Monday, May 25, 2015

Happy Memorial Day 5/25/15

~This is dedicated to all the men and women who lost their lives for this country we call Home~

All the lives in my family tree who lost their lives during war (that I know of- I'm sure there's more, but I have a lot more research still to do!)

Civil War:

~Eli Abernathy (1841-1861)- 20 years old- Died in Battle

~Fielding Abernathy (1835-1861)-26 years old- Died in Battle

~Edwin B. Mendenhall (1837-1861)- 24 Years Old- Died in Battle- Virginia 


~William Grover Huffstetler (1892-1918)- 26 Years Old

~Charles Mendenhall (1875-1916)- 40 Years Old- Thiepal, France


~George Benjamin Allen (1925-1944)-19 years old- France

~Carl R. Mendenhall (1913-1944)- 31 Years Ago- Germany

~Donald V. Treat (1918-1943)- 25 Years Old

These are people who died in battle/in a war, but not an American-involved war:

Battle at Flodden Field 
Battle between Scotland & England on 09 Sep 1513
Near Branxton, Northumberland, England

~James Henderson (1482-1513)- 31 Years Old

~James 1st Baron of Fordell (1450-1513) (Kings Advocate) Henderson- 63 Years old

Battle of Pinkie Cleugh 
Battle between Scottish and English Armies on 10 Sep 1547
Musselburgh, Lothian, Scotland

~William 2nd Lord of Fordell Henderson (1520-1547)- 27 Years Old

~Alexander 2nd Laird Scott (1497-1547)- 42 Years Old

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