Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Happy New Year, 2020!

Well, it is the end of another year, tomorrow will be Jan 1, 2020. This is my last post for the year.

Bringing in the new year really makes me think of a couple of things.

First: How did my ancestors celebrate the new year for Jan 1, 1920? 100 years ago! I think of 100 years ago and for some reason, I think of 1900 LOL. I think a lot of people my age are like that (mid-thirties).

I think about the year and I wonder, will my descendants think of me in the year 2120? That's crazy to think about. My son Jack, who is now 8 will probably be deceased since that would put him at 109. My daughter Chloe would be 104 if she's lucky enough to live that old.

Let me take a minute and think about those ancestors who were alive 100 years ago...

Ancestors living during the New Year for 1920...

~Mendenhall side: Harold Earl Mendenhall (1916-1989)- my grandfather. He would have been 4 years old a hundred years ago. His future wife Helen wasn't born until 1923. Her parents would have been 19 years old during the New Year of 1920 and Harold's parents would have been 26.

~Jeckering side: my grandfather Paul Jeckering wans't born until 1925. His parents would have been 20 (father) & 14 (mother) in 1920. His wife Dorothy wasn't born until 1926 and her parents would have been 37 (father) & 36 (mother).

Who in your family tree was alive in 1920, celebrating the new year?? :)

Second: What does the year 2020 have in store for me?
2019 really wasn't that memorable or great. In fact, it was sucky. I was sick a lot and in a lot of pain...still am. I am hoping that I will find a diagnosis for my chronic pain in this coming year. My husband is starting a new job mid-January as an airline pilot. This is a HUGE change for our little family and I know I will have to take on a lot more without him around so much. We have 2 small children. It's going to be a lonely first few months but I will have to get over that. Also, with a new job, comes a big move. I don't know exactly where that movie will be, but as of right now, it looks like Phoenix, Arizona, which seems nice because my family is in Arizona. (currently, we living Sacramento, California).

Third: Genealogy. I am curious how far and how many more names will go into my Mendenhall project that I blogged about just recently: read that Here. As of today, I am ending 2019 with 100,172 names. I am curious what that number will be at the end of 2020! We will see! :)

Anyways, I hope whoever reads this has a wonderful and safe New Year's eve tonight- whatever you might be doing- staying at home, going to a party, whatever it is! :) <3


Saturday, December 28, 2019

52 Ancestors Biography- Isaac Hendricks (1843-1910)

Isaac Hendricks- my 2nd great-grandfather

(not the greatest picture, but...it's all I got!)

Isaac was born in August 1843 in Indiana.  He was the 4th child of 9 born to Samuel McCormack Hendricks (1807-1856) and Elizabeth Sarles (1818-1889). Five of his siblings died as babies.

Siblings of Issac Hendricks: 

1. William (1839-1839)
2. Catherine (b. 1840)
3. John T. (1842-1847)
4. Margaret (1845-1846)
5. James L. (1847-1848)
6. Isabella (1849-1850)
7. Arabella (b. 1849)
8. John Abraham (1857-1914)

Isaac enrolled in the military at the age of 18 on 05 Nov 1861 during the Civil War in Jeffersonville, Indiana. He was under Company C, Regiment 49. He was discharged 29 Nov 1864.

Three years later, Issac married Mary Ann Bostick on 02 Jan 1867. Mary was born in August 1849 and died on 17 May 1920. She was the daughter of Miles Bostick & Margaret Francerider.

Isaac and Mary had 4 children: 

1. William (b. 1868)
2. John T. (1869-1945)
3. Annie (b. 1874)
4. Isaac Jr. (1883-1942) (my great-grandfather) You can read about him Here.

Isaac was a laborer most of his life- different jobs. He died at the age of 75 on 09 Nov 1918. Cause of death was Chronic Interstitial Nephritis (inflammation of the spaces between renal tubules). 

He is buried in the Sellersburg Cemetery in Sellersburg, Indiana. 

