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Surname Saturday (On Sunday): Bacon

So, I've been sick all weekend and am finally feeling better again to write-- so this blog post is a day late-- better late than never, I suppose! :) 

My 10th Great Grand uncle was Moses Mildenhall (1666-1738). He came to America with my 10th great grandfather- John Mendenhall (1659-1743) and other siblings, but Moses didn't like the land or people in America- felt like America was barbaric and too rugged for him, so after a year, he went back to England. There, he met and married Elizabeth Bacon (1673-1737) and they had 9 children.

Today's Surname: 


When I discovered that Moses had married a woman with the surname Bacon, I actually laughed because I had never heard of this name before-(except for the delicious breakfast side dish of course!)-- never as a name!  The only other thing I know about Elizabeth Bacon was that her father was John Bacon. 

So, how popular is the name Bacon in the U.S.??

The name Bacon is English and French with Germanic origin. It comes from the name Bac(c)o, Bahho- which means "to fight". The Normans form was Bacus. 

~U.S. and Canada, Passenger and Immigration Lists Index, 1500s-1900s for Bacon: 598 results

Name                                                      Birth Year                    Arrival Year                  Arrival Place

Daniel Bacon                                                                                                                    Massachusetts 
Elijah Bacon                                                                                                                      America
Geo Bacon                                           abt 1592                       1635                             America
Daniel Bacon                                       abt 1605                       1635                             Virginia 
Edward Bacon                                     abt 1610                       1635                            Barbados 

~All U.S. Naturalization Record Indexes, 1791-1992 results for Bacon: 348 results

Name                                        Birth Date                  Place                   District and Date of Action

Alfred W. Bacon                    05 Jun 1888               Russia                  Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Iowa, 06 Feb 1919

Beatrice Bacon                                                                                      California

Edwin John Bacon                                                                                California

Elizabeth Bacon                                                                                    California

Frederick Thomas Bacon                                                                    New York

Surprisingly, there was a HUGE amount of "Bacon"s in the Find a grave index... 24,603 records! So, just for fun, I typed in Elizabeth Bacon, in respect towards my 10th great grand aunt who never came to America...

For Elizabeth Bacon, there are 306 results! The results were in Missouri, Connecticut, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and many more!

It makes me wonder if any of Elizabeth's family- siblings or nieces/nephews with the surname Bacon came to America.

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