Thursday, August 14, 2014

52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks- Week 14- George Mendenhall

George Mendenhall (1686-1758) - my 9th great grand uncle
b. 16 Aug 1686 in Concord, Pennsylvania
d. 1758 Concord, Pennsylvania

Parents: John Mendenhall (1659-1743) & 
             Elizabeth Maris (1665-1691)

George's life was interesting. It is rumored that he led a very unhappy life. In the records of the Concord Monthly Meeting, there are records of him fighting. 

George worked in a local mill but later in life, he suffered from mental problems and couldn't take care of himself. Different Chester county township jurisdictions and Friends Meetings were asked to give him financial support. 

In his last days, Concord and Chichester Monthly Meetings agreed to provide for him after Samuel Mendenhall told the Meetings that George (who was poor at the time)was in need of clothing and that George's relatives had provided enough for him until that time. The meetings appointed John Brinton and Richard Parks to provide for George and report to the next meeting.

George never married or had children. With his background, I'm actually surprised he lived to be 72 years old.

(I'm not sure which Samuel Mendenhall it was who aided poor George)

Concord Meeting House-- about 1900

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