Wednesday, December 18, 2019

In Memory of Neil E. Mendenhall

This post is in memory of my Uncle Neil, Neil E. Mendenhall

Neil was born on 06 Oct 1947 in Dayton, Ohio, the 3rd of 4 children to Harold Earl Mendenhall (1916-1989) and Helen Ruth Seaver (1923-1981). 

I am in love with this picture! I'd say he was probably about 3 in this picture? So, this would be about 1950

Neil with his 3 siblings and grandparents (he's the one who looks like he's eating an apple)

Neil served in the US Army as a Specialist Technician Fifth Grade in Vietnam 

Neil passed away on 06 Dec 2019 in Grapevine, Texas after suffering from blood clots that resulted in numerous heart attacks. He was a passionate man of the Lord and loved his family and his work. He leaves behind a loving wife, 2 daughters, 5 grandchildren, 2 sisters and a brother.

Neil's inurnment took place on Monday, Dec 16 at the Dallas Fort-Worth National Cemetery in Dallas, Texas.


Monday, December 16, 2019

52 Ancestors Biography- Stephania Ellert and Family

Stephania Ellert- My 2nd Great-Grandmother

Not the greatest pic...

Stephania was born in 1878 to Stainslaw "Stanley" and Pauline Ellert. I'm not sure when she immigrated to America, but I know it was before her parents. She married Josef Dabuliewicz (1881-1977) and they had one daughter- Josephine Mary Dabuliewicz (1906-1965). 

Josef and Stephania & baby Josephine 

Stephania died when she was only 35 years old, my age! She survived the devastating Great Dayton Flood of 1913 but died of Strep on 07 Jun 1913. After her death, her husband abandoned their one and only daughter. You can read more about Josephine here.

Stainslaw "Stanley" Ellert
b. abt 1849 in Poland
d. 28 Nov 1930, San Diego, California

Pauline Yocavich Ellert
b. 1854 in Poland
d. 23 Jan 1937 in San Diego, California

Stanley and Pauline immigrated to America in April 1909. In the ship records, they were meeting their daughter in Dayton. I'm not sure when their children immigrated, but they were all living in Dayton in 1910. 

Stanley and Pauline had 4 children, that I know of: Stephania, Alexander, Mary and Joseph.
                                    Ellert Family

Top Row: Stephania, Joseph Ellert (her brother), Mary Ellert Ruski (her sister)
Bottom Row: Josef Dabuliewicz w/ baby Josephine, Pauline Ellert, Stanely Ellert, John James Ruski w/ baby Michael.

I'm not sure if Stephania's brother Alexander stayed in Poland or died young. All I know is he was born about 1885 in Poland.

~Mary Ellert, Stephania's sister- pictured above- looks so much like Stephania!! It's crazy, they could be twins. Mary was born about 1885 in Poland. She married John James Ruski and they had 3 children: Michael (1905-1957), Mary (b. 1908) and Joseph (b. 1911). 

~Joseph Ellert, Stephania's brother- pictured next to her- was born about 1888 in Poland and died in Aug 1966. He married Martha Kuschiar (1886-1968) and they had 4 children: Joseph Frank (1913-1990), Eleanore Frances (1917-1986), Irene Caroline (1920-2017), and Marjorie R. (b. 1924). 

Siblings of Josef Dabuliewicz

My 2nd Great-Grandfather was Josef Dabuliewicz. He was the eldest of 3 children (that I know of) of  Stainslaw "Stanley" and Anieli Dabuliewicz.

Stanislaw "Stanley" Dabuliewicz
abt 1859 Lithuania
1933- Winchendon, Massachusetts

Anieli "Nellie" Borofski
abt 1869- Lithuania
Died in USA, unknown date.

Stanley and Nellie had 3 children (That I know of):

1. Josef
2. Johanna
3. Anna

1. Josef Dabuliwicz
You can read his biography page here.

2. Johanna Dabuliewicz
Born: about 1891 in Lithuania
Died: Unknown

Johanna married Charles Mieldazis (1892-1953). They had 2 children that I could find: Stella (b. 1915) and Anthony (b. 1919).

