Sunday, August 31, 2014

Saturday Night Fun- on Sunday morning

I always enjoy participating in Genea-Musing's Saturday Night Genealogy Fun. Last night's challenge was: How Many Sarah LNU's Are in Your Genealogy Database?. I like this challenge because it kind of ties in with another blog post(s) I'm currently working on- One Person at a Time- Trying to clean up my ULN's in my family tree!

I have 17 members in my tree with the name "Sarah"
8 Sarah's have no birth or death dates

I have chosen to write about 3 Sarah's:

~Sarah ULN (1824- ?)- married William McDaniel (1824-1880) and they had at least 1 daughter: Nancy Elizabeth McDaniel (1853-1912). Nancy married my 2nd great grand uncle- John Abraham Hendricks.

I did some more research on Sarah. I was unable to find her maiden name, but I found out that she was married in 1841. She was born in Nov 1824 in Ohio and died on 10 Jan 1910 in Pataskala, Licking, Ohio. She and William had 2 more children besides Nancy- Hiram Gideon (b. 1846) and Reuben (b. 1854). 

~Sarah ULN (b & d unknown)- married Thomas Kendall (1732-1781) and they had at least 1 daughter- Mary Kendall (1746-1822)- Mary married Elijah Mendenhall- my 2nd cousin, 9x removed.

What I found on Sarah- She was born Sarah Pilkington to Edward Pilkington (1687-1752) & Mary Webb (1688-1743). She was born in 1728 in England and died about 1750 in Pennsylvania. She married Thomas Kendall (1732-1781) on 13 Nov 1740 in Chester County, Pennsylvania. 

~Sarah ULN (b & d unknown)- married William Yarnall (b. 1755) and they had at least 1 daughter: Elizabeth Yarnall (1785-1861). Elizabeth married Walker Yarnall (1784-1868) who is my 4th cousin, 8x removed.

What I found on Sarah- She was born Sarah Yarnall to John Yarnall (1725-1809) & Sarah Ellis (1729-?). She was born on 24 Sep 1756 in Thornbury, Chester, Pennsylvania. She died on 12 Jan 1825. She had 3 siblings- Jesse (b. 1750), Rachel (b. 1752), and Ann (b. 1754). Sarah first married a Mr. Happersett. She married William Yarnall in 1781 and they had 10 children:
Mary (b. 1782), Elizabeth (b. 1785), Thomas (b. 1787), William (b. 1789), Bennett (b. 1791), Sarah Ann (b. 1792), Margaret (b. 1794), Peter H. (b. 1795), Jonas P. (b. 1797) and Abner (b. 1802).


  1. Another fun challenge! I can't think of the surname right now, but I have family from Licking County, too!

    1. Thanks! :) That's great- such an odd name for a county, huh? LOL