Wednesday, January 18, 2017

We're Related App- Jan 2- 17

"Jim Henson"
James Maury Henson
b. 24 Sep 1936 in Mississippi
d. 16 May 1990 in New York
My 8th Cousin
The App claims that I am related to Jim through my Mom's side (Mendenhall), but when I tried to verify names and dates, it didn't match up for me.

"James Madison"
James Madison Jr.
4th United States President of the United States of America
b. 16 Mar 1751 in Virginia
d. 28 Jun 1836 in Virginia
My 2nd Cousin, 8x Removed
I'm related to James through my Mom's side (Mendenhall)

"Gen. George Patton"
George Smith Patton Jr.
General during WWII
b. 11 Nov 1885 in California
d. 21 Dec 1945 in Germany
My 7th Cousin, 3x Removed
I'm related to George through my Mom's side (Mendenhall)

"Betty White"
Betty Marion White
My 7th Cousin, 4x Removed
I'm related to Betty through my Mom's side (Mendenhall)

"Miranda Cosgrove"
Miranda Taylor Cosgrove
According to We're Related app, Miranda and I are 8th cousins from my
Mom's side (Mendenhall), but the names and dates don't match up.

"Dottie West"
Dorothy Marie Marsh
b. 11 Oct 1932 in Tennessee
d. 04 Sep 1991 in Tennessee
According to We're Related App, Dottie is my 7th Cousin, 3x Removed but the names and dates don't match up.

"Hillary Clinton"
Hillary Diane Rodham
Former First Lady
Former United States Secretary of State
Ran for President in 2016
According to We're Related App, Hillary is my 7th Cousin, 3x Removed on my Mother's side (Mendenhall), but the dates and names don't match up. I do however, have her in my tree otherwise because her former ex-husband Bill Clinton is my 6th Cousin, 5x Removed.

"John Jay"
Former Chief Justice of the United States
b. 23 Dec 1745 in New York
d. 17 May 1829 in New York
My 4th Cousin,7x Removed 
I'm related to John through my Dad's Side (Jeckering)

"Brian Wilson"
Brian Douglas Wilson
My 9th Cousin
I'm related to Brian through my Mom's side (Mendenhall)

"Vincent Price"
Vincent Leonard Price Jr.
b. 27 May 1911 in Missouri
d. 25 Oct 1993 in California
My 8th Cousin, 2x Removed
I'm related to Vincent through my Mom's side (Mendenhall)

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  1. Interesting! I've heard of this app but haven't tried it yet. I was wondering how accurate it was.