3. Anna Dabulewicz
Born: about 1893 in Lithuania
Died: Unknown

Anna was a tough one to research. I did find her in Dayton, Ohio working in a cigar factory in 1909.

I did find an "Anna Dabuliewicz" married to a Michael Wassilur and they had a daughter who never married: Helen Wassilur (1918-1961). I'm not entirely sure this is the same Anna.

Needless to say, after doing the research and my last few posts, some immigrant families are just damn hard to research!! The paper trail is just not there sometimes. It's frustrating and I don't know where to go from here.

If anyone who reads this knows more about the persons above, please shoot me a comment or email @ Carriesmith11411@yahoo.com. It's not dire, but I am so curious what happened to these people after coming to America! :)

Friday, December 13, 2019

52 Ancestors Biography- Josef Dabuliewicz

Josef Dabuliewicz- my 2nd Great-Grandfather

Not the greatest pic, but it works :) 

Born: 19 Mar 1881 in Lituania 

Parents: Stanislaw "Stanley" Dabuliewicz (1859-1933) & Anieli "Nellie" Borofski (1869-?)

Siblings (That I know of): 
1. Johanna (1891-)
2. Anna (1893-)

Josef came to America aboard the shipped named Moltke from Hamburg, Germany on 29 May 1904. He was 19 years old, travelling alone. His parents and 2 sisters came in April 1909.

Between his arrival in 1904 and 1906, Josef married Stephania Ellert (1878-1913). They had one daughter: 
Josephine Mary Dabuliewicz
b. 02 Jan 1906- Brooklyn, New York                  You can read more about
d. 02 Jan 1965- Dayton, Ohio                         Josephine Here.
(My great-grandmother)

Josef, Stephania & baby Josephine

Josef's wife, Stephania died in 1913 after the Great Dayton Flood. She died of Strep. Josephine was only 7 and he abandoned her to the Alexinas family of Dayton, Ohio. (Read more about that story in Josephine's 52 Ancestor's Biography here.) 

Josef remarried on 17 May 1914 in Manchester, New Hampshire to Honorata Cieslak (1891-1977), an immigrant of Austria. Together, they had 6 children:

1. Mary (1914-1941)
2. Helen (1917-?)
3. Walter Alexander (1918-1995)
4. Stanley (1921-?)
5. Joseph John (1925-2012)
6. Adella M. (1930-?)

According to all census records, Josef and Honrata spent their lives in Winchendon, Massachusetts. He spent his occupational life working in a chair factory as a sander. 

Josef died at the age of 95 on 21 Feb 1977 of Leukemia. I have not located his burial, but I can assume it's probably in Winchendon.

Thursday, December 12, 2019

100,000 Names

Good Morning Genealogy-enthusiasts!

I have to share some news. Yesterday, I reached 100,000 names in my Mendenhall family tree. What! That is a lot of names. I shared the news on my personal Facebook page, but accidentally stated "10,000"... It didn't even hit me until this morning when I read it again. Wait...I've got to have more than that, so I looked and, yep...I was wrong. It's 100, not 10.

So, I have been working on my genealogy since about 2003, 2004-ish, which is roughly 16 years. That's a long time. But, I've been working on expanding and adding sources and verifying sources for only the past 4 years.

This is my Mendenhall project- started Feb 2015

These are the four notebooks I've kept, my research logs. I'm currently half-way through the yellow one. In each one, I keep a record of the person I'm researching. I started with first names that were Unknown names and then went onto the alphabet- "A"s, "B"s, etc.

For example, when I type "Mendenhall" as a surname in my database, it comes up with everyone with that surname and their first names are in alphabetical order. The first one to come up is:

 A.M. Mendenhall (b.1832)
So, I try all my different sources- Mendenhall.org, Ancestry, etc. I researched this person (not much) and cited the sources and then moved on to the next person.

