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Surname Saturday- Jeckering

Surname Saturday

Happy Saturday everyone! Welcome to Under the Nut Tree’s first Surname Saturday!

The earliest documentation of people with the surname Jeckering have been found in Drievorden, Niedersachesen, Germany. 

The Link above is a great resource I've found for researching the Jeckering family (and a lot of other Germany surnames from Emsubren, Germany!) All of these facts are great because they are from the Emsburen local heritage book, derived from official documents. 

My 7th great grandfather, Gerhard Jeckering was born there in 1673. I have yet to find anything about his parents or siblings. I found one other Jeckering who was born in Drievorden, around that same time: Euphemia Jeckering (b. 1660); and Johann Jeckering (b. 1660) was born in Kirchspiel, Hamm, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany. I have no idea if these other two Jeckering’s are related to Gerhard or not.

Gerhard Jeckering (1673-1735) was a farmer with lots of land. (His land is still occupied by my distant cousins today!) Gerhard married twice and had a total of 13 children- 10 of which survived childhood.

(This is not their land, just a random picture via Google, but you can see the beautiful landscape of Drievorden)

The Jeckering line remained in Drievorden until the late 1700s-early 1800s when my 5th great grandfather- Johann Otto Jeckering (1767-1822) moved him and his new family to Hesepe, Germany.

My Jeckering lineage came to America in 1867 and my 3rd great grandfather- Gerhard J. Jeckering (1829-1898) settled in Dayton, Ohio.

There were other Jeckering’s to move to America and now there are Jeckering’s all over the United States, but the majority are from Ohio.

UPDATE: August 04, 2014: A cousin of mine told me today that- This family in Germany, the spelling varies as follows:

Jeckering- Catholic
Jackering- Jewish

Interesting!!! I didn't know this!!!

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