Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Tuesday's Tip- Genealogy tip for beginners

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

Welcome to my first post for Tuesday's Tip! Today's tip is more of a "rule," however, I think it is an important one for people who are just starting their genealogical journey. 

OK, so you're eager and ready to start researching your family history...you have your paper, pens, computer, software, genealogy sites, etc. But where do you start FIRST? NONE of that! 

First things first- you always ask your family. Talk to your parents, your grandparents, your great grandparents (if they are still living). Write everything down that they tell you. Ask them as many questions that you think of-

Where were they born?
Where did they grow up?
What high school or college did they attend?
Who were their parents?
Who were their grandparents/great grandparents, etc?
Ask them to tell you stories of their childhood.

Since I've started doing my own family history (6+years), I've learned SO much about my family and some of it- the stuff I've found out through my own relatives- I wouldn't have been able to find out online or in a library! Ask these questions now, before these important people are gone and that opportunity is missed.


  1. I agree with that, but I would start with yourself, then parents, then grandparents etc

  2. Thank you Bobby, I agree with you :)