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52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks, Week 38, Thomas Mildenhall III (1630-1682)

Thomas Mildenhall III- My 11th Great Grandfather

Born: 1630 in Marridge Hill, Wiltshire, England

Parents: Thomas MIldenhall Jr. (1609-1673) &
              Anne (1609-1640)


1. Elizabeth (b. 1627)
2. Stephen (1628-1690)
3. Francis (1631-1673)
4. Jane (b. 1635)


Thomas married Joane Strode (1634-1682) on 12 Aug 1649 in Aldbourne, Wiltshire, England at the Aldbourne Parish Church- still exists today!!

Joane's parents were Colonel William Strode II (1589-1666) & Joan Barnard (1607-1649).

Thomas and Joane had 9 children, 5 of which immigrated to America (only 4 ended up staying in America):

1. Margery Mildenhall (1655-1742)- died in Concord, PA
2. Thomas Mildenhall IV (1657-1729)
3. John Mendenhall (1659-1743)- died in Newark, Delaware
4. Joane Mildenhall (1661-1731)
5. Benjamin Mendenhall (1662-1740)- died in Concord, PA
6. Stephen Mildenhall (1664-1721)
7. Moses Mildenhall (1666-1738)- immigrated, but moved back
8. Aaron Mildenhall (1669-?)
9. Mary Mildenhall (1670-1728)- died in Chester, PA

Thomas and Joane had a total of at least 46 grandchildren!!

I've read on other Member Trees that Thomas and his wife became Quakers because of the strict church of England. Thomas was arrested several times because of not tithing

Even though he was only 52 years old, Thomas must have known he was going to die because a month before he did pass, he made out a will: 

The Will of Thomas Mildenhall- from "Wills and Administrations at Somerset House, Prerogative Court of Canterbury, Vol 371, cottle Vol. 3, 1682, folio 135.":

30 June 1682 Thomas Mildenhall of Maridge in parish of Ramsbury, Wilts, yeo, being aged and weak in body, etc. To eldest son THOMAS MILDENHALL of West Hundred in the county of Berkshire all manner of Thenth and Tythes of what sort so ever being and growing out of that messuage and tenement with the appurtenances here unto belonging which I now dwell in and is in my possession which I lately purchased of Henry Powle Esq and others; Item, I give and devise unto my sonne JOHN MILDENHALL and his heirs forever the fee simple of all that cottage and gardens in Maridge purchased of Thomas Stockbridge and one close of land or pasture by 5A or there abouts be it more or less lying in Marridge heath which I lately purchased of Nathaniel Stoneham, also all that close of are able pasture round heretofore parcell of grat Rashlett Coppice in parish of Ramsbury...7A and halfe and all the tenths and tithes the said 7A and half of ar able to pasture ground for and towards his better preferment in marriage and for his marriage portion. And upon this condition never the less that he the said JOHN MILDENHALL shall and will pay or cause to be paid to his brother BENJAMIN MILDENHALL the summe of (pound symbol) 40 lawful money of England at such time as the said premises before given shall come be in his now possession. All which premises by me given unto my said sonne JOHN I lately purchased of said Henry Powle Esq and others. Items I give and devise unto my son STEPHEN MILDENHALL all that messuage or tenement and two...of arrable land in Heath in parish of Chilton Folliott, Wilts, 30A with the appurtenances during the time of the lease thereof to me granted by John Parker wf Jane, upon condition nevertheless that he the said STEPHEN MILDENHALL his execrs and assignes shall and will yearly and every year pay unto his bro MOSES MILDENHALL (pound symbol) 5 p annum out of the said premises where he the said STEPHEN shall come to enjoy the same dureing the remainder of terme of the said lease. I give and bequeath to my dau MARY (pound symbol) 4 score one year decease. To dau MARGERY wf of Thomas Martin of Bedwin Magna 40 shillings. To dau JOANE wf of John Spier one shilling. And my will and meaning is that the said messuages lands tenements and premises herein before by me given and bequeathed to my said sonnes JOHN and STEPHEN shall remain and be in the possession of my now WF JOANE MILDENHALL during her natural life. And my will and meaning further is that in case there shall happen to be any losse or damage in recoverie or getting in of my debts and estate which shall be due and owing at the time of my decease, that my executors herein after named and such of my children and legatees afore said shall be his hers or their equal part and portion in the lott thereof out of their respective legacies and portions as to my overseers herein after named shall think meete and convenient. Item I give and devise unto my son MOSES the inheritance of that house and land in possession of Thomas Ellaway in or around the parish of Marridge afore said and which I lately purchased of Nicholas George of Whittenndish together with all the writings of the same premises which I order shall be delivered to my said son MOSES in a weeks time after my decease if he demands them. Rest to wife who is sole executor. I do give to each of them their care herein 5 shillings. 

