Sunday, March 8, 2015

Saturday Night Genealogy Fun- On a Sunday

On February 28, Randy from Genea-Musings suggested a challenge of: How Did You Meet Your Significant Other? So, here it goes!

My significant other is my husband, partner in crime and soul mate- Jim. We met on a boat one summer- he worked with my stepdad working on airplanes. I had absolutely no interest in Jim at the time so that's about as far as I can say about our first meeting. 

I officially met Jim when we went on our first date. I guess you could say it was a blind date- we knew of each other, it'd been FOREVER since we'd first met and I didn't really know anything about him except that we were in the same situation- we both were recently back in the dating pool. He'd been dating/engaged to a woman for the past 2 (?) years and then I'd been in a serious relationship for the past year. Needless to say, my stepdad was tired of Jim moping around at work and he was tired of me moping around at home.

Jim and I went on our first date on October 10, 2009. I had only been single for 2 weeks, but I desperately needed to get out of the house. That previous May, I had undergone a total hip replacement and by October, when I should have been fully healed, I was still recovering because of complications from the surgery. I walked very slow and with a cane. Jim was all to sweet about my situation and even though I know now that it didn't bother him, I was a little nervous about the whole date. Who would want to go out with a 25 year old with a hip replacement? LOL

Our first date was the best first date I'd ever been on. Any other first dates included dinner at a simple restaurant like Applebees and maybe a movie afterwards if you liked the person enough that you didn't want the date to end. Jim wasn't your typical date. We drove 24 miles up a winding road towards a small "ghost town" called Jerome in Arizona. We walked around the little shops and then went to the Asylum Restaurant in the Grand Hotel- Very expensive for a first date. I knew where we were going and I didn't want to seem like I expected him to pay for dinner, so I had originally brought my credit card, just in case! LOL

Even though the night was amazing and romantic, I wasn't even sure I wanted to date Jim, not because of anything about him, but because I was SO fresh out of a relationship and I wanted to be single for awhile. He understood that but he didn't give up. He became the friend that I so desperately needed at the time. He saved my life- both from boredom and a downward spiral of depression that had slowly started to spin out of control since the horrible surgery and broken relationship. Jim was patient and we remained friends until the end of November when I gave into the feelings and accepted him more than a friend-- the best decision I've ever made! 


  1. What a lovely story. I was idly reading blogposts feeling slightly glum and your beautiful story has really cheered me up. Thank you!