Sunday, April 30, 2017

We're Related App- April 17-23

"Gore Vidal"
Eugene Louis Vidal
b. 03 Oct 1925 in New York
d. 31 Jul 2012 in California
My 7th Cousin, 4x Removed
I'm related to Gore on my Mom's side (Mendenhall)

"Lillian Gish"
Lillian Diana Gish
b. 14 Oct 1893 in Ohio
d. 27 Feb 1993 in New York
My 8th Cousin, 2x Removed
I'm related to Lillian on my Mom's side (Mendenhall)

"Shirley Jones"
Shirley Mae Jones
b. 31 Mar 1934 in Pennsylvania
We're Related claims that Shirley is my 8th Cousin, 2x Removed on my Mom's side (Mendenhall) but I can't prove it.

A Facebook friend and high school acquaintance-- my 9th Cousin- but because of privacy reasons, I'm not posting her picture or personal information.

"Thomas A. Hendricks"
Thomas Andrews Hendricks
Former Governor of Indiana
b. 07 Sep 1819 in Ohio
d. 25 Nov 1885 in Indiana
My 1st Cousin, 5x Removed
I'm related to Thomas on my Dad's side (Jeckering)

John Harvard
Clergyman/Founder of Harvard College
b. 26 Nov 1607 in England
d. 14 Sep 1638 in Massachusetts
My 1st Cousin, 12x Removed
I'm related to John on my Mom's side (Mendenhall)

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