Tuesday, January 17, 2017

We're Related App- Week of Dec 19-25

"Robert E. Lee"
Robert Edward Lee
General Officer
b. 19 Jan 1807 in Virginia
d. 12 Oct 1870 in Virginia
My 4th Cousin, 8x Removed
I'm related to Robert through my Mom's side (Mendenhall)

"Les Brown"
Lester Raymond Brown
b. 14 Mar 1912 in Pennsylvania
d. 04 Jan 2001 in California 
My 7th Cousin, 3x Removed
I'm related to Les through my Mom's side (Mendenhall)

A Facebook Friend 
My 7th Cousin, 3x Removed
I'm related to Russ through my Mom's side (Mendenhall)
(I'm not posting information or pictures for privacy reasons)

"Marlon Brando"
Marlon Brando Jr.
b. 03 Apr 1924 in Nebraska
d. 01 Jul 2004 in California
My 8th Cousin, 2x Removed
I'm related to Marlon through my Mom's side (Mendenhall)

"George W. Bush"
George Walker Bush
43rd President of the United States of America
My 9th Cousin, 1x Removed
I'm related to George through my Mom's side (Mendenhall)

"Kenny Rogers"
Kenneth Ray Rogers
Country Music Singer/Songwriter
My 7th Cousin, 3x Removed
I'm related to Kenny through my Mom's side (Mendenhall)

"Jack Daniel"
Jasper Newton Daniel
Distiller- Founder of Jack Daniel's Whiskey 
b. Jan 1849 (around) in Tennessee
d. 10 Oct 1911 in Tennessee 
My 6th Cousin, 6x Removed
I'm related to Jack through my Mom's side (Mendenhall)

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