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52 Ancestors in 52 weeks- Week 52- Dorothy Reed Mendenhall (1874-1964)

Dorothy Mabel Reed Mendenhall - Wife of my 6th Cousin, 6x                                                             Removed

Born: 22 Sep 1874 in Columbus, Ohio

Parents: William Pratt Reed (1839-1880) &
               Grace Kimball (1845-1911)

1. William Kimball Reed (b 1869)
2. Elizabeth Adeline Reed (1871-1903)

Dorothy married my 6th cousin, 6x removed- Charles Elwood Mendenhall (1872-1935) and they had 4 Children:

1. Margaret (1907-1907)
2. Richard C (1909-1910)
3. Thomas Corwin (1910-1998)
4. John Talcott (1913-2003)

Occupation- Dorothy was a physician, surgeon, and researcher. I think she is best known for proving that Hodgkin's disease was not a form of tuberculosis and she discovered the blood cell disorder characteristic of the disease. She was the first professionally trained female physicians of the late 19th and early 20th century!

Residence(s) and Occupation(s):

1910- (age 35)- Mendota Court, Madison, Wisconsin
                        - No Occupation

1920- (age 45)- 510 North Carroll St., Madison, Wisconsin
                         - Physician & Surgeon- Children

1930- (age 55)- 205 N. Prospect Ave, Madison, Wisconsin
                         - Physician- General Practice

1940- (age 65)- 205 N. Prospect Ave, Madison, Wisconsin
                         - Medical Doctor & Teacher @ University of                                        Wisconsin

Dorothy died on 31 Jul 1964 in Wisconsin of Heart Disease. She is buried in Forest Hill Cemetery in Madison, Wisconsin. 

You can read more about Dorothy's work and life in these two places: 

Find a

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