Monday, December 15, 2014

Mappy Monday: Lorraine, France

My 3rd Great-Grandmother was Margaret Frances Pierron (1851-1923). She was born and died in Darke County, Ohio. Her parents were Nicholas Joseph Pierron (1819-1896) & Ann Marguerite Grilliot (1821-1902). They came to America from Lorraine, France.

Lorraine, France

Lorraine is a region in France that has always been the dividing line between French speaking lands and German speaking lands. In the 9th century, it wasn't part of France at all. 

The population (2013) was 2.351 million.

Places to see: 

~Nancy: Place Stanislas, one of the finest squares in France.

~Meuse-Argonne American cemetery- the largest American military cemetery in Europe- over 14,000 graves from WWI.

~Verdvn: Memorial and museum devoted to the battle that lasted almost a year- taking 300,000 French lives.

~Amneville- Zoological park- 40 acres of zoo

~Malbrouk- right on the boarder with Germany- a castle that owes it's name to the duke of Marlborough- 1705.


~Metz- Cathedral St. Etienne, gothic cathedral with fine stained glass.

~Domremy la Pucelle- birthplace of Joan of Arc

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