Monday, August 25, 2014

Mappy Monday- Concord Friends Meeting Burial Ground

My 10th great grandfather- John Mendenhall (1659-1743) is buried in the Concord Friends Meeting Burial Ground in Concordville, Delaware, Pennsylvania. 

Concord Friends Meeting Burial Ground

 Location: at Old Concord and Thornton Roads in Concordville, Delaware, PA- 19331. 

Well, the cemetery doesn't come up on Google Maps, but here is the intersection where it's supposed to be

I found an interesting page on PAGenWeb Archives Cemeteries- it lists some people who are buried in this cemetery- this is just a partial list, but a lot of them are in my family tree:

~Mendenhall, Aaron, Sr.,- my 9th great grand uncle
~Mendenhall, Rose Pierson- my 9th great grand aunt
~Newlin, Elizabeth Paggott- mother-in-law of 10th great grand aunt
~Newlin, Mary Mendenhall- my 10th great grand aunt
~Newlin, Nathaniel- husband of my 10th great grand aunt
~Newlin, Nicholas- since this one doesn't have a birth or death date, I don't know who it is- I have 7 Nicholas Newlin's in my family tree.
~Yarnall, John (1782-1874)- my 4th cousin, 8x removed

I also did a search on Findagrave in this cemetery for the last name Mendenhall: (The ones with the (*) next to it- are in my tree)

Mendenhall, Esther (d. 1896)
Mendenhall, Jane Hewes (d. 1845) *
Mendenhall, John P (d. 17 May 1845)
Mendenhall, Margaret (d. 10 Mar 1818)
Mendenhall, Robert (b. 10 Aug 1790; d. 19 May 1880) *
Mendenhall, Stephen (d. 17 Dec 1908)
Mendenhall, Pvt William (b. 1843; d. 1932)
Mendenhall, William (b. 03 Aug 1799; d. 16 Dec 1879)
Newlin, Mary Mendenhall (b. 1660) *
Taylor, Margaret M. Mendenhall (b. 23 Oct 1830; d. 03 Dec 1906)
Williamson, Eliza Mendenhall (b. 26 Aug 1796; d. Sep 1849

(I thought there'd be more in my tree- Guess I need to do more digging!)

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