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52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks: Week 31: President Harry S. Truman (1884-1972)

Harry S. Truman- my 6th Cousin, 4x Removed

B. 08 May 1884 in Lamar, Barton, Missouri

Parents: John Anderson Truman (1851-1914) &
             Martha Ellen "Mattie" Young (1853-1949)

1. Infant (Daughter) (1882-1882)
2. John Vivian (1886-1965)
3. Mary Jane (1889-1978)

Residences and Occupations:

1900 (age 16): Independence, Jackson, Missouri- at school
1910 (age 25): Independence, Jackson, Missouri- Farm Hand
1920 (age 35): 219 N. Delaware St., Independence, Missouri
                         Farmer, Married
1930 (age 45): 219 N. Delaware St., Independence, Missouri
                         County Judge- County Court; Married
1940 (age 55): 219 N. Delaware St., Independence, Missouri
                         Senator? (census was hard to read)- Married


 Harry married Elizabeth Virginia "Bess" Wallace on 28 Jun 1919.
 Elizabeth: b. 13 Feb 1885 in Independence, Missouri
                 d. 18 Oct 1982 in Independence, Missouri
 Parents: David Willock Wallace (1860-1903) & 
              Madge Gates (b. 1862)

 1. Mary Margaret Truman (1924-2008)


Harry was listed in a military record- 1919-1920: 
 Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri
 1st Lieutenant, Second Field Artillery, Battery F


Harry became President of the United States on 12 Apr 1945 at the age of 60. He was the 33rd President of the United States. In his first months of presidency, he dropped the atomic bomb on Japan, ending World War II. His presidency ended on 28 Apr 1953 at the age of 68. 


Harry was listed on two passenger lists: 
1. 28 Apr 1953- traveling from Hong Kong to Honolulu, Hawaii
2. 03 May 1953- traveling from Honolulu, Hawaii to San Francisco, California. 


Harry died on 26 Dec 1972 at the age of 88 years old. He is buried at the Harry S. Truman Library and Museum in Independence, Jackson, Missouri. 

How I'm related to Harry S. Truman:

Carrie Jeckering Smith (Me)
My parents
Harold Earl Mendenhall 1916-1989
Earl Dwight Mendenhall 1894-1972
Marion Richard Mendenhall 1873-1948
Richard Mendenhall 1852-1924
Aaron Mendenhall 1828-1894
Richard Mendenhall 1794-1871
Joseph Mendenhall 1770-1833
Richard Mendenhall 1737-1773
Mordecai Mendenhall 1713-1803
John Mendenhall Jr 1688-1765
Sarah Mendenhall 1723-1815 - sister of my 8th great grandfather- Mordecai

Sarah had a daughter-
Nancy Ann Langley ?-1820
Robert Duvall Tyler 1751-1815
Ann Drusilla Tyler 1780-1875
Mary Jane Holmes 1821-1879
John Anderson Truman 1851-1914
Harry Truman

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