Saturday, August 2, 2014

Surname Saturday- Ketteler

Today's Surname: Ketteler

My 4th great grandmother was:
Euphemia Margaretha Ketteler
b. 20 Dec 1798 in Drievorden, Germany
d. 1860 in Hesepe, Germany

She married Johannes Jeckering (1799-1860) and they had 5 children- including my 3rd great grandfather, who immigrated to America. 

Euphemia's parents were:
Johann Theodor Ketteler (1769-1848) & Anna Maria Wolbers (1767-1851)

I'm not sure where the name Ketteler comes into her family-- her grandfather- Theodor Ketteler's (1719-1787) parents were Heinrich Hermeling (1678-1726) and Susanna Flodder (1690-1760).

According to Wikipedia- Ketteler (or Kettler) is the name of a German noble family of Westphalia. 

Ketteler on the Web: 

~Useful tool: 

A great database that I've found for researching families in Emsburen, Germany is Local Heritage Book Emsburen. The site for the Ketteler family is: Ketteler FamilyIn this database, the birth dates range from 1525-1870.

There are 48 names in the Findagrave website--mostly in Ohio, Nebraska, Kentucky and Wisconsin, but one in England. 

There are 12 Ketteler's on the U.S. and Canada, Passenger and Immigration Lists Index, 1500s-1900s:

Name:                         Arrival Year:     Place:

Engelb Ketteler           1857                New York
Cath Schmiemann   
         Ketteler             1837                America
Joh Heinr Kettler       1837                America
Joh Theodor Ketteler 1837                America
Philipp Ketteler           1865                New York
A. Gert Lansing
          Ketteler             1847               Cincinnati, Ohio
Bern Ketteler               1847               Cincinnati, Ohio
Carl Hubertus Ketteler 1847               Cincinnati, Ohio
M. Christ Ketteler        1847                Cincinnati, Ohio
Mathias Hubertus 
              Ketteler          1847                Cincinnati, Ohio
Bernard Ketteler          1848                Illinois
Wm. Ketteler                1864                New York

There was one name on the U.S. Naturalization Record Index, 1791-1992:

Herman Ketteler - B. in Germany, Date of action: 07 Apr 1893 in New York.

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