If I come upon someone who has children, it depends on if they are male or female what I do next. If the Mendenhall is a male, I research, site and move on to the next person because I will already eventually get to his children because they are Mendenhall's. If it is a female, I research her children and children's children- until I can't anymore. Sometime's one female Mendenhall can take me MONTHS to work on because of her descendants.

As of today, I just started the "Charles"...so I've dipped into the "C"s...and it's been 4 years. LOL This is definitely a long-term project!

This is how I've gotten up to 100,000 names- the constant work and how many people I've actually researched.

Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Siblings of Rose Horn

 In my 52 Ancestors Biographies, I wrote about my 2nd Great-Grandmother Rose Horn. Rose was the fourth and last child of Immigrants: 

Joseph Horn                  &      Martha Maria Altmann
1834- Germany                      1833- Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany
15 Dec 1880- Dayton, Ohio          12 Feb 1895- Dayton, Ohio

Joseph and Martha had 4 children: 

1. Emma
2. Frederick
3. Mary
4. Rose 

1. Emma T. Horn
Born: 10 Feb 1862 in Dayton, Ohio

Emma married Emil Conrad (1859-1909) on 04 Jun 1888 in Dayton. His parents were Philip Conrad & Elizabeth Becker. Emil worked in a factory that manufactured cigars.  He and Emma had 6 children: Verona, Marie, Charles Augusta, Helen Frances, Carmelita, and Marguerite.

Emma lost both her oldest daughter Verona and her husband Emil in 1909, only 24 hours apart. Verona died at the age of 19 of Spinal Meningitis and Emil succumbed to cancer the following day. 

Emma died on 11 Apr 1934 in Belleville, Illinois at the age of 72. Cause of death- her gall bladder. 

2. Fredrich J. "Fred" Horn
Born: 15 Aug 1867 in Dayton, Ohio

Fred married married Theresa A. Popp (1867-1948) and they had 4 children: Adeline, Florence, Robert John, and Evelyn. The only one of his children to marry was his son Robert. 

Fred died at the age of 68 on 19 Mar 1936 in Kettering, Ohio.

3. Mary Horn
Born: 15 Aug 1868 in Cincinnati, Ohio

Mary married Timothy Reardon III (1864-1911) in 1886 and they had 9 children: Frances, Harry, Reuben, Rebecca, Louis, Charles, Mary, Robert, and Martha. 

Mary died at the age of 69 on 14 Sep 1937 in Cincinnati. 

4. Rose Horn
You can read about Rose in a previous post- Here.

East India Trading Company

Recently, I came upon this picture on a Facebook group:

Below the picture read: "A 282-year old East India trading company ship returns to London for the first time since 1787- in 2018".

Silly me took the photo and description as real. I'm feeling a bit silly after searching the story on Google. Turns out, it's a replica, made in 2002, of an 18th Century Swedish ship named the Gothenburg that sank on it's way back to Scandinavia. All the crew members lived but the cargo was never salvaged. The cargo and ship were claimed on insurance and it is believed that the cargo was sold in London and deliberately wrecked for the insurance money. You can view the article on BBC News Here.

But this got me thinking still, about the East India Trading Company. 

My 14th Great-Grandfather was John Mildenhall Jr. and he worked for this company during the 16th and 17th centuries. I can't actually living and working on a ship such as the one pictured! How incredible AND hard!!! 

Picture of John Mildenhall & Emporer, Courtesy of Google.com

John Mildenhall was born in 1560 in Little Bedwyn, England. He married Elizabeth Bates (1562-1602) and they had 2 sons: Thomas (b. 1580) and Robert (b. 1582). 

Wikipedia depicts John as a trader to his English King. He apparently was a thief (or pirate if you will) and fled. He was hunted for many years but was on the run. He became ill in 1614 while in Agra, India and died in June 1614. 

