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My Mayflower Ancestors

I did a Mayflower Passenger list earlier today on my blog- you can read that Here
I realized I haven't done a Mayflower ancestor blog post before, so here it goes!

There were 102 passengers on the Mayflower in 1620. Of those 102, 45 people died the first winter. I discovered I'm related to 3 of those passengers- which is pretty amazing! 

~Francis Cooke- my 11th Great-Grandfather

1. Francis Cooke (1583-1663)
2. John Cooke (1606-1694)
3. Richard Cooke (1638-1695)
4. Elizabeth Cooke (1678-1738)
5. Sarah Benjamin (1707-1770)
6. Thomas Park (1745-1819)
7. Daniel Park (1782-1843)
8. Sarah M. Park (1808-1872)
9. John Park Munn (1841-1908)
10. Louella Ida Munn (1872-1958)
11. Earl Dwight Mendenhall (1894-1972)
12. Harold Earl Mendenhall (1916-1989)
13. Bonnie Jean Mendenhall
14. Carrie Ann (me)

~Richard Warren- my 11th Great-Grandfather

1. Richard Warren (1580-1628)
2. Sarah Warren (1614-1686)
3. Richard Cooke (1638-1695)
4. Elizabeth Cooke (1678-1738)
5. Sarah Benjamin (1707-1770)
6. Thomas Park (1745-1819)
7. Daniel Park (1782-1843)
8. Sarah M. Park (1808-1872)
9. John Park Munn (1841-1908)
10. Louella Ida Munn (1872-1958)
11. Earl Dwight Mendenhall (1894-1972)
12. Harold Earl Mendenhall (1916-1989)
13. Bonnie Jean Mendenhall
14. Carrie Ann (me)

~Edward Fuller- my 9th Great-Grandfather

1. Edward Fuller (1575-1621)
2. Samuel Fuller (1611-1683)
3. John Fuller (1655-1726)
4. Joseph Fuller (1699-1775)
5. Lydia Hatch (1763-1776)
6. Lucy Purdy (1805-1890)
7. David Purdy Niles (1833-1914)
8. Joseph Niles (1857-1933)
9. Edna Grace Niles (1894-1933)
10. Harold Earl Mendenhall (1916-1989)
11. Bonnie Jean Mendenhall
12. Carrie Ann (me)

Mayflower Passengers

Hi and Happy Thanksgiving!

Recently, this poster of the Mayflower Passengers and those who made it to the First Thanksgiving in 1621 started showing up all over the internet. I know it was on a Facebook group I belong to and some had trouble reading the names of the families. So, I decided to break it down in a post. 

You can see and/or purchase the poster Here.

This is the poster (I added the numbers on the top portion to go along with the list below)

Mayflower Passengers Pictured above. The highlighted names below didn't make it to the first Thanksgiving in 1621.

1. John Alden

2. Isaac & Mary Allerton 
     -w/ 3 children: Bartholomew, Remember & Mary
     -w/ 2 servants: John Hooke & William Latham

3.John Allerton

4. John & Eleanor Billington 
    -w/ 2 sons: John & Francis

5. William & Dorothy Bradford

6. William & Mary Brewster 
   -w/ 2 children: Love & Wrestling
   -w/ 2 wards: Richard & Mary More

7. Richard Britteridge

8. Peter Browne

9. John & Catherine Carver 
   -w/ 2 wards: Jasper More & Desire Minter
   -w/ 3 servants: John Howland, Roger Wilder, Dorothy (ULN)

10.  James & Mrs. Chilton 
    -w/ daughter Mary

11. Richard Clarke

12. Francis Cooke
     -w/ son: John

13. John Crackston
    -w/ son: John Jr.

14. Francis & Sarah Eaton
    -w/ son: Samuel

15. Mr. Ely

16. Thomas English

17. Moses Fletcher

18. Edward and Mrs. Fuller 
    -w/ son: Samuel

19. Samuel Fuller 
    -w/ Servant: William Butten

20. Richard Gardiner

21. John Goodman

22. Stephen & Elizabeth Hopkins
    -w/ 3 children: Constance, Giles, Damarius 
    -1 child born at sea: Oceanus
    -w/ 2 servants: Edward Doty & Edward Leister

