Sunday, January 18, 2015

Surname Saturday (On Sunday)- Barkeling

 Well, this post is a little late- a day- because I've been sick and haven't felt like being on the computer. Thankfully, I'm feeling better for a little bit, so it seemed like a good time to do some research! :) 


   My 6th great grand aunt was Susanna Jeckering (1724-1795)- born and raised in Germany. She married Bernhard Barkeling (1731-1785). He was born and raised in Germany as well. His parents were Gerhard Barkleling & Anna Feldhaus. What's interesting about Susanna and Bernhard is that their 7 children took her name- Jeckering.


  The Surname Barkleling was very difficult to research. I typed the name into Google and got nothing- which is so strange. 

 I did look into one source that I love using- using one of the local history books from Emsburen- the name Barkeling came up. I'm wondering if this whole time, if I've had the name misspelled- you can view the names:  Here

 With this spelling typed into Google, I was able to receive some results, but still not that popular of a name. I did find one website:  -- Mainly popular in Germany and Sweden. I wasn't able to find the meaning of the name or origin, but I'm sure it is from Germany. 

 I typed in the name Barkeling into there was only two results: 

  1. Barkeling, Frank (1863-1888)- Ohio

  2. Barkeling, Johann Heinrich (1809-1871)- Ohio

 I was also able to find a Gustat Barkeling (age 25-29) on I guess this is a people search website- living in London, England. 

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