John is buried in the Agra Cemetery in Agra, India. His gravestone is the oldest Mendenhall burial site/gravestone and the first Englishman gravestone in India. 

If the inscription is difficult to read, you can read it here: 


How I'm related to John:

John Mildenhall Jr. (1560-1614)
Thomas Mildenhall (1580-1639)
Thomas Mildenhall Jr. (1609-1673)
Thomas Mildenhall III (1630-1682)
John Mendenhall (1659-1743)
John Mendenhall Jr. (1688-1765)
Mordecai Mendenhall (1713-1803)
Richard Mendenhall (1737-1773)  (Killed by Indians! Read Here)
Joseph Mendenhall (1770-1883)
Richard Mendenhall (1794-1871)
Aaron Mendenhall (1828-1894)
Richard Mendenhall (1852-1924)
Marion Richard Mendenhall (1873-1948)
Earl Dwight Mendenhall (1894-1972)
Harold Earl Mendenhall (1916-1989)
Bonnie Jean Mendenhall 
Carrie Ann (Me)

52 Ancestors Biography- Rose Horn

Rose Horn- my 2nd Great-Grandmother

Rose was born on 07 May 1872 in Dayton, Ohio. 

She was the fourth and last child of German immigrants- Joseph Horn (1834-1880) and Martha Altmann (1833-1895). Rose had 3 siblings: Emma, Frederick, and Mary. 

On 23 Aug 1899 in Montgomery County, Ohio, Rose married Joseph Herman Jeckering:

Marriage certificate

Rose and Joseph had 7 children (3 died before adulthood):

1. Gerhard C. Jeckering (1900-1967) 
2. Cletus Joseph Jeckering (1902-1996)
3. Martha E. Jeckering (1906-1997)
4. Norbert John Jeckering (1908-1989)
5. Elizabeth Martha Jeckering (1910-1923)
6. Infant (1912-1912)
7. Irene (1913-1914)

(Read more about children 2-7 Here). 

Rose died at the age of 61 of a heart attack on 18 Dec 1933, 2 years after her husband's death. She was buried in Calvary Cemetery in Dayton, Ohio.


(If you noticed the constant change in her middle initial- I find it odd too. Some sources and evidence shows "A" and others show "M". I, unfortunately, don't know which one is correct). 

Thursday, November 28, 2019

My Mayflower Ancestors

I did a Mayflower Passenger list earlier today on my blog- you can read that Here
I realized I haven't done a Mayflower ancestor blog post before, so here it goes!

There were 102 passengers on the Mayflower in 1620. Of those 102, 45 people died the first winter. I discovered I'm related to 3 of those passengers- which is pretty amazing! 

~Francis Cooke- my 11th Great-Grandfather

1. Francis Cooke (1583-1663)
2. John Cooke (1606-1694)
3. Richard Cooke (1638-1695)
4. Elizabeth Cooke (1678-1738)
5. Sarah Benjamin (1707-1770)
6. Thomas Park (1745-1819)
7. Daniel Park (1782-1843)
8. Sarah M. Park (1808-1872)
9. John Park Munn (1841-1908)
10. Louella Ida Munn (1872-1958)
11. Earl Dwight Mendenhall (1894-1972)
12. Harold Earl Mendenhall (1916-1989)
13. Bonnie Jean Mendenhall
14. Carrie Ann (me)

~Richard Warren- my 11th Great-Grandfather

1. Richard Warren (1580-1628)
2. Sarah Warren (1614-1686)
3. Richard Cooke (1638-1695)
4. Elizabeth Cooke (1678-1738)
5. Sarah Benjamin (1707-1770)
6. Thomas Park (1745-1819)
7. Daniel Park (1782-1843)
8. Sarah M. Park (1808-1872)
9. John Park Munn (1841-1908)
10. Louella Ida Munn (1872-1958)
11. Earl Dwight Mendenhall (1894-1972)
12. Harold Earl Mendenhall (1916-1989)
13. Bonnie Jean Mendenhall
14. Carrie Ann (me)

