Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Tuesday's Census: Hendricks Family, 1940

Today's Census Record: 1940, Hendricks Family

04 Apr 1940

Address: 66 S. Terry St., Dayton, Ohio

This is how the house looks today!
Photo Courtesy of Google Maps

Household Rents for $25/month

Members of the Household:

Hendricks, Isaac---Head--57 years old--b. Indiana, Laborer
-----------, Myrtle--Wife--56 years old--b. Indiana, Housewife
-----------, Catherine-Daughter-27 years old-b. Indiana, Folder for Box Factory
-----------, Melvin----Son- 18 years old-b. Indiana, Laborer
-----------, Dorothy---Daughter- 13 years old-b. Indiana,
                (my grandmother)


  1. Folder for box factory? HEY! That might have been the most important position in the factory! Haaaa!