Thursday, December 8, 2016

"We're Related"- Part 2

 As I stated in a previous blog post, I've had the "We're Related" App for awhile now and am just now starting to blog about them-- here are a few more--- 


"Winston Churchill"
Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill
British Prime Minister from 1940-1945 & 1951-1955
b. 30 Nov 1874 in Blenheim Palace, United Kingdom
d. 24 Jan 1965 in London, England
My 7th Cousin, 3x Removed
I'm related to Winston through my Mom's side (Mendenhall)


"Thomas Edison"
Thomas Alva Edison
b. 22 Feb 1847 in Milan, Ohio
d. 18 Oct 1931 in West Orange, New Jersey
My 4th Cousin, 5x Removed
I'm related to Thomas through my Mom's Side (Mendenhall)


"Abraham Lincoln"
16th President of the United States of America
b. 12 Feb 1809 in Kentucky
d. 15 Apr 1865 in Washington
My 5th Cousin, 7x Removed
I'm related to Abraham through my Mom's Side (Mendenhall)


"Ralph Waldo Emerson"
b. 25 May 1803 in Boston, Massachusetts 
d. 27 Apr 1882 in Concord, Massachusetts
My 5th Cousin, 7x Removed

I'm related to Ralph through my Mom's Side (Mendenhall)

The next few are from Facebook- family I knew I already had and then close friends that I was surprised I'm related to! (For their privacy, I will not be posting the pictures)


Chanel, a 2nd Cousin I already knew was in my tree, related to me through my dad's side of the family (Jeckering)


Krystle, 8th cousin, 1x removed. Krystle was a big surprise. There is a slight back story with her's- 

I did Krystle's family tree for her last summer when she came to visit me from out of state. While doing the research, I discovered we had a common relative on her mom's side...this common relative wasn't blood, but by marriage.

Then, when I got this app, Krystle popped up again, but as my 8th cousin, 1x Removed. Again, it was through my mom's side of the family (Mendenhall) but it was completely different line, which is really neat!


Valerie, 8th Cousin. Valerie was very similar to Krystle, a big shocker. Valerie is actually my husband's second cousin, which is why she's on my Facebook and why she's in my tree already. So, when she popped up on this app, I expected it to say something like: "Husband's 2nd cousin" or something, but it said 8th cousin. She's actually my husband's 2nd cousin and MY 8th cousin on my mom's side (Mendenhall)!!!


"Brad Pitt"
William Bradley Pitt
My 8th Cousin, 1x Removed
I'm related to Brad through my Mom's Side (Mendenhall)


"Shailene Woodley"
Shailene Diann Woodley
8th Cousin
I'm related to Shailene through my Mom's Side (Mendenhall)


"Mark Twain"
Samuel Langhorne Clemens
b. 30 Nov 1835 in Missouri
d. 21 Apr 1910 in Connecticut
My 4th Cousin, 6x Removed
I'm related to Samuel through my Mom's Side (Mendenhall)


"Elvis Presley"
Elvis Aaron Presley
b. 08 Jan 1935 in Mississippi 
d. 16 Aug 1977 in Tennessee
My 8th Cousin, 2x Removed
I'm related to Elvis through my Mom's Side (Mendenhall)


"Jimi Hendrix"
James Marshall Hendrix
b. 27 Nov 1942 in Washington
d. 18 Sep 1970 in London, United Kingdom
Ancestry claims this is my 6th Cousin, 2x Removed through my mom's side (Mendenhall)- but I couldn't find the connection with what I have in my tree...the dates and/or people don't line up- even after doing some research of my own on Jimi Hendrix. 
So, I'm calling this one a-- NOPE!

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