23. Edmond Margesson

24. Christopher & Mary Martin 
    -w/possibly brother: Solomon Prower and Servant: John Langmore

25. William, Alice, Joseph and Priscilla Mullins
    -w/ servant: Robert Carter

26. Digery Priest

27. John & Alice Rigsdale

28. Thomas Rogers
    -w/ son: Joseph

29. Miles & Rose Standish

30. Edward & Ann Tilley
    -w/ 2 wards: Humility Cooper & Henry Sampson 

31. John & Mrs. Tilley 
    -w/ daughter: Elizabeth

32. Thomas & Mrs. Tinker 
    -w/ son

33. William Trevor

34. John Turner 
     -w/ 2 sons

35. Richard Warren

36. William and Susanna White 
    -w/ 2 children: Resolved & Peregrine 
    -w/ 2 servants: William Holbeck & Edward Thompson

37. Thomas Williams

38. Elizabeth & Edward Winslow 
    -w/ ward: Ellen More
    -w/ 2 servants: George Soule & Elias Story

39. Gilbert Winslow 

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The Siblings of Josephine Dabuliewicz

Josephine was my great-grandmother. She was the only daughter of Josef Dabuliewicz (1881-1977) and Stephania Ellert (1878-1913). 

Now, you're probably wondering, how can there be a blog post about a siblings of an only child? Josephine's mother died in 1913, very young, when Josephine was only 7 years old. She was abandoned by her father and adopted by John and Mary Alexinas. You can read more about Josephine Here.

On 17 May 1914, Josef married Honorata Cieslak (1891-1977). Together, they had 6 children: 
1. Mary 
2. Helen
3. Walter Alexander
4. Stanley 
5. Joseph John
6. Adele

On 22 Apr 1930, the family was living in Winchendon, Massachusetts on Mill Glen Road. Their home was owned, valued at $2000. Josef was working as a sauder at a chair factory.

1. Mary Dabuliewicz 
Born: 31 Dec 1914 in Concord, Massachusetts

In 1935, Mary was living in Gardner, Massachusetts. She owned a beauty shop at 66 Parker St. 

Photo of Current building at the address of Mary's beauty shop- Photo Credit-

Mary sadly died at the young age of 26 years old on 20 Apr 1941 in Whitefield, New Hampshire. Cause of death- sub acute baterial endocarditis (infection of the lining of your heart). She never married. 

Mary was buried in the Saint Johns Cemetery in Gardner, Massachusetts. 

2. Helen Dabuliewicz
Born: 1917 in Massachusetts
Died: Before 2012

I couldn't find much information on Helen. In the 1930 U.S. Census, her name was written as Ellen. In her brother Joseph's obituary, it had her name and married name as Helen Lepkowski. It also stated in the obituary that she had already passed and this was 2012. I have not been able to find anything on her or her immediate family. 

3. Walter Alexander Dabuliewicz
Born: 01 Dec 1918 in Bedford, Ohio
Died: 28 Feb 1995 in Massachusetts-- age 76

Walter married Antoinette Leblanc (1929-2001) and they had at least 1 daughter- Michelle. 

4.  Stanley Dabuliewicz
Born: 1921 in Ohio
Died: Before 2012

Stanley is a lot like his sister Helen as in- I couldn't find much information on him. All I know is that he died before his brother Joseph in 2012- per Joseph's obituary.

5. Joseph John Dabuliewicz
Born: 25 Feb 1925 in Winchendon, Massachusetts
Died: 02 Dec 2012 in Greenfield, Massachusetts-- 87 years old

Joseph married Dorothea Haines (1925-2000) and they had 2 children: John Edward and Christian.

6. Adella M. Dabuliewicz
Born: 1930 in Massachusetts
Died: Unknown/Living

As of 2012, when her brother Joseph died, Adella was still living. She was Adella Wierstak. I found her husband was Charles Wierstak.  

