Saturday, November 29, 2014

Surname Saturday- Kime

Last week, I wrote about the surname Hyman. My 2nd great grandfather- James W. Hyman (1854-1926) married Mary Kime (1859-1917). Her parents were William Martin Kime (1819-1871) & Cynthia Ann Bell (1834-1901). Mary's great-grandfather- Johannes "John" Keim (1754-1815) was born in Germany.


U.S. and Canada, Passenger and Immigration Lists Index:

Keim: There are 996 results with this surname spelling: here are a few: 

Name                           Birth Year          Arrival Year/       Place

Anthony Keim                                                                 Indiana
Johannes Keim                                       1697                  Pennsylvania
Anna Margaretha Keim   abt 1701            1733                  Pennsylvania
Anne Catherine Keim                              1724; 1731         Louisiana
Michael Keim                                         1728                 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 

I did the same list but changed the spelling to Kime: there were 996 results, but only about 25 with this spelling:

Keim: There are 4,138 results for this spelling
Kime:  There are 2,182 results for this spelling

House of Names: 

Keim: Ancestors of the surname Keim emigrated to England following the Norman Conquest in 1066. They lived in Lincolnshire. Spelling variations: Kimes, Kymes, Kyme, Kime and others.

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