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52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks: Week 2

52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks: Week 2

Clara M. Clough (1913-1979)- My 8th Cousin, 4x Removed

Birth:           28 Sep 1913- New York, New York

Parents:       Carleton Mendenhall Clough (1885-1950) &
                    Marie Zeiner (1885-1954)


1915 (age 1)- 259 Carlton Ave Brooklyn, NY

1920 (age 7)- 184Hollis Ave, Apt. 157 Queens, NY

1925 (age 11)- 171 Lindin Blvd, Brooklyn, NY

1930 (age 17)- 1611 N. Hudson Ave, Apt. 261 Los Angeles, Ca

1979 (age 66)- Northridge, Los Angeles, CA

Acting Career:

Clara was an actress in both New York and Los Angeles. Sometime after moving to Los Angeles, Clara changed her name to Claire Carleton (Stage name), using the Carleton in honor of her father, who was also an actor in New York. Claire mostly played small roles, but between 1933 and 1969 she was in over 100 films.

Claire on “The Three Stooges”:
          Title: Fright Night; Released 06 Mar 1947; Role: Kitty Davis
          Title: Fling in the Ring; Released 06 Jan 1955; Role: Kitty Davis

Biography from

Brassy, bleached-blonde Claire Carleton was a reliable supporting actress on Broadway, in films and on TV for nearly thirty years. Carleton’s New York stage credits include The Body Beautiful, 20th Century and The Women. In films, she was usually cast as “B”-girls, strippers, gum-chewing manicurists and divorce correspondents: her character names were generally along the lines of Mamie, Tessie, Nellie or simply “The Blonde.” She was afforded leading roles in the two-reelers of such comedians as the Three Stooges and Leon Errol, entering into the slapstick proceedings with relish and abandon: in the 1946 Columbia short Headin’ for a Weddin’, Carleton has a light bulb broken in her mouth, and in the final scene engages in a knock-down, drag-out fight with star Vera Vague. A frequent TV performer, Claire Carleton co-starred as Mickey Rooney’s mother (she was eight years older than he!) in the 1955 sitcom Hey, Mulligan!, and played Alice Purdy on the 1958 western Cimarron City.

Marriage: After 1940, Claire married Fred E. Sherman (1908-1969)- they didn't have any children.

Illness & Death:
Claire died of cancer (type unknown) on 11 Dec 1979 in Northridge, Los Angeles, California.

Obituary in the New York Times (1979):

Claire Carleton

Claire Carleton, an actress on Broadway and in films, died of cancer at her home in North Ridge, Cali., on Dec. 11. She was 66 years old.
Most of Miss Carleton’s stage appearances were in the 1930’s and 40’s. The most successful play she had a role in was her last on Broadway, “Clutterbuck,” a 1949 production. In 1932 she appeared as the leading lady opposite Paul Kelly in the Billy Rose production of “The Great Magoo,” which was written by Ben Hecht.
In films, Miss Carleton performed with Ronald Coleman in “A Double Life,” in 1948. She also acted in “Born Yesterday,” “Death of a Salesman,” “Witness to a Murder,” “The Buster Keaton Story” and other films.


Claire and her husband are buried in Forest Lawn Memorial Park (Hollywood Hills) in Los Angeles, California- Plot: Columbarium of Remembrance, Niche G-60463.

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