Thursday, August 28, 2014

52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks- Week 16- Johann Jeckering

Last week ancestor was Euphemia Jeckering. This week's highlight is Johann Jeckering who was born in 1660 in Kirchspiel, Germany. At first, I thought that Johann could be a possible sibling of Euphemia and Gerhard but because he was born the same year as Euphemia and he was born in Kirchspiel instead of Drievorden, I don't think it's possible. 

Johann is, however, still related to my family. He is the 3rd great grandfather of wife of 1st cousin, 5x removed- (say that 10x fast!) 

Johann married Christine (unknown last name) in 1685 in Emsubren. Christine was born about 1665 in Germany. Johann and Christine had at least 1 daughter- Anna Jeckering (b. 19 Aug 1691- Ahlde, Emsland, Germany). 

How Johann is related to me:

Carrie Jeckering Smith (Me)

My parents

Paul G Jeckering (1925-1954) & Dorothy Jean Hendricks (1926-2010)

Gerhard C Jeckering (1900-1967) & Josephine M Dabuliewicz (1906-1965)

Joseph H Jeckering (1870-1931) & Rose Horn (1872-1933) 

Gerhard J Jeckering (1829-1898) & Maria Elisabeth Kluneman (1830-1912)

Johannes Jeckering (1799-1860) & Euphemia Margaretha Ketteler (1798-1860)

Euphemia's parents were:

Johann Theodor Ketteler (1769-1848) & Anna Maria Wolbers (1767-1851)

Heinrich Ketteler (1793-1848) & Susanna Margaretha Hopmann (1793-1831)

Heinrich and Susanna had 1 son:

Joseph Theodor Santel (1824-?) & Susanna Adelheid Hoppenjan (1829-?)

Johann G. Hoppenjan (1797-1843) & Anna Maria Gerdes (1802-1859)

Johann Gerhard Hoppenjan (1766-1827) & Anna Maria Mollering (1775-1836)

Johann Hermann Hoppenjan (1730-1785) & Margaretha Fehring (1725-1793)

Anna Jeckering (1691-?) & Lambert Hoppenjan (1686- ?)

Johann Jeckering (1660-?) & Christine (abt 1665-?)


  1. I'm Bernard Green, son of Norbert and Viola Marie Dodd, daughter of Firman Dodd and Anna Josephine Heider, daughter of Frank Heider and Clara Jeckering so you would be 3rd cousin 1x removed

    1. Wonderful Bernard Green! Very nice to meet you! :)