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A Million Mendenhall's: #48 & #49

Mendenhall #48: Absolom Mendenhall (1780-1848)

Birth: 18 Mar 1780 in Burke County, North Carolina
Death: 25 Aug 1848 in Hillsboro, Cain, Indiana

Relation to Me: My 2nd Cousin, 8x Removed

Parents: Jesse Mendenhall (1753-1833) &
          Ann (ULN) (1761-1844)

1. Sarah A (1776-1850)
2. Samuel (1785-?)
3. William M. (1790-?)

Marriage: 16 Jan 1804 in Jefferson County, Tennessee
Absolom married Judith Taliffero (1780-1845)--daughter of Richard Taliffero & Dorcas Perkins.

Absolom and Judith had 10 Children:
1. Taliffero (Son) (1804-1835)
2. Jane (b. 1807)
3. Dorcas (1809-1869)
4. Sarah J. (b. 1809)
5. Temperance (b. 1812)
6. Mary (b. 1816)
7. Jesse L. (1817-1898)
8. William N. (1819-1850)
9. Elizabeth A. (1821-1872)
10. Judith (b. 1823)

Residence(s) & Occupation(s):

~1804 (16 Jan) (age 23): Jefferson County, Tennessee
Tennessee Marriage Record

~1810 (age 30): Grainger County, Tennessee
Census Record

~1824 (10 Mar) (age 43): Fountain County, Indiana
Land Record: 80 acres in Sec 8, range 6-W, Township 19-N, Accession # IN0890_.254

~1830 (age 50): Fountain, Indiana
4 Total People in Household- No Slaves

~1840 (age 60): Cain, Fountain, Indiana
2 Total People in Household- No Slaves

~It was rumored in the Mendenhall family history that Absolom's mother was a Cherokee Indian, but's DNA test (from 1 male and 2 female descendants) has proven that there was never a Cherokee Indian marriage in this Mendenhall line.

~Absolom was mentioned in a book- "History of Fountain County", written by H.W. Beckwith in 1881. 
"The name of Absolem Mendenhall ought to appear among those who found a home in the county in 1823;he was a man of great influence and usefulness in the 'settlement'. 
He was the first justice of the peace in the territory which is now Fountain county; he wrote all of the deeds; settled all of the disputes, married all of the people, cried all the sales, and in short did all the public business of the neighborhood for years.
He was possessed of strong common sense, sterling integrity, an intuitive sense of justice, and a great good humor.
His last public service was in representing his county in the state senate. 


Mendenhall #49: Absolom Mendenhall (b. 1834)

Birth: 1834 in Oregon County, Missouri
Death: Unknown

Relation to Me: My 2nd Cousin, 6x Removed

Parents: Benjamin Mendenhall Jr. (1806-1835) &
         Cynthia Jerusha Sweet (1805-?)

1. Alfred (1825-?)
2. Maria (1835-?)

Marriage: Unknown

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