~Edward Fuller- my 9th Great-Grandfather

1. Edward Fuller (1575-1621)
2. Samuel Fuller (1611-1683)
3. John Fuller (1655-1726)
4. Joseph Fuller (1699-1775)
5. Lydia Hatch (1763-1776)
6. Lucy Purdy (1805-1890)
7. David Purdy Niles (1833-1914)
8. Joseph Niles (1857-1933)
9. Edna Grace Niles (1894-1933)
10. Harold Earl Mendenhall (1916-1989)
11. Bonnie Jean Mendenhall
12. Carrie Ann (me)

Mayflower Passengers

Hi and Happy Thanksgiving!

Recently, this poster of the Mayflower Passengers and those who made it to the First Thanksgiving in 1621 started showing up all over the internet. I know it was on a Facebook group I belong to and some had trouble reading the names of the families. So, I decided to break it down in a post. 

You can see and/or purchase the poster Here.

This is the poster (I added the numbers on the top portion to go along with the list below)

Mayflower Passengers Pictured above. The highlighted names below didn't make it to the first Thanksgiving in 1621.

1. John Alden

2. Isaac & Mary Allerton 
     -w/ 3 children: Bartholomew, Remember & Mary
     -w/ 2 servants: John Hooke & William Latham

3.John Allerton

4. John & Eleanor Billington 
    -w/ 2 sons: John & Francis

5. William & Dorothy Bradford

6. William & Mary Brewster 
   -w/ 2 children: Love & Wrestling
   -w/ 2 wards: Richard & Mary More

7. Richard Britteridge

8. Peter Browne

9. John & Catherine Carver 
   -w/ 2 wards: Jasper More & Desire Minter
   -w/ 3 servants: John Howland, Roger Wilder, Dorothy (ULN)

10.  James & Mrs. Chilton 
    -w/ daughter Mary

11. Richard Clarke

12. Francis Cooke
     -w/ son: John

13. John Crackston
    -w/ son: John Jr.

14. Francis & Sarah Eaton
    -w/ son: Samuel

15. Mr. Ely

16. Thomas English

17. Moses Fletcher

18. Edward and Mrs. Fuller 
    -w/ son: Samuel

19. Samuel Fuller 
    -w/ Servant: William Butten

20. Richard Gardiner

21. John Goodman

22. Stephen & Elizabeth Hopkins
    -w/ 3 children: Constance, Giles, Damarius 
    -1 child born at sea: Oceanus
    -w/ 2 servants: Edward Doty & Edward Leister

23. Edmond Margesson

24. Christopher & Mary Martin 
    -w/possibly brother: Solomon Prower and Servant: John Langmore

25. William, Alice, Joseph and Priscilla Mullins
    -w/ servant: Robert Carter

26. Digery Priest

27. John & Alice Rigsdale

28. Thomas Rogers
    -w/ son: Joseph

29. Miles & Rose Standish

30. Edward & Ann Tilley
    -w/ 2 wards: Humility Cooper & Henry Sampson 

31. John & Mrs. Tilley 
    -w/ daughter: Elizabeth

32. Thomas & Mrs. Tinker 
    -w/ son

33. William Trevor

34. John Turner 
     -w/ 2 sons

35. Richard Warren

36. William and Susanna White 
    -w/ 2 children: Resolved & Peregrine 
    -w/ 2 servants: William Holbeck & Edward Thompson

37. Thomas Williams

38. Elizabeth & Edward Winslow 
    -w/ ward: Ellen More
    -w/ 2 servants: George Soule & Elias Story

39. Gilbert Winslow 

Friday, November 22, 2019

The Siblings of Josephine Dabuliewicz

Josephine was my great-grandmother. She was the only daughter of Josef Dabuliewicz (1881-1977) and Stephania Ellert (1878-1913). 

