Sunday, April 9, 2017

We're Related App- Feb 13-19

"Lady GaGa"
Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta
b. 28 Mar 1986
My 9th Cousin
I'm related to Lady GaGa on my Mom's side (Mendenhall)

"George C. Scott"
George Campbell Scott
Actor, Director
b. 18 Oct 1927 in Virginia
d. 22 Sep 1999 in California
My 8th Cousin, 1x Removed
I'm related to George through my Dad's side (Jeckering)

"Alvin York"
Alvin Cullum York
United States Army Medal of Honor Recipient- WWI
b. 13 Dec 1887 in Tennessee
d. 02 Sep 1964 in Tennessee
My 5th Cousin, 5x Removed
I'm related to Alvin through my Mom's side (Mendenhall)

"Bobby Jones"
Robert Tyre Jones
American amateur golfer and Lawyer
b. 17 Mar 1902 in Georgia
d. 18 Dec 1971 in Georgia
My 7th Cousin, 2x Removed
I'm related to Bobby through my Mom's side (Mendenhall)

"Kristen Wiig"
Kristen Carroll Wiig
b. 22 Aug 1973 in New York
My 9th Cousin
I'm related to Kristen through my Mom's side (Mendenhall)

"Don Henley"
Donald Hugh Henley
b. 22 Jul 1947 in Texas
My 7th Cousin, 2x Removed
I'm related to Don through my Mom's side (Mendenhall)

"Samuel Adams"
Samuel Adams Jr.
Statesman, Political philosopher and one of the Founding Fathers of the United States
b. 27 Sep 1722 in Massachusetts
d. 02 Oct 1803 in Massachusetts 
My 4th Cousin, 9x Removed
I'm related to Samuel through my Mom's side (Mendenhall)


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