Friday, March 13, 2015

Who is John Jeckering?

When searching through, searching "Jeckering"- my maiden name, I came upon a name that I didn't have in my tree- 

John Jeckering (1919-1934)
Buried in Saint Rose Cemetery in Cadott, Chippewa, Wisconsin

So, of course, I had to research him! :) 

I started out with researching his name on searching engine and looking into census records but there was some confusion with the date of birth-- here's what I found in two census records:

1920 U.S. Census: 19 Jan 1920
                             La Crosse, La Crosse, Wisconsin
        Mormon Coolie Rd.- St. Michael's Orphanage
        John Jackering- age 6, born 1914 Wisconsin

1930 U.S. Census: 03 Apr 1930
                             Waukesha, Waukesha, Wisconsin
         College Ave- Wisconsin Industrial School for Boys
         John Jeckering- age 16, born 1914 Wisconsin

You can read more about this school Here.

I kind of came to a dead end with the Census records, which makes sense because John died in 1934. So, I went to's Member trees and I found SO many people who had John as the son of Gerhard Bernard Jackering (1845-1922) and Anna F. Houdick (1870-1933), which would make John my 4th cousin, 4x removed! 

I don't know why John was in an orphanage and then later a school for troubled boys, but I can only imagine he had some type of disability. 

John married Dorothy Elaine Comerford (1916-1990) before 1932 and they had a son- James John (1932-1989). John died in May 1934 and Dorothy remarried only two months later on 18 Jul 1934 to Perry Curtis Farmer (1903-1985). John's son- James John took his step-father's name- Farmer- James John Farmer.

James John Farmer (1932-1989) married Joan Elizabeth Schubert (1930-2012) in September, 1954 and they had 8 children. 

Just by finding out who this John Jeckering was, I found out that I had:

~Another 4th cousin, 4x removed
~A 5th cousin, 3x removed
~8 6th cousins, 2x removed

Pretty cool!

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