52 Ancestors Biography- Ruby Mae Henderson

This is the second biography post for Ruby. The first one is a lot of pictures I had (then) recently found, you can view that blog post Here

Ruby Mae Henderson- my Great-Grandmother. 

Born: 28 Aug 1901 in Tipton County, Indiana

Ruby was the daughter of John Henry Henderson (1871-1949) and Anna Jane Thornton (1875-1954). She had 5 half-siblings with her father's first wife Cora and then one brother: Gaylon Eugene Henderson (1914-1985). 

On 10 Sep 1919, Ruby married my great-grandfather, Otto Watson Seaver (1901-1972). You can read more about him Here

Ruby and Otto had 2 daughters: 
1. Anita Marie (1922-1957)
2. Helen Ruth (1923-1981)

Ruby (right) and her daughter Helen and her granddaughter Bonnie (my mom)

Ruby and Otto weren't married long. By 1926, Otto was remarried to Grace Dunker. Ruby re-married as well to Myron Andrew French, son of Alonzo French (1869-1933) and Lucretia Alice Ward (1871-1930). Myron was born on 19 Feb 1894 and died on 30 Nov 1964 in Carson City, Nevada. Ruby and Myron didn't have any children. 

Ruby died at the age of 88 in Carson City, Nevada in Mar  1990. She is buried in Lone Mountain Cemetery.

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The Siblings of Gerhard C. Jeckering

Gerhard C. Jeckering was my great-grandfather. He was the son of Joseph Herman Jeckering (1870-1931) and Rose A. Horn (1872-1933). 

Gerhard was their eldest child out of 7 children born:
1. Gerhard C. 
2. Cletus Joseph 
3. Martha E. 
4. Norbert John
5. Elizabeth Martha 
6. Infant Daughter 
7. Irene 

1. Gerhard C. Jeckering- I wrote a blog post about Gerhard (read that post here). 

2. Cletus Joseph Jeckering.
Born: 07 Aug 1902 in Dayton, Ohio

In 1940, he was living at 58 Bruce in Dayton, Ohio. His home was owned- valued at $6000. He was working as a purchasing agent for wholesale grocery and living with his wife Ethel and 2 children, Robert and Marilyn. 

58 W. Bruce Ave, Dayton, Ohio. (Image source-
Built in 1923, has 1,204 sq ft., 3 bedroom, 1 bath.

Cletus married Ethel Beatrice Alcock (1909-1982) and they had 5 children: 
          1. James H. (1930-1936)
         2. Robert Cletus "Bob" (1934-2015)
         3. Marilyn Irene (Living)
         4. Infant Son (1936-1936)
         5. Thomas Edward "Tom" (Living)

Cletus died on 19 Mar 1996 in Fairfield, Ohio at the age of 93. He was buried at Calvary Cemetery in Dayton, Ohio- Sec. 29, Lot 243, Space 12.

On 20 Aug 2019, his son Tom and wife Virginia donated funds to Saint Adalbert Catholic School in Cleveland, Ohio for a new 13,000 square-foot addition in honor of his father. The addition added 9 classrooms, a cafeteria and a playground. It was named the Cletus Jeckering Learning Center. 

3. Martha E. Jeckering "Aunt Mart"
Born: 23 May 1906 in Dayton, Ohio
Died: 27 Feb 1997 in Dayton, Ohio

Martha never married. She did work her whole life as a grocery clerk and then in the accounting department at White Villa (grocery chain in Ohio). Martha died at the age of 90 in Dayton, Ohio and was buried in Calvary Cemetery, section 23, lot 1 1/2, space 3.

4. Norbert John Jeckering
Born: 17 Aug 1908 in Dayton, Ohio

In 1930, Norbert was single, living at 3226 Riverside Dr. in Dayton Ohio, Working as a tool maker. I was unable to find the house online- google to zillow, so it makes me think maybe it's not around anymore. 

Norbert married Freda Lucille Shell (1910-1993) and they had 3 daughters (Judith, Patricia and Marcia) before moving to Santa Barbara, California. 

Norbert died at the age of 81 in Santa Barbara County, California. He was cremated.

