I wish I knew more about Odessa, where to she went to high school, where she got married, etc. Unfortunately, the information available is limited. 

Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Oldest Living People in the United States (110+), Part 1

 Good Morning! Today, I am starting a mini-series, writing about the genealogy of men and women who are the oldest living members of the United States. 

#69- Carmen Slough 

Female, born 05 April 1914 in Douglas, Arizona- 110 years old

Photo of Carmen on April 5, 2014, 100 years old
Photo Courtesy of

Carmen Slough was born Carmen Blanco on 05 April 1914 in Douglas, Arizona to Spanish immigrants. It was somewhat difficult to located Carmen's family, for some reason even though all the children were born with the surname Blanco, I had trouble located them in census records because in the 1920 U.S. census record, they went by the name Rodrigez for some reason. 

Carmen's parents were Julio Blanco and Encarnacion Leon. Julio Blanco was born about 1884 in Orense, Spain and Encarnacion was born about 1889 in Madrid, Spain.  They married on 03 Oct 1907 in Douglas, Arizona, even though in the 1920 census record, they state that they immigrated in 1912. Together, Julio and Encarnacion had 9 children together: 

1. Francisco "Frank" Blanco (1909-1994)

2. Concha (?) b. 1910

3. Maria Urbana "Mary" Blanco (1911-1984)

4. Gregorio L."Greg" Blanco (1912-1968)

5. Laura Blanco (1915-2015)

6 .George Julio Blanco (1917-2006)

7. Eduardo "Edward" Blanco (1918-2009)

8. a son, unknown name, still alive as of 2022

 In 1933, Carmen graduated from Globe High School (Pictured Right). Globe high school is a historic high school, built in 1914 and located at 437 S. High St. in Globe, Arizona. It is the oldest operating high school in Arizona.

Globe High School, 1927
Carmen's 7th Grade Class

Globe High School, 1930
Carmen's 10th Grade Class

On 08 Oct 1934, Carmen married Alfred Pearl Slough in Gila, Arizona. 

Marriage Record for Carmen and Alfred

Alfred was born on 31 Jul 1893 in Coal City, Indiana to Adam G. Slough (1847-1908) and Elizabeth Wall (1854-1915). He died on 28 Oct 1948 in Globe, Arizona at the age of 55, cause of death being a hemorrhage due to carcinoma of the right atrium. 

Carmen and Alfred only had one child, a son named Robert Lee "Bob" Slough, born 08 Aug 1935 in Globe, Arizona. (Birth record pictured below). As of today, it appears he is still alive.

470 E. Mesquite 
Photo Courtesy of Google Maps

In 1950, a widow now for 2 years, Carmen was living at 470 E. Mesquite in Globe, Arizona with her son Robert who was 14 at the time. 

Carmen was a not working and this was a brand new home. According to the 1950 U.S. census record, it is unknown if Carmen owned or rented the home.

According to online news reports, Carmen owned several businesses in her lifetime, including a clothing store in downtown Globe for 49 years. It doesn't look like she ever remarried. She lived through 2 world wars (WWI & WWII) and 2 pandemics (Spanish Flu, 1918; Covid-19, 2020). I wish her many more years ahead of her!

Wednesday, May 24, 2023

One Place Studies- 1011 E. Third Street, Dayton, Ohio

Welcome to 1011 E. Third Street in Dayton, Ohio... or what was. The location's address has since been changed to 1009 E. Third St. Today, it's the home of Dayton's Fire Station #2, but it was once just open farm land, like the rest of Dayton. 

First Owner: Daniel Cooper

The first owner of the land (according to land records), was Daniel C. Cooper on 09 February 1813. The land was part of 419.16 acres that was given to Daniel by President James Madison. Daniel was born on 20 Nov 1779 in Morris County, New Jersey. Daniel was a farmer and land surveyor, which is probably how he came to so much land. In 1800, he purchased 3000 acres of Dayton land at $2 an acre to save the town. He gave up a lot of his land to the community, building cemeteries, churches and schools. On July 13, 1818, Daniel died at the young age of 38 from what I can only assume to be a hernia-- he died from injuries resulted after carrying a church bell (via wheel barrel). He left his estate in his will and the land went to his daughter-in-law Letitia Cooper ('nee Smith), wife of his son David Zeigler Cooper. 

