Monday, June 23, 2014

Mappy Monday- Following my Ancestors Steps

Happy Monday!

Welcome to the first Mappy Monday blog post!

Introduction: In the first several "Mappy Monday" posts, I will follow the path that my ancestors followed. My mother's name- Mendenhall- originated in Mildenhall, England, so that's where I'm going to start! :)

Mappy Monday: Mildenhall, England

My maternal grandfather's family- the Mendenhall's- came from Mildenhall, England. Mildenhall is a small town in Suffolk, England with a lot of history. The population (2001 Census) is 10,315. 

Mildenhall is known for the location of the Royal Air Force base (RAF) but it's also a market town. The town center has its 16th century hexagonal Market cross which was used for hanging criminals years ago, as well as the town pump. Piped water wasn't available to the town until the 1940's. 

The market is held there every Friday and was established by the Royal Charter in 1412 which offers fruits, vegetables, clothing, tools and many more. 


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