Now, you're probably wondering, how can there be a blog post about a siblings of an only child? Josephine's mother died in 1913, very young, when Josephine was only 7 years old. She was abandoned by her father and adopted by John and Mary Alexinas. You can read more about Josephine Here.

On 17 May 1914, Josef married Honorata Cieslak (1891-1977). Together, they had 6 children: 
1. Mary 
2. Helen
3. Walter Alexander
4. Stanley 
5. Joseph John
6. Adele

On 22 Apr 1930, the family was living in Winchendon, Massachusetts on Mill Glen Road. Their home was owned, valued at $2000. Josef was working as a sauder at a chair factory.

1. Mary Dabuliewicz 
Born: 31 Dec 1914 in Concord, Massachusetts

In 1935, Mary was living in Gardner, Massachusetts. She owned a beauty shop at 66 Parker St. 

Photo of Current building at the address of Mary's beauty shop- Photo Credit- Google.com

Mary sadly died at the young age of 26 years old on 20 Apr 1941 in Whitefield, New Hampshire. Cause of death- sub acute baterial endocarditis (infection of the lining of your heart). She never married. 

Mary was buried in the Saint Johns Cemetery in Gardner, Massachusetts. 

2. Helen Dabuliewicz
Born: 1917 in Massachusetts
Died: Before 2012

I couldn't find much information on Helen. In the 1930 U.S. Census, her name was written as Ellen. In her brother Joseph's obituary, it had her name and married name as Helen Lepkowski. It also stated in the obituary that she had already passed and this was 2012. I have not been able to find anything on her or her immediate family. 

3. Walter Alexander Dabuliewicz
Born: 01 Dec 1918 in Bedford, Ohio
Died: 28 Feb 1995 in Massachusetts-- age 76

Walter married Antoinette Leblanc (1929-2001) and they had at least 1 daughter- Michelle. 

4.  Stanley Dabuliewicz
Born: 1921 in Ohio
Died: Before 2012

Stanley is a lot like his sister Helen as in- I couldn't find much information on him. All I know is that he died before his brother Joseph in 2012- per Joseph's obituary.

5. Joseph John Dabuliewicz
Born: 25 Feb 1925 in Winchendon, Massachusetts
Died: 02 Dec 2012 in Greenfield, Massachusetts-- 87 years old

Joseph married Dorothea Haines (1925-2000) and they had 2 children: John Edward and Christian.

6. Adella M. Dabuliewicz
Born: 1930 in Massachusetts
Died: Unknown/Living

As of 2012, when her brother Joseph died, Adella was still living. She was Adella Wierstak. I found her husband was Charles Wierstak.  

52 Ancestors Biography- Ruby Mae Henderson

This is the second biography post for Ruby. The first one is a lot of pictures I had (then) recently found, you can view that blog post Here

Ruby Mae Henderson- my Great-Grandmother. 

Born: 28 Aug 1901 in Tipton County, Indiana

Ruby was the daughter of John Henry Henderson (1871-1949) and Anna Jane Thornton (1875-1954). She had 5 half-siblings with her father's first wife Cora and then one brother: Gaylon Eugene Henderson (1914-1985). 

On 10 Sep 1919, Ruby married my great-grandfather, Otto Watson Seaver (1901-1972). You can read more about him Here

Ruby and Otto had 2 daughters: 
1. Anita Marie (1922-1957)
2. Helen Ruth (1923-1981)

Ruby (right) and her daughter Helen and her granddaughter Bonnie (my mom)

Ruby and Otto weren't married long. By 1926, Otto was remarried to Grace Dunker. Ruby re-married as well to Myron Andrew French, son of Alonzo French (1869-1933) and Lucretia Alice Ward (1871-1930). Myron was born on 19 Feb 1894 and died on 30 Nov 1964 in Carson City, Nevada. Ruby and Myron didn't have any children. 

Ruby died at the age of 88 in Carson City, Nevada in Mar  1990. She is buried in Lone Mountain Cemetery.