Thomas died on 05 Jul 1682 in Sommerset, London, England- I don't know the cause of death.


Thomas and his wife are buried at The Church of Ramsbury in Ramsbury, Wiltshire, England- now called- Holy Cross Church. I seriously cannot wait until I can visit this church and pay my respects to my ancestors! It's such a beautiful church!!!

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Wednesday's Portrait: My Grand Aunt- Rita Irene

Last week, my grand aunt passed away, so in remembrance of her, today's portrait is a picture of her! 

Today's Portrait: Rita Irene Schock ('nee Jeckering)
                   b. 10 Mar 1928
                   d. 21 Jan 2015

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Tuesday's Census: Henderson, 1930

Henderson Family, 1930  

So, last week, I did the Seaver Family, 1930 U.S. Census and because there was a couple of Seaver's living in the Henderson Household in 1930, I put one of those on there

View the Henderson Family 1930 U.S. Census for my 2nd great grandfather Here.

1930 U.S. Census for my great grand uncle- Walter Irvin Henderson (1894-1976) and family:

Date: April 07, 1930

Address: 234 Ringwood Way, Anderson, Madison, Indiana
            Home is Owned- Valued at $3750

Members in Household:

Henderson, Walter I---Head-----34---Foreman @ Auto Parts Factory

"            ", Ruby-----Wife------31---Inspector @ Auto Parts Factory

"            ", Margie R.--Daughter-13---None

"            ", Norma J.--Daughter-6----None

"            ", Betty J.---Daughter-4.5--None

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Today in my Family History: Week 4

January 19, 2015~ Monday

In Loving Memory- May they Rest in Peace:

~William Martin Kime (1819-1871)
My 3rd Great Grandfather
He was BORN on January 19, 1819
He would be 196!!

~Mary Virgila "Virgie" Trick (1919-2007)
My 2nd Cousin, 2x Removed
She was BORN on January 19, 1919
She would be 96.

January 20, 2015~ Tuesday

In Loving Memory- May they Rest in Peace:

~Frances Gertrude Heider (1901-1993)
My 1st Cousin, 3x Removed
She was BORN on January 20, 1901.
She would be 114!!!

January 21, 2015~ Wednesday

In Loving Memory- May they Rest in Peace:

~Rita Irene Jeckering (1928-2015)
My Grand Aunt
Rita died today, January 21, 2015- she was 86 years old.

~John Henry Henderson (1871-1949)
My 2nd great grandfather
He DIED on January 21, 1949.
He would be 144!!!

~Carmlita Therese Trick (1928-1992)
My 2nd Cousin, 2x Removed
She was BORN on January 21, 1928.
She would have been 87.

~Cecilia Christine Brinkman (1902-1990)
My 1st Cousin, 3x Removed
She was BORN on January 21, 1902.
She would have been 113!!!

