Monday, August 4, 2014

Mappy Monday- Concord, Pennsylvania

My 10th great grandfather, John Mendenhall (1659-1743) came to America with his siblings in 1685. He settled down in Concord, Chester County, Pennsylvania, married Elizabeth Maris and had 3 sons.

Concord, Delaware County, Pennsylvania

Concord Township is divided into four villages that date into the 1600s- Concordville, Elam, Markham and Ward. Most of my family lived in Concordville. 
The population in 2010 was 17,231 (in Concord Township).

My ancestors were Quaker, as were most of the townspeople in Concord Township. This was the Concord Quaker Meeting House :

Concord Meeting House- 1900

John Mendenhall built a house for him and his family with a lot of land: (the picture I was going to put is REALLY blurry, sorry.

John's sister- Mary Mendenhall (1670-1728) came to America a year after her other siblings. She married Nathaniel Newlin (1665-1729) and they started the Newlin Mill- which is still there today! 

The Newlin Mill- Made grain from 1700s to 1942! The old mill is still there today!

Nathaniel and Mary Newlin's Home - still there today!

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  1. I love reading where ancestors came from or where they landed when they got here. So much about the places affected their lives.