Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Tuesday's Census: Mendenhall Family, 1940

Today's Census Record: 1940, Mendenhall Family

29 May 1940

Address: 129 E. Orchard Springs, Harrison, Montgomery, Ohio

I typed the address into Google to see what the house looked like today- this is what came up-- 128 E. Orchard Springs, Shiloh, Ohio- I'm not sure if this is the correct address/house or not, but here it is.... can't even see the house anyways because of the cluster of trees! 

Home- Owned- Valued at $4000

Members of the household:

Mendenhall, Earl D.----Head----46 years old---Ohio---Garage Mechanic- own business
"              ", Olive -----Wife----40 years old---Ohio---no occupatoin
"              ", Ruth E.---Daughter- 7 years old--Ohio---Student

Earl was my great grandfather

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