Monday, September 28, 2015

EJ Mendenhall Update

On May 26, 2014, I wrote a blog post- my 3rd week of 52 Ancestors- on EJ Mendenhall- my 6th Cousin, 5x Removed. You can read it Here.

After researching EJ, I was excited to discover that he died and was buried in Prescott, Arizona. This was cool because, even though I live in Fort Collins, Colorado now, I grew up in Prescott. 

This last week, my family and I vacation to Arizona, our first time there in two years. While we were there, we stayed in Prescott, but visited many places- Jerome, Grand Canyon, Florence, Phoenix, and of course- the cemetery where EJ was buried- Arizona Pioneers' Home Cemetery. 

I was so excited to visit EJ's resting place, but after finding it, I was disappointed to find that he had no gravemarker. I took a couple of pictures: 

There were two separate place of burial- on the side of the mountain were the older ones where EJ was buried (a lot with no gravestones, no flowers, ground VERY unkempt) and then one that was for newer burials (VERY nice looking). I understand that EJ was probably very poor when he died and both his death certificate and the Pioneers' Home said he had no family- so that's probably why he had no gravestone, but just the fact that the grounds are so poorly maintained...makes me sad.

This is the view from the top of the cemetery- very pretty :) 

EJ Mendenhall- Row K, Grave 11

This is my son in the middle of the cemetery- browsing while my husband and I were looking for EJ's gravesite.

This is where he was buried- a bunch of rocks are in the spot of a gravestone. 

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