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A Million Mendenhall's: #46 & #47

Mendenhall #46: Absolom Mendenhall (1805-1884)

Birth: 25 Oct 1805 in Clinton County, Ohio
Death: 01 Mar 1884 in Richmond, Wayne, Indiana

Relation to Me: My 2nd Cousin, 8x Removed

Parents: Stephen Mendenhall (1769-1843) &
         Ann Bell (1776-1848)

1. Mahala (1803-1838)
2. Joab (1807-?)
3. Susanna (1810-1886)
4. James (1812-?)
5. Mary (1815-?)
6. Sarah (1818-?)

Marriage: 29 Aug 1832 in Clinton County, Ohio
Absolom married Alice Davis (1803-1873) and they had 2 children:
1. Elizabeth Ann (1834-1899)
2. Sarah Jane (1837-1898)

Residence(s) & Occupation(s):

~1830 (age 25): Fountain City, Fountain, Indiana
4 Total Persons- No Slaves.

~1840 (age 35): Liberty, Clinton, Ohio
7 Total Persons- No Slaves.

~1850 (12 Oct) (age 44): Liberty, Clinton, Ohio
Farmer; Living with Wife, 2 Daughters and 2 Boarders.

~1860 (16 Jul) (age 54): Wayne, Wayne, Ohio
Farmer; living with Wife and 2 Daughters.

~1862 (age 57): Indiana
Tax List: 1 H (horse?) & Wag (wagon)- $75- $1

~1864 (age 59): Indiana
Tax List: Amount of Tax- 3.36

~1870 (04 Aug) (age 64): Wayne, Wayne, Indiana
Retired Farmer; Widowed; Living with 2 Daughters.


Mendenhall #47: Absolom Mendenhall (1830-1907)

Birth: 27 Sep 1830 in Greene County, Ohio
Death: 02 Apr 1907 in Livermore, Alameda, California
        Died of Heart Attack

Burial: Oak Knoll Pioneer Memoiral Park
        in Livermore, California

Relation to Me: My 3rd Cousin, 6x Removed

Parents: William Mendenhall (1794-1873) &
          Sarah Peterson (1799-1883)

1.Elizabeth (1818-?)
2. Delilah (1820-?)
3. William M. (1823-1911)
5. Martin (1828-1898)
6. Sardina (1832-?)
7. Sydena (1833-1880)
8. Martha (1837-1910)
9. Mary (1840-1842)

Marriage: Absolom married twice:
(1) on 21 Mar 1849 to Adelia "Delia" M. Sutts (1834-1870). They had 5 Children:
1. William Carson (1850-1940)
2. Mary M. (1854-?)
3. Henry Alford (1858-?)
4. Martha (1860-?)
5. Hiram Douglas (1865-1956)

(2) Bef 1867 to Christiana Clark (1847-1907). 
They had 4 Children:
1. Georgiana (1867-?)
2. Darwin (1872-1874)
3. Earnest Darwin (1879-1939)
4. Josie Alvira (1880-?)

Residence(s) & Occupation(s):

~1850 (age 20): Green River, Emery, Utah
Laborer, Living with Wife Adelia

~1860 (08 Aug) (age 29): Eden, Alameda, California
Herdman; Living with Wife Delia & 4 Children.

~1870 (23 Aug) (age 39): Murray, Alameda, California
Laboerer; Living with Children.

~1880 (01 Jun) (age 49): San Ramon, Contra Costa, California
Farmer; Living with Wife & 5 Children.

Obituary from the Livermore Herald on 06 Apr 1907:

Absalom Mendenhall succumbs to a heart seizure.
Another of the early settlers of this valley and a pioneer of California has answered the last call. Absalom Mendenhall was found dead on the banks of the Arroyo Valle between Dos Mesas and Cresta Blanca Tuesday afternoon. He had left his home on the first named place to get a team and was found as stated soon after by one of the work men at Cresta Blanca.  Deputy Coroner Reimers was notified and he went out after the remains. An autopsy revealed the cause of death as valvular disease of the heart.
The funeral which was largely attended took place Thursday afternoon from the residence of Jessie Bowles. The services were conducted by Rev. Jas. B. Stone. The internment was in the family plot in the Oak Knoll Cemetary. The honorary pall bearers were Volney Still, Hiram Bailey, D.M. Teeter, JW. Clark, Daniel Inman and F.R. Fassett. The casket bearers were W.H. Farragher, Wm. Schluter, D. McDonald, C.E. Beck, T.D. Coffman and George Beck.
Deceased was born in Ohio, and was 76 years, 7 months and 15 days old at the time of his death. He came to California in 1850 and located in Santa Clara. He came to the Livermore Valley in 1869 and settled on what was afterward known as the Arlington Place.Later he engaged in the stock business in the Livermore Mountains and for many years his time has been divided between his range and his home in Livermore.
Deceased leaves a wife and six children, four of whom were by a former wife- Wm. Mendenhall of San Luis Obispo County, Henry Mendenhall of Nevada, Mrs. Mattie Church of Oakland, Douglas Mendenhall of Napa, Ernest Mendenhall and Mrs. Josie Windsor of this place. He also leaves a brother Wm. M. Mendenhall of this place and Mrs. Wm. Johnson of Danville. 

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