Second Owner(s): Samuel D. & John F. Edgar (brothers)


The second owners were Samuel Dick Edgar (1806-1874) and his brother John F. Edgar (1814-1905), both born in Dayton., sons of Robert and Margaret Edgar. The brother's were able to purchase only 5.96 acres in April 1841-- it is unknown if that's all Letitia received in the will, or if she had only sold that much to the brothers. It had been apart of her estate for 23 years and by 1841, she was a widow, may have needed the money (speculation on my part).

On May 10, 1841, the brothers split the lots into two.

(John was an author and wrote "Pioneer Life in Dayton & Vicinity: 1796-1840", first published in 1896).

Third Owner: Joseph R. Wagoner

Joseph R. Wagoner purchased part of the land from the brothers on July 20, 1843- a lot of .152 acres. Joseph was born in 1806 in Mifflin County, Pennsylvania. He had the land for almost 10 years with his wife and children, maybe a farm? Joseph died at the age of 68 on 31 Jan 1874 in Dayton. 

Fourth Owner: Henry V. Berk

Henry V. Berk, a German immigrant, purchased the .152 lot of land on September 7, 1852 from Joseph. Henry (or Heinrich?) was born on 09 May 1815 in Stradtkreis, Germany and immigrated in Sep 1836 at the age of 20. He married and might have used the land for farming. Henry died on 29 Jun 1892 at the age of 77. 

Fifth Owner: Gerhard Jeckering (my 3rd Great-Grandfather)

Gerhard was also a German immigrant and might have known Henry because of this. Gerhard purchased the land on March 31, 1866. Gerhard was born on 02 Feb 1829 in Hanover, Germany. He immigrated sometime before 1855. Gerhard married and together he and his wife Maria Elisabeth had 7 children.

 In 1871, Gerhard added an additional $1000 to his already $1500 valued land in a tax record, usually indicating that a building was built on the land. This is the first time we see an actual structure built on this particular bit of land. 

The address of the building was 1011 E. Third Street, Dayton. It was a two story structure. The bottom half was Gerhard's business "Jeckering Grocery & Feed" and then he and his family lived in the apartment above. 

Gerhard died on 16 Apr 1898 in Dayton at the age of 69, but not before selling or giving the store to his son John F. Jeckering.

Sixth Owner: John F. Jeckering (my 2nd Great-Granduncle)

John F. Jeckering purchased or was given the land and property from his father on August 25, 1894. This could be due to a decrease in health since Gerhard passes away 4 years later (speculation).

John was born on August 22, 1855 in Dayton, the eldest son of 7 children. John continued to run the Jeckering grocery store with his wife and family until 1927 when it closed. He was 72. John died on March 5, 1941 in Dayton at the age of 85. 

Seventh Owner: Miami Investments Co.

After the stores closure, the land and property was then transferred to Miami Investments Co on July 19, 1927. Records indicate that the building was vacant 1928, 1929 and part of 1930. I'm curious to know if John lost the property due to unable to pay or if sold it...records don't tell this story. 
According to newspapers, in July 1930, the Pennsylvania Rail Road Headquarters occupied the space, rented as Miami Investments still owned the property. 

Eighth Owner: Marcus D. Hansing

On September 7, 1932, a man named Marcus D. Hansing purchased the land and property. I tried researching Hansing, but the only person I could find with the same name was a man who doesn't seem to have any paper trail in Dayton. This Marcus D. Hansing was born on May 4, 1908 in Indiana, married in 1934 in Indiana and died in Indiana in 1970. This could be the same person, but it is unclear at this time. 

Ninth Owner: Sheriff of Montgomery County

It appears the property was possibly seized from Hansing because by 1938, it was owned by the Sheriff of Montgomery County as Common Pleas Court Case (#77305). I'm currently trying to obtain records (if any still exist). 

Tenth & Eleventh Owners: Miami Savings & Loan & City of Dayton

On June 11, 1938, the deed was transferred to Miami Savings & Loan Company, although they didn't hold onto it very long. Less than 6 months later on November 5, the property was owned by the City of Dayton. 


Since the 1940s, the property has belonged to Fire Station #2 of Dayton. The address is now 1009 E. 3rd Street, Dayton. It doesn't look like they tore down the original building but completed a drastic remodel. What do you think?

Fire Station #2- 1957
Photo Courtesy of Pinterest (Jim Barrett)

Fire Station #2- Google Maps

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