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52 Ancestors- Week 12- Josephine Dabuliewicz

Josephine M. Dabuliewicz- my great grandmother

b. 02 Jan 1906- Brooklyn, New York
d. 02 Jan 1965- Dayton, Ohio

Parents: Josef Dabuliewicz (1883-1977) &
              Stephania Ellert (1878-1913) 

Adoptive Parents: John J. Alexinas (1874-1955) &
                            Mary Kushinski (1879-1973)

No biological siblings- Josephine was an only child. She had one adoptive brother- George Francis Alexinas (1904-1952) was the only child of John and Mary Alexinas. 

How Josephine is related to me:

~Carrie Jeckering Smith (me)
~My parents
~Paul George Jeckering (1925-1954) & Dorothy Hendricks
~Gerhard Cletus Jeckering (1900-1967) &
   Josephine M Dabuliewicz (1906-1965)


1920 - (age 14) 616 Har(p?) Street, Dayton, Ohio- with Alexinas family
1930- (age 24) 3306 Riverside, Dayton, Ohio- with husband & family
1940- 2334 (age 34) Newport, Dayton, Ohio- with husband & family


Josephine's mother died when Josephine was only 7 years old in 1913- of an illness she had received from the Great Dayton Flood. Josephine's father couldn't or wouldn't take care of his daughter, so he let the Alexinas family take her in. I don't know if he knew the Alexinas family personally or if she was given to the state first.
By 1920, she was living with them and had taken their name.

Josephine's father remarried before 1915- which is the same year that he had his second daughter with his second wife- Honorata Cieslak. He went on to have 6 children with her.


Josephine married Gerhard Cletus Jeckering in 1924.

b. 15 Jul 1900 in Dayton, Ohio
d. 12 Sep 1967 in Dayton, Ohio

His parents: Joseph Herman Jeckering (1870-1931) &
                   Rose A. Horn (1872-1933)

Children: (some dates are disclosed due to the fact they are/may be still living)

1. Paul George Jeckering          1925-1954
2. Richard Jeckering
3. Rita Jeckering
4. David Jeckering                     1928-1928
5. Rosemary E Jeckering           1930-2012
6. Ruth Jeckering                       1931-1931
7. Joanne Jeckering
8. Joseph Jeckering 

Death and Burial:

Josephine died at the age of 59 on 02 Jan 1965. I don't know the cause of her death (yet). She was buried on 05 Jan 1965 in Calvary Cemetery in Dayton Ohio: Section 7, Block X, Lot 115, Space 11- next to her husband.

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