Monday, January 19, 2015

Saturday Night Genealogy Fun- On Monday!

I always love participating in Randy Seaver's Saturday Night Genealogy Fun challenges- I haven't done one in a while, so I thought I'd take the time to do last nights challenge!!!

Last night's challenge was: Do Some Semi-Random Online Research.

To figure out what name to do, I asked my husband to choose a letter- which he chose "B" so the first surname in my list of "B"s was Abel Babcock.

What I know about Abel Babcock: he's the father-in-law of my 5th cousin, 7x removed- Ellis Abner Mendenhall (1840-1919). Ellis married Artimesia Rowena Babcock (1844-1921)- Abel's daughter.

I also know that Abel's wife was Lucy Ann Huntington. I don't have birth or death dates for either one of these individuals- so I have a lot to research!

Here we go!

Abel Stillman Babcock
b. 12 Apr 1800 in Leyden, Franklin, Massachusetts
d. 12 Jan 1881 in Milton, Rock, Wisconsin

Parents: Ezra Babcock (1769-1844) & Saberah Stillman (1771-1865)

Abel married Lucy Ann Huntington on 14 Apr 1821 in Scott, Cortland, New York.

Lucy Ann: b. 23 Feb 1803 in Chenango Forks, Broome, New York
                d. 08 Oct 1872 in Milton, Rock, Wisconsin

Residence(s) and Occupation(s):

1800 (birth)- Leyden, Franklin, Massachusetts
1830 (30) - Greenfield, Erie, Pennsylvania
1840 (40)- Greenfield, Erie, Pennsylvania
1850 (50)- Lima, Rock, Wisconsin- Farmer
1860 (60)- Milton, Rock, Wisconsin- Merchant
1870 (70)- Milton, Rock, Wisconsin- Retail Dry Goods
1880 (80)- Milton, Rock, Wisconsin- No Occupation


Abel and Lucy had 12 Children: (because some died young, I put how old they were when they died)

1. Lucy Ann (1822-1909)---------------87
2. Almira (1824-1865)------------------41
3. Philena (1826-1921)------------------94
4. Harriet (1829-1912)------------------82
5. Abel Stillman Jr. (1831-1857)------25
6. Angeline (1834-1854)---------------20
7. Margerite (1836-1855) -------------19
8. Lydia Elma (1838-1930)------------91
9. Edwin Patridge (1840-1924)--------83
10. Artismesia Rowena (1844-1921)--77
11. Gillespie (1845-1847)--------------1
12. Ezra Stillman (1851-1911)---------60

Abel died on 12 Jan 1881 at the age of 80 years old. He was buried in Milton Cemetery in Milton, Rock, Wisconsin.


  1. What a range of ages that the children died! From 1 to several in their 80's & 90's. Interesting!

    I tried asking my daughter for a letter... she chose Q which I actually have a bunch of. But, it wasn't working for me. Last night I tried again and went with the very first person in my file... a female with an unknown last name. It turns out that she was married to the grandson of my DAR patriot ancestor! And, I found lots of info on her, including her maiden name. And,uncovered some new records that I need to dig deeper into! Lots of fun!

    1. Isn't that interesting- their age ranges!? I thought it was was interesting- looks like there might have been some type of illness or something 1854/1855...maybe. :)
      Glad you got some new information on an unknown person! I'll have to check your out! :)

    2. Thanks for leaving a comment on my post. I just wrote another blogger that I have about 600 articles clipped on I LOVE it!!! But, I've had NO success with GenealogyBank. Maybe it all depends on where your ancestors lived? I would give it a try, though!

    3. I am giving it a try now Dana! I'm doing the 7 day free trial! I've found so much so far! :) I just don't know if it's worth the high price..ekk LOL