Saturday, December 20, 2014

Surname Saturday: Spiers

1.      My 10th great grand aunt was Joane Mildenhall (1661-1731). While most of her siblings migrated to America, she stayed back in England where she married John Spiers Jr. (1661-1703). They had 3 children. I don't know much about the Spiers family, except that they were (obviously) from England. 


The Internet Surname Database: 

The name Spier comes from the Medieval English "espein" which means watchman. William le Spiour is the first recorded "Spier"- in 1302- of Yorkshire. 

House of Names: 

Spelling Variations: Speir, Spier, Spears, Spiers, Speer, Speres, Spire, Spires, Speyer, Speier and many more. 

Spiers Surname Meaning and Statistics: 

31,036th Most common name in the world.
Approx. 9,497 people bear this name.
Most prevalent in: England
Highest density: Scotland 

Find a Grave: 
I only searched the name with my spelling: it came up with 2,121 total results for the surname Spiers.

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