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Surname Saturday: McGuire

Today's Surname: McGuire

My 4th great grandmother was Nancy Hendricks ('nee McGuire) (1780-1823). This is her lineage: 
Parents: Archibald McGuire (b. 1747) & Jane McCormick (b. 1751)
Grandfather: Francis McGuire (1720-1785)

I haven't been able to find out where they came from, but I'm sure McGuire is Irish.

McGuire: (U.S. and Canada, Passenger and Immigration Lists Index):
There are 4,752 names of McGuire, but here are a few: 
Name                        Birth Year          Arrival Year and Place

Bernard McGuire                                                             Texas
Cornedy McGuire                                                             Scott Co., Indiana
Delia McGuire                                                                  New York
Edward McGuire                                                             New York

Irish Immigrants: New York Port Arrival Records, 1846-1851:
There are 2,336 results, but here are a few: 
Name                 Age   Gender    Native Country          Ship/Date

Margt McGuire 70      F            Ireland                        Empire State 1851
P. McGuire        66      M           Great Britain              2036/ 1847
Roger McGuire  64      M           Great Britain              Pacific/ 1846
Grace McGuire  64      F            Great Britain              2036/1847
Alice McGuire   60      F            Ireland                        Marmion/ 1847

There are 32,929 records for McGuire and 97 results for Nancy McGuire.

Google Results for "Surname: McGuire":

The name means "son of Odhar" Some historical background indicates the name Mag Uidhir, Maguire or McGuire stems from teh Magi of Eire who were the priests of ancient Ireland. The name is most often associated with County Fermanagh. 

House of Names (.com):

Spelling Variations: Maguire, MacGuire, Guire, Guirey, Guiry and others.

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