January 22, 2015- Thursday 

Nothing Today :(

January 23, 2015- Friday

A Very Happy Birthday to: 

~My Soon-To-Be Sister-in-Law-- a "Living Miller"-- 29 Years old

In Loving Memory- May they Rest in Peace:

~Pauline Ellert (abt 1853-1937)
(Maiden name is unknown)
My 3rd Great Grandmother
She DIED on January 23, 1937.
She would have been 162!!!

~Marcia Jeanne Jeckering (1942-1985)
My 1st Cousin, 2x Removed
She DIED on January 23, 1985.
She would have been 72.

January 24, 2015- Saturday

Nothing Today :(

January 25, 2015~ Sunday

A Very Happy Birthday to: 

~My Youngest niece- Aubree-- 1 Year old Today!

Surname Saturday (On Sunday): Bacon

So, I've been sick all weekend and am finally feeling better again to write-- so this blog post is a day late-- better late than never, I suppose! :) 

My 10th Great Grand uncle was Moses Mildenhall (1666-1738). He came to America with my 10th great grandfather- John Mendenhall (1659-1743) and other siblings, but Moses didn't like the land or people in America- felt like America was barbaric and too rugged for him, so after a year, he went back to England. There, he met and married Elizabeth Bacon (1673-1737) and they had 9 children.

Today's Surname: 


When I discovered that Moses had married a woman with the surname Bacon, I actually laughed because I had never heard of this name before-(except for the delicious breakfast side dish of course!)-- never as a name!  The only other thing I know about Elizabeth Bacon was that her father was John Bacon. 

So, how popular is the name Bacon in the U.S.??

The name Bacon is English and French with Germanic origin. It comes from the name Bac(c)o, Bahho- which means "to fight". The Normans form was Bacus. 

~U.S. and Canada, Passenger and Immigration Lists Index, 1500s-1900s for Bacon: 598 results

Name                                                      Birth Year                    Arrival Year                  Arrival Place

Daniel Bacon                                                                                                                    Massachusetts 
Elijah Bacon                                                                                                                      America
Geo Bacon                                           abt 1592                       1635                             America
Daniel Bacon                                       abt 1605                       1635                             Virginia 
Edward Bacon                                     abt 1610                       1635                            Barbados 

~All U.S. Naturalization Record Indexes, 1791-1992 results for Bacon: 348 results

Name                                        Birth Date                  Place                   District and Date of Action

Alfred W. Bacon                    05 Jun 1888               Russia                  Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Iowa, 06 Feb 1919

Beatrice Bacon                                                                                      California

Edwin John Bacon                                                                                California

Elizabeth Bacon                                                                                    California

Frederick Thomas Bacon                                                                    New York

Surprisingly, there was a HUGE amount of "Bacon"s in the Find a grave index... 24,603 records! So, just for fun, I typed in Elizabeth Bacon, in respect towards my 10th great grand aunt who never came to America...

For Elizabeth Bacon, there are 306 results! The results were in Missouri, Connecticut, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and many more!

It makes me wonder if any of Elizabeth's family- siblings or nieces/nephews with the surname Bacon came to America.

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52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks, Week 37: Gerhard Jeckering (1673-1735)

Gerhard Jeckering- my 7th great grandfather

Born: 1673 in Drievorden, Germany
Died: 1735 in Drievorden, Germany
          Age: 62

Parents & Siblings: Unknown 

Occupation: Farmer


Wife #1: Gesina Hanfelder (b. 1675)
Children of Gesina and Gerhard: 

1. Johann Jeckering (1699-1727)-28
2. Susanna Jeckering (1701-?)-?
3. Susanna Jeckering (1703-1761)- 57
4. Gesina Jeckering (1706-?)- ?

