Sunday, August 31, 2014

My Dream tonight - Death

I went to bed about an hour, an hour and a half ago. My husband is always jealous because I fall asleep so quickly, average is under two minutes (he's timed me). Anyways, it's more almost 12:50 am. About 20 minutes ago I awoke from this dream that I was having... It was by far the weirdest and most real - feeling dream I think I've ever had in my life.
I was driving on this road that doesn't look familiar to me now. It was dark and raining and I know I was going to fast. I seemed to be in a desperate hurry. I never looked in the back seat but I know my son Jack was in the car with me.
So I'm driving and the road turns curvy and I'm going to fast. Before I know it, my car is going over the guardrail after I failed to make the turn to the right. What's crazy about this part is... It felt so real... All of did. I was seat belted in but I was watching as my car plummeted of this cliff. I was screaming and telling jack that I loved him and that I was sorry. It had to be a long drop because I also had time to wonder if I could possibly survive this... If it would hurt to die.
my car hit the rocks below and nothing. No pain. Only blackness. Then it was as if I was opening my eyes in a pitch dark room with one bright light in front of me. Then I was in this area that seemed to be outdoors, like an outdoor shopping area but nobody was around and it was super quiet. I was pushing jack in the stroller but again, I don't remember looking at him.
This thin black woman came to me and told me she was there to show me around. She said I was dead.
The rest is a real blurr... She was showing me around and I had no idea where I was, there was no name spoken... No heaven... No hell... I was just there. I kept crying because I missed Jim. I felt numb... No happiness, no sadness either... Except for the crying... It was THE weirdest dream ever!
Then, as I was waking up, I was standing in line for food with this lady. I was upset because I had no money for food and she was assuring me that I had plenty of money on my pocket. I looked up and I said that I didn't want the dream to end... I wanted to find out what happened. Then I opened my eyes and I was in my bed.
I've never done this in a dream... Knowin that I was dreaming... And I've never officially died. Usually if I'd been in a rock - colliding car crash, as it went black  I would wake up!

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