Monday, October 20, 2014

Mappy Monday- Jamestown, North Carolina

My 6th great grandfather Joseph Mendenhall was born on 18 Dec 1770 in Jamestown, Guilford, North Carolina. 

Jamestown, NC

Jamestown was actually named after my 1st cousin, 10x removed- James Joseph Mendenhall (1718-1782). The town was settled in 1752 and his son George named the town in honor of his father in 1816. 

There are several historical landmarks that you can see when you visit Jamestown: 

~The Old School- which is now the Jamestown Public Library

~The Madison-Lindsay House (built in 1817)- notable for being home to a series of medical schools.

~The Mendenhall Plantation- the home of my ancestors! 

~The Oakdale Cotton Mill- began operation after the Civil War

~Oakdale Church- built in 1915

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