Saturday, January 10, 2015

Surname Saturday- Pennel

My 10th great grand uncle was Benjamin Mendenhall (1662-1740). He married Hannah Pennel (1673-1721). Hannah was born in Balderton, Cheshire, England and her family immigrated to America.


~All U.K., outward passenger lists, 1890-1960
  - 2,442 Results with spelling variations, here are a few: 

Name                       Departure            Destination

Rosalie Pennel            Wales                  Canada
Robt C. Pennel           England               USA
Hilda Pennel              Wales                  Canada
Harry Chas Pennel      England               Australia 

~RMS Titanic, Deaths at Sea, 1912 
  - 1 Results for Pennel: 

F Pennel

The Surname Database: 

Spelling Variations: 
Penell, Pennell, Peniall, Penniall, Penniell, and Pernell. 

Pennel is an English Surname but it many cases, it has French origin.

There were 455 results for Pennel, only this spelling- varying from Kansas, Pennsylvania, Oklahoma, Ohio, North Carolina, Maryland. 

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