Friday, May 8, 2015

New Information Found!

Today is a very happy day! 

I wrote a blog post on Wednesday with a picture of my great grandmother and her second husband, stating that I knew nothing about her second husband-- read the post Here-- and I got a comment stating that my great grandmother's grave was
Now, I have searched on this site HUNDREDS of times and have never come across this but it is her- and her second husband! 

With this new information found, I was able to do more research-- 
but one consistency that I found was- sadly, there are a lot of abandoned children...

~Story of Ruby Mae Henderson Seaver French:

Ruby was born on 17 Dec 1901 in Jefferson, Indiana to the parents of John Henry Henderson (1871-1949) & Anna Jane Thornton (1875-1954). Ruby had one brother- Gaylon Eugene Henderson (1914-1985).

Before 1922, Ruby married my great grandfather- Otto Watson Seaver (1901-1972) and they had 2 daughters- Anita M. (1922-1957) and my grandmother- Helen Ruth (1923-1981).

Left- Helen (my grandmother)
Right- Anita

 Sometime before 1930, Ruby and Otto divorced. In the 1930 U.S. Census, Otto was living with a new wife- Grace (Dunker) Seaver (1902-1990) in Reynolds, Rock Island, Illinois.
Anita and Helen were living with their grandparents- John and Anna Henderson in Cicero, Tipton, Indiana. I couldn't find Ruby in the 1930 or the 1940 census records.I don't know if the girls ever went back to live with their mother or not, but in the 1940 census, they definitely weren't with their father.

Ruby remarried sometime before 1941 to Myron Andrew French (1894-1964). Myron was married once before to Galien G. Jett (1898-1923) where they had two daughters together- Geraldine (b. 1919) and Edna (b. 1921). Gailen died in 1923 and it appears that Myron, instead of raising his girls by himself, abandoned them to their grandparents. In 1930, both Geraldine and Edna were living with Galien's parents- Loren & Lottie Jett- but in 1940, only Geraldine was living with them. I couldn't find Myron in the 1930 or 1940 census records so I wonder if Edna was living with him and Ruth in 1940 or if she had died as a child. 

I don't know much else about Ruth, except that she was living in Carson City, Nevada when she died in 1990. She is buried in Lone Mountain Cemetery with her husband, daughter and granddaughter. 


  1. What a wonderful find! Somehow, I don't think FindAGrave's search capabilities work very well... I often know an ancestor's tombstone is on there, but have a hard time finding it. Maybe your search just wasn't finding it? But, now you have it... that's great!

    1. Yes, very excited about this! :) Thanks Dana! Yeah, I've had some issues with FindAGrave, even though I do love the website! :)

  2. Sometimes it just takes a fresh pair of eyes. Next time you search Find A Grave, just use the first initial of the first name and a known last name, I usually leave the dates blank, however, for Ruby I put in her dates, then searched the same cemetery for another identical surname. Sometimes the less you give Find A Grave search the better. So gald you found more.