Wife #2: Susanna Hemelt (1691-1765), Married 1710
Parents: Johann Hernelt & Gebbula Rolfs
Children of Susanna and Gerhard: 

1. Euphemia Jeckering (1711-1764)-53
2. Adelheid Jeckering (1713-1716)-3
3. Johann Jeckering (1715-1719)-4
4. Adelheid Jeckering (1716-?)-?
5. Bernhard Jeckering (1719-?)-?
6. Johann Jeckering (1719-1727)- 8
7. Susanna Jeckering (1724-1795)- 71
8. Johann Jeckering (1727-?)- ?
9. Gerhard Jeckering (1730-1788)- 58
           (Gerhard was my 6th great grandfather)

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Wednesday's Portrait: Mendenhall Sisters

Today's Portrait: 

Bonnie Maree Mendenhall (1908-1913) (Left) &
Flora Adaline Mendenhall (1911-2005) (Right)

This is an interesting picture that I found on Bonnie and Flora were are my 5th cousins, 4x removed. 

I'm curious about this picture because I'm sure Bonnie died not long after this photo was taken! She only lived to be 4 years old (pictured on the left). I can imagine this is the same year that Bonnie had to have died. 

The picture looks like the sisters are sitting on a rock wall by the ocean- they lived in Los Angeles, so that could be pier behind them to the left! 

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Tuesday's Census- Seaver, 1930

Seaver is my grandmother's maiden name. 

The Seaver Family, 1930 

02 April 1930

Address: Unknown, Jefferson, Tipton, Indiana
             Home is owned.

Members of Household:

Jackson, James----------Head----41---Farmer- General Farm

"         ", Rose C.-------Wife----37---None

"         ", Charles D.----Son------13---None

Seavers, Frank B.-------Father-in-law--73--None

~Frank was my 2nd Great Grandfather

18 April 1930

Address: Unknown, Cicero, Tipton, Indiana
            Home is owned- valued at 1000

Members in Household:

Henderson, John H.---Head---58--- Carpenter- building construction

"            ", Anna J.--Wife----55---None

"            ", Eugene---Son----15---None

Seaver, Anita M.-----Gr. Dau-7----None

"      ", Helen Ruth---Gr. Dau-6----None

~Helen was my grandmother. Her and her sister Anita were living with their maternal grandparents- John and Anna Henderson. I don't know why they were living with them. 

28 April 1930

Address: Perryton St., Reynolds, Rock Island, Illinois
            Home is owned, valued at $1400

Members in Household:

Harness, William M.---Head------85--None

Dunker, Laura-------Servant----58--Housekeeper- Private Family

Seaver, Otto---------Boarder---29--Laborer- Odd Jobs

"      ", Grace--------Boarder---28--None

~While Helen and Anita were living with their grandparents, their father- Otto was remarried, living in Illinois with his new wife, her mother and the man who her mother worked for. 

I couldn't find Helen and Anita's mother- Ruby Mae in the 1930 Census. I know she eventually married a man with the last name French. 

Monday, January 19, 2015

Mappy Monday- Midland, Michigan

    My great grandfather was Earl Dwight Mendenhall (1894-1972). On his WWI draft registeration card, it shows that he was living in Midland, Michigan on June 05, 1917 at the age of 23. 

Midland, Michigan 

I found Midland's website- they call Midland "The City of Modern Explorers"- not sure exactly why, but it's an interesting name! 

By looking at the pictures on Google, Midland is a BEAUTIFUL town! I would love to visit, not only because one of my ancestors were there, but because I've never been to Michigan, (just another check off the bucket list!)

Before the 1850's, Midland was an Indian village- the Chippewa Indiana Wikkiups. Settlers started to form which included Indian hunters, fisherman, farmers and loggers. The city of Midland was incorporated in 1887. 

The first industry to come to Midland was in 1890 when a man named Herbert Henry Dow founded Dow Chemical Company- which is still in the works- now named Dow Chemical-- there is also Dow Corning Corporation- two Fortune 500 Companies.

When visiting Midland, what should you do?

There are a lot of historical homes- mid-20th century architecture

Biking and Skating

Dow Diamond Stadium near downtown Midland- Minor league Baseball

Saturday Night Genealogy Fun- On Monday!

