Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Wednesday's Portrait

Happy Wednesday!

So, I've decided to change my Wednesday post from "Wednesday's Child" to "Wednesday's Portrait"...I originally got the child idea from another blog- where they would post pictures of children's gravestones. I thought it was a neat idea and then I realized, I didn't have very many pictures!

Today's Portrait-

Ann Brinkman Karch
b. 27 Feb 1892     Ohio
d. 08 Aug 1936     Dayton, Ohio

How she's related to me-

Ann's parents were Louis Heinrich Brinkman (1866-1922) & Elizabeth Jeckering (1861-1957).
Elizabeth was my 2nd great grand aunt.


I don't know the year this photo was taken, but it looks like she's in her early- mid- twenties, so probably around 1920 or later. 

Everything about Ann's outfit is stylish for the times- the dress, her hair, her shoes...all very fitting. I think what would top this off would be if she were wearing a hat! :)  

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