Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Tuesday's Census- Seaver, 1930

Seaver is my grandmother's maiden name. 

The Seaver Family, 1930 

02 April 1930

Address: Unknown, Jefferson, Tipton, Indiana
             Home is owned.

Members of Household:

Jackson, James----------Head----41---Farmer- General Farm

"         ", Rose C.-------Wife----37---None

"         ", Charles D.----Son------13---None

Seavers, Frank B.-------Father-in-law--73--None

~Frank was my 2nd Great Grandfather

18 April 1930

Address: Unknown, Cicero, Tipton, Indiana
            Home is owned- valued at 1000

Members in Household:

Henderson, John H.---Head---58--- Carpenter- building construction

"            ", Anna J.--Wife----55---None

"            ", Eugene---Son----15---None

Seaver, Anita M.-----Gr. Dau-7----None

"      ", Helen Ruth---Gr. Dau-6----None

~Helen was my grandmother. Her and her sister Anita were living with their maternal grandparents- John and Anna Henderson. I don't know why they were living with them. 

28 April 1930

Address: Perryton St., Reynolds, Rock Island, Illinois
            Home is owned, valued at $1400

Members in Household:

Harness, William M.---Head------85--None

Dunker, Laura-------Servant----58--Housekeeper- Private Family

Seaver, Otto---------Boarder---29--Laborer- Odd Jobs

"      ", Grace--------Boarder---28--None

~While Helen and Anita were living with their grandparents, their father- Otto was remarried, living in Illinois with his new wife, her mother and the man who her mother worked for. 

I couldn't find Helen and Anita's mother- Ruby Mae in the 1930 Census. I know she eventually married a man with the last name French. 

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