5. Elizabeth Martha Jeckering
Born: 19 Apr 1910 in Dayton, Ohio
Died: 19 Dec 1923 in Dayton, Ohio, age 13.

6. Infant Daughter Jeckering
Born: 22 Apr 1912 in Dayton, Ohio
Died: 22 Apr 1912 in Dayton, Ohio- only lived 15 minutes.
The baby was buried in Calvary Cemetery in Dayton, Ohio.

7. Irene Jeckering
Born: 27 May 1913 in Dayton, Ohio
Died: 08 Jan 1914 in Dayton, Ohio- about 8 months old 

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52 Ancestors Biography- Otto Watson Seaver

Otto Watson Seaver- my great-grandfather

My great-grandfather, on paper, didn't seem to have a very interesting or full-filling life. Otto was born on 11 Jan 1901 in Indiana to Frank Buchanon Seaver (1856-1936) and Harriett Olive Watson (1856-1915). 

(Not the best quality of picture...but it'll do)

Otto had at least one sister that I know of- Roxie, born about 1893. 

On 10 Sep 1919, Otto married my great grandmother, Ruby Mae Henderson (1901-1990)
(Click here for some lovely pictures of Ruby. Unfortunately, I have none of her and Otto.)

Otto and Ruby had 2 daughters together- Anita Marie (b. 1922) and Helen (b. 1923). Helen is my grandmother. 

Otto and Ruby were not married long. on December 28, 1926, Otto married Grace E. Dunker (1902-1990) in Warren, Illinois. Otto and Grace never had children of their own. They seemed to live a very quiet life, away from his children. In fact, Helen and Anita lived with their grandparents growing up. I could never find their mother in the 1930 U.S. Census, I'm not sure why she couldn't take them.

Census records: 

19 Apr 1910- Johnson, Indiana- Hillsburg Gravel Rd.- Home is Owned, mortgage-free. Otto is living with his father (farmer), mother, sister (Roxie) and a 26 year old widowed hired man named Bert McDaniel. 

24 Jan 1920- Johnson, Indiana- Home is Owned. Otto is a farmer living with his father and 1st wife- Ruby. 

28 Apr 1930- Reynolds, Illinois- Perryton Street- home is Owned by a William Harness, valued at $1400. Otto and his wife Grace are boarders. He is a laborer of odd jobs. They are living with William Harness and a servant named Laura Dunker, which shares the same last name as Graces' maiden name. Could be a relation. 

22 Apr 1940- Reynolds, Illinois- Otto finally owns his own home, valued at $1800. He lives with his wife and works as a general repair man at a home garage. 

Otto died at the age of 71 in December 1972. He is buried in the Reynolds Cemetery in Reynolds, Illinois. 

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Kennedy's- Part 3: The Kennedy Curse

(This is the 3rd of the Kennedy Posts. Please visit the 1st post and 2nd post).

With the flood of news lines about Saoirse Rosisin Kennedy Hill's death ruled a drug overdose, I thought it fitting that I write a 3rd Kennedy blog post about the well-known Kennedy curse.

Many people believe that the Kennedy family is cursed because of their string of accidental deaths and incidents. Others' just make it out to be a coincidence because it spans through many generations. Well, whatever you believe, it is truly unusual. 

Accidental Kennedy deaths in Red and other incidents in Blue  

~1941- Rosemary Kennedy (1918-2005)- sister of JFK- underwent a lobotomy at the age of 23 to "fix" frequent seizures and mood swings. It failed and she became unable to walk or speak well. She was institutionalized most of her life until her death in 2005 when she was 86 years old.

~1944- Joseph P. Kennedy Jr. (1915-1944)- died in a plane crash during WWII in England. He was 29 years old. 

~1948- Kathleen Agnes Cavendish ('nee Kennedy" (1920-1948)- died in a plane crash in France. She was 28 years old. 

~1956- Arabella Kennedy- Stillborn daughter of John F. (JFK) and Jackie Kennedy.

~1961- Joseph P. Kennedy Sr. (1888-1969) suffered a massive stroke that left him paralyzed on his right side and aphasia, which affected his ability to speak. 

