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Surname Saturday (On Sunday)- Niles

Today's Surname: Niles

My great grandmother was Edna Grace Niles. She was born 24 May 1894 and died on 29 Jul 1934 in Darke County, Ohio. Her parents were Joseph Niles (1857-1933) & Anna E. Shomber (1868-1947). There has been a lot of confusion about this woman in the past in the Genealogy World. There was a lot of confusion whether her name was Miles or Niles. I always thought it was Miles, until a distant cousin of mine (whom I met through DNA) helped identify her true maiden name!

Here is Edna's Lineage:

Edna Grace
Parents: Joseph Niles (1857-1933) & Anna E. Shomber (1868-1947)
Grandparents: David Purdy Niles (1833-1914) & Clarinda Jane Robinson (1835-1909)
GGP: Hiram Niles (1805-1848) & Lucy Purdy (1805-1890)
2xGGP: Gaius Niles (1746-1840) & Rebecca Yager (1768-1832)
3xGGP: Nathan "Nathaniel" Niles (1724-1782) & Sarah Holmes (1726-1782)
4xGGP: John Niles (1680-1768) & Mary Ann Ely (1689-1767)
5xGGP: John Niles (1639-1683) & Abigail Ambrose Freeman (1639-1683)
6xGGP: John Niles (1603-1693) & Jane Reed (1611-1654)
7xGGP: John Niles (1580-1603) & Johane Paviot (1580-1603)

John Niles & Johane Paviot were both born in England.


All UK, Outward Passenger Lists: There are 64,808 names on this list, here are a few that came to the USA.

Name                             Age       Birth                   Departure Date               Destination Port
Mrs. Elizabeth Niles      60         abt 1841             02 Jun 1901                     New York, USA
Charles Niles                 66         abt 1859              24 Oct 1924                    New York, USA
Henry Niles                    77        abt 1859              17 Jul 1936                     New York, USA
Fanny Niles                    64        abt 1861              24 Oct 1925                    New York, USA
Roma Niles                     58       abt 1862              23 Oct 1920                     New York, USA

All U.S. and Canada, Passenger and Immigration Lists Index: there are 10,482 names on this list, but here are a few that came to the USA.

Name                            Birth Year                           Arrival Year and Place
Andrew Niles                                                                                        Indiana
John Niles                                                                 1620-1650           New England
John Niles                                                                  1632                   Massachusetts
John Niles                                                                  1634                   Massachusetts
Rebecca Niles                                                            1700                   Virginia
F. Niles                           abt 1783                              1847                   New York, New York
Michael Niles                 abt 1790                               1812                  New York, New York

There are 6,827 matches for the surname Niles.

This site states that the surname Niles is originally of Irish origin, which I didn't know. It is derived from the Gaelic personal name "Niall" which means "Champion". The English versions of this name is "Niles" and "Neels"- meaning "Son of Neil"

Spelling variations: 

Neilson, Nielson, Nilson, Nylson

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