Monday, January 5, 2015

Surname Saturday- On Monday- Mollering

So, the Holidays have caused me to fall a bit behind on my blog posts, but today, I am determined to get all caught up! :) So, we'll start with Surname Saturday, which was supposed to be on Saturday, 1/3:

Surname Saturday: Mollering

My 6th Great Grand Uncle- Bernhard Jeckering (b 1719) married Anna Mollering (1725-1809)- both were born and died in Germany. I also have 3 other Mollering's in my family tree as well as 12 other people with the spelling of Moellering.

There is one website I love using when researching Germany Ancestry- they have a great database that you can search by the area name or by the surname! I used this website a lot when researching the name Jeckering, so I thought it'd be useful for researching Mollering- There are about 75 or so names listed on the website with this last name: click HERE to see the list.

I searched Mollering family name on Google, came up with the name as being 100% Germany- which was expected.

Mollering in the United States: All New York, Passenger Lists, 1820-1957: There are 85 Results- but here are a few:

Name                          Arrival Date        Birth           Departure              Nationality             Ship Name

Louise Mollering        31 Oct 1845        1819           Bremen, Germany                               Caroline

Caroline Mollering     31 Oct 1845         1821          Bremen, Germany                               Caroline

Charles Mollering      31 Oct 1845         1822          Bremen, Germany                                Caroline

Frederike Mollering   10 Jun 1844          1826          Bremen, Germany                                Emma

Margarete Mollering  30 Aug 1906         1831          Bremen                     German               Main

There are only 18 Results for the name Mollering-- varying from Iowa, Missouri, Canada, California, Ohio and Nebraska      

Mollering, Pvt Albert E.- 1897-1976- Humboldt Co., Iowa
Mollering, Anna- d. 1926- St. Louis Co., Missouri
Mollering, Augusta- d. 1958- Alberta, Canada
Mollering, Charlote- 1853-1883- St. Louis Co., Missouri
Mollering, Frank L.- 1859-1926- Lawrence Co., Missouri
Mollering, Geraldine M.- 1926-1994- San Diego Co., California

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