Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Family of Jacob Hewes Mendenhall (1813-1892)

Today, I came across this photo on Facebook:
This photo was taken around 1888 and it's fascinating because this is a photo of a man and his 13 children. In 1888, to have 13 children survive to adulthood- seems rare! The man in the front/middle is the father- Jacob Hewes Mendenhall (1813-1892). On November 8, 1838, he married Hannah Worrilow Newlin (1819-1873) in Middletown, Pennsylvania. They were actually 4th cousins, once removed. Jacob's 2nd great grandfather was immigrant Benjamin Mendenhall and Hannah's 3rd great grandmother was Mary, Benjamin's sister. They came to America in 1685 aboard the ship named Unicorn. So, together, Jacob and Hannah had 13 children, all lived to be adults. Here's a "who's who's" description of the photo with married names:(sorry, the photo is slightly blurry)
1. Anna Moore Haper (1854-1931), 10th child 2. Jane Trimble (1847-1929), 6th child 3. Henry Lewis Mendenhall (1864-1944), 13th child 4. Elizabeth Anne Abel (1842-1910), 3rd child 5. Charlotte Newlin Closs (1861-1890), 11th child 6. Jacob Hewes Mendenhall (1813-1892), the father 7. William M. Mendenhall (1843-1932), 4th child 8. Sarah Newlin Underwood (1839-1933), 1st child 9. Jacob Hewes Mendenhall Jr. (1852-1927), 9th child 10. Esther Hewes Garrett (1845-1915), 5th child 11. Mary Mendenhall (1848-1936), 7th child 12. Edward Mendenhall (1840-1918), 2nd child 13. Newlin Mendenhall (1862-1949), 12th child 14. Hannah Moore (1850-1910), 8th child With this many children, I'm always curious how many grandchildren there were-- so here is a "cousin chart"- it includes the year the grandchild was born, month, name of the child and the parent's name:
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