~1963- Patrick Bouvier Kennedy (1963-1963)- infant of John F. (JFK) and Jackie Kennedy. Died of respiratory failure 2 days after a premature birth. 

~1963- John Fitzgerald Kennedy (JFK) (1917-1963) was assassinated by Lee Harvey Oswald in Dallas Texas. He was 46 years old.

~1964- Edward Moore Kennedy "Ted" (1932-2009) survived a plane crash in which two others died. He suffered from a broken back, punctured lung, broken ribs and internal bleeding.

~1968- Robert Francis Kennedy (1925-1968) was assassinated by Sirhan Sirhan in Los Angeles. He was 42 years old.

~1969- Ted Kennedy (1932-2009) accidently drove his car off a bridge on Chappaquiddick Island, fatally killing his 28 year old passenger.

~1973- Joseph P. Kennedy II (b. 1952) crashed his jeep, leaving one passenger paralyzed and another injured. 

~1973- Edward Moore Kennedy Jr. (b. 1961) was 12 years old when part of his right leg had to be amputated due to bone cancer. 

~1984- David Anthony Kennedy (1955-1984)- Robert Francis' son died of a drug overdose in Palm Beach, Florida. He was 28 years old.

~1991- William Kennedy Smith (b. 1960)- son of Jean Ann Kennedy, was arrested, charged and later acquitted of rape with a young woman at the Kennedy Estate in Florida. 

~1997- Michael LeMoyne Kennedy (1958-1997)- Robert Francis' son died in a skiing accident in Aspen, Colorado. He was 39 years old. 

~1999- John F. Kennedy Jr. (1960-1999)- JFK's son died in a plane crash in Massachusetts along with his wife Carolyn. He was 38 years old, she was 33.

~2011- Kara Anne Kennedy (1960-2011)- daughter of Edward Moore Kennedy, first had lung cancer and then died of a heart attack at the age of 51.

~2012- Mary Kathleen Richardson Kennedy (1959-2012)- Wife of Robert Francis Kennedy Jr. She committed suicide at the age of 52. 

~2014- Josephine Ethel Kerr (2014-2014)- daughter of Kyle Rose Kennedy and granddaughter of Michael LeMoyne Kennedy- died in infancy. 

~2019- Saoirse Roisin Kennedy Hill (1997-2019)- daughter of Courtney Kennedy, died of a drug overdose. She was 22 years old. 

Kennedy's- Part 2: Twins!

(This is the second post of my Kennedy Posts. Please visit Part 1 and then after this one, Part 3)

Awhile back, with Ancestry's We're Related App, I discovered and confirmed that the Kennedy Family is part of my family tree- distant cousins. Joseph Patrick Kennedy (JFK's father) is my 6th cousin, 5x removed. While adding their family to my tree, I discovered something interesting. No twins, until you get to Robert Francis Kennedy's descendants...there are 4 sets among his grant and great-grand children. 

Robert Francis Kennedy (1925-1968) and his wife Ethel Skakel (b. 1928) had 11 children. 

1. Kathleen Hartington Kennedy (b. 1951)
2. Joseph Patrick Kennedy II (b. 1952)
3. Robert Francis Kennedy Jr. (b. 1954)
4. David Anthony Kennedy (1955-1984)
5. Mary Courtney Kennedy (b. 1956)
6. Michael LeMoyne Kennedy (1958-1997)
7. Mary Kerry Kennedy (b. 1959)
8. Christopher George Kennedy (b. 1963)
9. Matthew Maxwell Taylor Kennedy (b. 1965)
10. Douglas Harriman Kennedy (b. 1967)
11. Rory Elizabeth Katherine Kennedy (b. 1968)

Twin Set 1: 
Robert's daughter, Kathleen married David Lee Townsend and they had 4 daughters. Their eldest daughter is Meaghan Anne Kennedy Townsend (b. 1977). She married Billy Birdzell and they had twins: 
            David Kennedy Birdzell & Arabella Kennedy Birdzell
Born: 15 Aug 2016

