Saturday, August 23, 2014

Surname Saturday- Hill

My 6th great grandmother was:
 Deidamia Mendenhall ('nee Hill)

b. 1775 in Guilford County, North Carolina
d. 05 Jun 1838 in Bethel Township, Miami, Ohio

Deidamia married Joseph Mendenhall (1770-1833) and they had 14 children!

Her parents were Thomas Hill (1740-1798) &
                             Elizabeth McClellan (1735-1798)

Deidamia's 3x great grandfather- Abraham Hill (1615-1670) immigrated to America from Bedfordshire, England.

I found this crest on Google--- I'm not sure what the top word says-- but this does resemble the "Hill" English family crest.

Surname- Hill

"Hill" is a very popular surname- according to Wikipedia, it means "a person who lived on a hill" and is the 30th most common name in the United Kingdom.

327,339 Immigration Records
4,285,286 Birth, Marriage, Death Records
3,068,926 Census and Voter Lists
499,216 Military Records
7,845,244 Member Trees

While reviewing "Hill" in, I found something interesting--- 

All UK, RMS Titanic, Crew Records, 1912:

Name/Gender/Birth Year/Birth Place/Class

J Hill/ Male/ abt 1874/ Hampshire
H P Hill/ Male/ abt 1876/ Liverpool
J Hill/ Male/ abt 1887/ London
H P Hill
J Hill
J Hill

I'm assuming since these were mostly/all male, most likely, none of these men survived the sinking.

I did a Google search for Titanic passengers and there were some "Hills" lost on the Titanic: some could be duplicates listed above:

Mr. H.P. Hill- age 36- Victualling Crew- Steward
Mr. James Hill- age 25- Engineering Crew- Trimmer
Mr. James Colston Hill- age 38- Victualling Crew- 1st class bedroom steward

The Hill DNA Project

This is an interesting website that I found while researching the name Hill. It is a website dedicated to "Hill" Ancestors-- check it out if you're interested! :) 


I figured this name would come up with a huge result for this website, and I was right. There are 52,961 results for the name "Hill". 

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