I always love participating in Randy Seaver's Saturday Night Genealogy Fun challenges- I haven't done one in a while, so I thought I'd take the time to do last nights challenge!!!

Last night's challenge was: Do Some Semi-Random Online Research.

To figure out what name to do, I asked my husband to choose a letter- which he chose "B" so the first surname in my list of "B"s was Abel Babcock.

What I know about Abel Babcock: he's the father-in-law of my 5th cousin, 7x removed- Ellis Abner Mendenhall (1840-1919). Ellis married Artimesia Rowena Babcock (1844-1921)- Abel's daughter.

I also know that Abel's wife was Lucy Ann Huntington. I don't have birth or death dates for either one of these individuals- so I have a lot to research!

Here we go!

Abel Stillman Babcock
b. 12 Apr 1800 in Leyden, Franklin, Massachusetts
d. 12 Jan 1881 in Milton, Rock, Wisconsin

Parents: Ezra Babcock (1769-1844) & Saberah Stillman (1771-1865)

Abel married Lucy Ann Huntington on 14 Apr 1821 in Scott, Cortland, New York.

Lucy Ann: b. 23 Feb 1803 in Chenango Forks, Broome, New York
                d. 08 Oct 1872 in Milton, Rock, Wisconsin

Residence(s) and Occupation(s):

1800 (birth)- Leyden, Franklin, Massachusetts
1830 (30) - Greenfield, Erie, Pennsylvania
1840 (40)- Greenfield, Erie, Pennsylvania
1850 (50)- Lima, Rock, Wisconsin- Farmer
1860 (60)- Milton, Rock, Wisconsin- Merchant
1870 (70)- Milton, Rock, Wisconsin- Retail Dry Goods
1880 (80)- Milton, Rock, Wisconsin- No Occupation


Abel and Lucy had 12 Children: (because some died young, I put how old they were when they died)

1. Lucy Ann (1822-1909)---------------87
2. Almira (1824-1865)------------------41
3. Philena (1826-1921)------------------94
4. Harriet (1829-1912)------------------82
5. Abel Stillman Jr. (1831-1857)------25
6. Angeline (1834-1854)---------------20
7. Margerite (1836-1855) -------------19
8. Lydia Elma (1838-1930)------------91
9. Edwin Patridge (1840-1924)--------83
10. Artismesia Rowena (1844-1921)--77
11. Gillespie (1845-1847)--------------1
12. Ezra Stillman (1851-1911)---------60

Abel died on 12 Jan 1881 at the age of 80 years old. He was buried in Milton Cemetery in Milton, Rock, Wisconsin.

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Surname Saturday (On Sunday)- Barkeling

 Well, this post is a little late- a day- because I've been sick and haven't felt like being on the computer. Thankfully, I'm feeling better for a little bit, so it seemed like a good time to do some research! :) 


   My 6th great grand aunt was Susanna Jeckering (1724-1795)- born and raised in Germany. She married Bernhard Barkeling (1731-1785). He was born and raised in Germany as well. His parents were Gerhard Barkleling & Anna Feldhaus. What's interesting about Susanna and Bernhard is that their 7 children took her name- Jeckering.


  The Surname Barkleling was very difficult to research. I typed the name into Google and got nothing- which is so strange. 

 I did look into one source that I love using- using one of the local history books from Emsburen- the name Barkeling came up. I'm wondering if this whole time, if I've had the name misspelled- you can view the names:  Here

 With this spelling typed into Google, I was able to receive some results, but still not that popular of a name. I did find one website:  -- Mainly popular in Germany and Sweden. I wasn't able to find the meaning of the name or origin, but I'm sure it is from Germany. 

 I typed in the name Barkeling into there was only two results: 

  1. Barkeling, Frank (1863-1888)- Ohio

  2. Barkeling, Johann Heinrich (1809-1871)- Ohio

 I was also able to find a Gustat Barkeling (age 25-29) on I guess this is a people search website- living in London, England.