Twin Set 2: 
Robert's son, Joseph Patrick Kennedy II married Sheila Brewster Rauch and they had twin sons:
Joseph Patrick Kennedy II & Matthew Rauch Kennedy 
Born: 04 Oct 1980

Twin Set 3: 
Robert's son, Michael LeMoyne married Victoria Denise Gifford and they had 3 children. Their daugther Kyle Frances Kennedy (b. 1984) had twins: 
Josephine Ethel Kerr & Conor Nash Kerr
Born: 26 Sep 2014
(Josephine died in infancy)

(Josephine is obviously not pictured because she passed. This picture is of  Kyle, her husband Liam, their youngest son Declan and the twin Conor. 

Twin Set 4: 
Robert's daughter Kerry married Andrew Mark Cuomo and they had twins: 
Mariah Matilda Kennedy Cuomo & Cara Ethel Kennedy Cuomo
Born: 11 Jan 1995

Twins on the left, Kerry Kennedy Cuomo and youngest daughter, Michaela


Kennedy's- Part 1: Kennedy Cousins

Joseph Patrick Kennedy is my 6th Cousin, 5x Removed. He and Rose Elizabeth Kennedy 9 children. Two of their most notable children were John Fitzgerald Kennedy (JFK) (35th President of the United States) and Robert Francis Kennedy (64th United States Attorney General) - both of whom were assassinated.

Joseph Patrick Kennedy                 &       Rose Elizabeth Fitzgerald
Born: 06 Sep 1888 Boston, MA                 Born: 22 Jul 1890 Boston, MA
Died: 18 Nov 1969 Hyannis, MA                 Died: 22 Jan 1995 Hyannis, MA

  1.   Joseph Patrick Jr. (1915-1944)
  2.  John Fitzgerald (JFK) “Jack” (1917-1963)
  3.  Rose Marie “Rosemary” (1918-2005)
  4.  Kathleen Agnes (1920-1948)
  5.  Eunice Mary (1921-2009)
  6.  Patricia Helen (1924-2006)
  7.  Robert Francis (1925-1968)
  8.  Jean Ann b. 1928- Living
  9.  Edward Moore “Ted” (1932-2009)

Having so many children almost guarantees you’ll have a lot of grandchildren, and that is the case for the Kennedy’s. Joseph and Rose had 31 grandchildren!

Grandchildren in order of birth:
(If there is a baby symbol 👶, that means the child died before adulthood)

Kathleen Hartington Kennedy
Robert Francis
Joseph Patrick II Kennedy
Robert Francis
Robert Francis Kennedy Jr.
Robert Francis

Robert Sargent Shriver III
Eunice Mary
Christopher Kennedy Lawford
Patricia Helen

David Anthony Kennedy
Robert Francis

Maria Owings Shriver
Eunice Mary
Arabella Kennedy 👶

Sydney Maleia Kennedy Lawford
Patricia Helen

Mary Courtney Kennedy
Robert Francis
Stephen Edward Smith
Jean Ann

Caroline Bouvier Kennedy
Michael LeMoyne Kennedy
Robert Francis

Victoria Francis Lawford
Patricia Helen
Timothy Perry Shriver
Eunice Mary

Mary Kerry Kennedy
Robert Francis
Kara Anne Kennedy
Edward Moore

William Kennedy Smith
Jean Ann

John F. Kennedy Jr.
Robin Elizabeth Lawford
Patricia Helen

Edward Moore Kennedy Jr.
Edward Moore
Christopher George Kennedy
Robert Francis

Patrick Bouvier Kennedy 👶
Mark Kennedy Shriver
Eunice Mary
Matthew Maxwell Taylor Kennedy
Robert Francis

Anthony Paul Shriver
Eunice Mary
Amanda Mary Smith
Jean Ann

Douglas Harriman Kennedy
Robert Francis

Patrick Joseph Kennedy II
Edward Moore
Rory Elizabeth Kennedy
Robert Francis
Kym Maria Smith (Adopted)
Jean Ann

This is part 1 of the Kennedy posts. Please visit Part 2 and Part 3.